Monday, October 27, 2014

Maybe Just Maybe

© 2014 Mark Cote

painted horse
on pale hot white sand
stealing the souls
of hearts and of man
wintered heart
 in a summer soul
in un-bridled dreams
there's never snow

the rings on a tree
the lines on a face
stories etched
we cannot erase
what we learned
what we can teach
we are just fish
in an endless sea

(chorus) and maybe
                I'll go for a walk on a beach
                and maybe
                I have something to teach
                I'll find something in myself
                it's so much more than I felt
                just maybe

shadows in silence
can crowd a mind
with memories
I don't want to find
my calendar
has turned the page
footprints of the past
they still remain


Monday, October 20, 2014

Boom Boom Boom

© 2014 Mark Cote

every time I see her going by
my heart goes boom boom boom
play it faster
play it boom boom boom
boom boom boom
oh baby boom boom boom

dancing with her
hear the music go boom boom boom
rhythm in the bass
going boom boom boom
boom boom boom
oh baby boom boom boom

(chorus) and when the music makes us lose control
                  soul to soul oh baby on the floor
                  makes me want you even more and more
                  boom boom boom
                  boom boom boom

she's bathing in the spotlight
like a star glowing boom boom boom
cameras flashing on her
going boom boom boom
boom boom boom
oh baby boom boom boom

fireworks at our wedding
blasting boom boom boom
sparkles in her eyes go boom boom boom
boom boom boom
oh baby boom boom boom


Monday, October 13, 2014

The Man Upstairs

© 2014 Mark Cote

Where we live we may call it home
but for me I feel so all alone
like a ghost in one's own home town
searching for the dream I have not found

If I erase your struggle erase your strife
pave a path for a better life
put you on the road with no more debts
an open road with no past regrets

(chorus) The man upstairs he saw it all
                    he saw the rise and he saw the fall
                    I now have the strength for standing tall
                    the man upstairs he saw it all
                    the man upstairs he saw it all

Dart in a map where will I begin
so many faces where will I fit in
like a bird I now am free
I cast my ship out upon the sea

in another town another state
maybe overseas will be my fate
packing up now I'm on the mend
like a willow I learned to bend


now I feel the sun it warms my face
gentle laughter a soft embrace
in her love I find a home
found something I had never known


Monday, October 6, 2014

Moonlight and Moonshine

© 2013 Mark Cote

Hey girl take a walk with me
underneath the tall oak tree
in this place no one knows
down where the willow blows

frogs singing a serenade
in the grass where we laid
we'll count the stars above
in your eyes I call it love

(chorus) moonlight and moonshine
                  southern dream summertime
                  this feeling's not make believe
                  this feeling's what we need
                  southern dream summertime
                  moonlight and moonshine

see the way you look at me
it's not a mystery
we can see where this will go
we've got all night to take it slow


and by the dawning light
with you girl by my side
we'll taste the morning dew
found the love we never knew