Sunday, February 18, 2018


© 2013 Mark Cote

What if blue ridge hills hide sunny skies
and tear-stained sad hide happy eyes
oh, you know my feet never hit the ground
when thoughts of you start coming around
oh oh Nightingale

the sea breeze chills that fill the air
is not so cold when you are there
a long road this path we're on
from our shadows grows a brand new dawn

(chorus) Nightingale....
                  do you think of me like I think of you
                  do you feel my love
                  when you're feeling blue
                  through the storm
                  our love prevails
                  oh oh Nightingale

to give our hearts just one more try
when the hurt and pain made us want to cry
I can see the spark left within your eyes
I hope you see the same in mine


so walk the sands here by my side
we'll ride the waves we'll dance the tides
for now our search has reached an end
to you my life I do depend


Sunday, February 11, 2018

More Than Myself

© 2013 Mark Cote

(chorus) I wanna be
                  wanna be
                  more than myself
                  don't wanna be
                  wanna be
                  somebody else
                  walk a little farther
                  dream a little harder
                  more than myself
                  I wanna be
                  wanna be
                  more than myself
                  don't wanna be
                  wanna be
                  somebody else
                  believe in a power
                  that's more than I felt
                  I wanna be
                  wanna be
                  more than myself

the same footprints
they've all walked before
the dreams that we have
are not for sure
but it's all we have

some have the drive
to get up and go
some they say
will never know
but what do they have


unaware the cycle
goes round and round
stealing our lives
without making a sound
if we knew what we have


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Meet Me in A Song

© 2018 Mark Cote

through the push and shove
and the sound all around
one thing stays true
how I feel for you
and two hearts beat

under the stars above
that drew you to me
the man in the moon
knew it too
brought me to you

(chorus) when I must be gone
                  meet me in a song
                  out where we belong
                  it will help you to be strong
                  meet me in a song

through the tune of love
hidden in a word
someplace between
flowing unseen
is music to you


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Can I Find You Anywhere

© 2013 Mark Cote

I want a girl who
like a firefly
looks at me like
I light up every part of her world
light up every part of her world
every part of her world

she wants a love that
like the summertime
warms her heart like
the light of every part of her world
light of every part of her world
every part of her world

(chorus) and though I look I don't know where
                  can I find you anywhere
                  elusive dove flies around and round
                  are you out there anywhere

each morning shines
like a mystery
what will it be
Will she be a part of my world
will I light up every part of her world
every part of her world


Sunday, January 21, 2018

High Road Out Of Low Down

© 2013 Mark Cote

black cat pawing my feet in the autumn
feeling the lead in my shoes on the bottom
whatcha gonna do

yesterday winds of forgotten sorrow
keep holding me back from a brighter tomorow
whatcha gonna do

(chorus) I'm taking the high road out of the low downs
                  winding my way through this silent ghost town
                  belief in myself there can be no rebounds
                  taking what I have left
                  and what I've found

Looking around through all of the zombies
knowing that darkness is what they all want me.. to
want me to do


(bridge) crossing that thin red line
                  and looking up at the sky
                  looking down deep inside
                  was the only way I could grow
                  so tell me the things that you don't know
                  and fear the places I might go
                  you're afraid of what you could be
                  but baby that ain't me..

the ones who will choose to look around for me
the ones who chose to leave here before me..know
know where their gonna go


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lamp Post

© 2018 Mark Cote

lamp post
watching the world go by
never wondering
where or why
does it matter
there's never chatter

lamp post
what will you pay
how much of yourself
do you give you away
does it really matter
if I'm thin or get fatter

(chorus) Shine...
                  through the days and the nights
                  when nothing in this world
                  is seeming right
                  lamp post shining bright
                  in your silence you come off as cold
                  but inside you really are bold
                  shine on
                  lamp post
                  lamp post shine on and on

lamp post
how will you feel
when your reality
comes from a dream
will it even matter
in the here or ever after

shine on....


Sunday, January 7, 2018

In Her Whisper

© 2018 Mark Cote

I knew there had to be someone
who knew exactly how I felt
when you play by the rules
you don't always win

seeing it all in a different way
a whole 'nother point of view
love doesn't play by the rules
it just starts to begin

Chorus) in her whisper
                 she's calling my name
                 in her whisper
                 I'm feeling the flame
                 when I wonder where her heart is
                 I already know
                 in her whisper is where I will go

firefly kiss on a summer night
sparks of static in the chill of daylight
we may never know
it just comes from within