Monday, April 24, 2017

Retail Therapy

© 2017 Mark Cote

alarm barking at you
another week to muddle through
napping on the train again
be awake before the end

she's got the work day blues
she wants to buy new shoes
but she's got bills to pay
so it's another day

(chorus) retail therapy
                     it'll do you good
                     retail therapy
                     you know you should
                     retail therapy
                    you're going uptown
                     retail therapy
                    is going down

office talk in the air
but her mind stops and stares
watching the face tic toc
waiting for shop-o'clock


(bridge) it's a credit card war
                    going store to store
                    nobody but her
                    know just what for


for a while she doesn't care
for a while she'll smell the air
her escape from all the stress
doesn't worry about all the rest


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Raven In The Snow

© 2017 Mark Cote

the me that's me
 is the you you do not choose
unable to connect
someone stacked the deck

if one felt so out of place
took the mask off their face
only then would they feel the cold
of a raven in the snow

(chorus) the one who knows
                  the raven and the writing desk
                  will be the one
                  to know me best
                  maybe a world of Edgar Allen Poe
                  maybe a raven in the snow

singing circles of pretty words
to the tune of dancing girls
you never really learn to feel
you never learn what's really real


riddles of lies turned inside out
where whispering willows learn to shout
in this dream you learn to fly
or in your screams you'll slowly die


Monday, April 10, 2017

Pink Fuzzy Ball

© 2017 Mark Cote

pink fuzzy ball playing in the street
who you will meet
bouncing bouncing in the sun
living life and having fun

pink fuzzy ball out in the rain
drops roll off you
again and again
just a fuzzy life you see
not meaning much to you or me

(chorus) fuzzy logic fuzzy minds
                  loving life so sublime
                  worries are hard to find
                  and your life is hard to define
                  pink fuzzy ball it's all by design

pink fuzzy ball sliding in the snow
rolling rolling as you go
getting bigger day by day
pretty soon you won't roll away


Monday, April 3, 2017


© 2017 Mark Cote

donut glazed eyes looking at me
say it's everyone's responsibility
nobody acknowledges what that means
oh yeah, complacency

supposed to do this
not supposed to do that
do you really know where it's at?
just some more complacency

(chorus) oh ho ho apathy
                  don't sit your lazy self down on me
                  oh ho ho apathy
                  I won't get drunk on what you drink
                  can't get out of your own way
                  that's all I can say
                  oh ho ho apathy

you think you know me
but I'm more than you see
my colors are more than shades of green
a bit more dignity

(bridge) you'll never change
                  'cause you can't see
                  when you're looking at you
                  you are looking at me
                  but only through apathy


Monday, March 27, 2017

Almost Love Song

© 2017 Mark Cote

kisses won't stick
lipstick too thick
and the sunset has gone
in an almost love song

the feeling can come and go
sometimes you never know
where butterflies belong
in an almost love song

(chorus) hey there runaway bride
                  where do you hide
                  in an almost love song
                  can I make you mine
                  I'd gather stars into jars
                  and give them to you
                  what would I find
                  that's what I'd do
                  what should I do
                  in this almost love song

heart don't pretend
this won't be the end
remember to stay strong
for an almost love song

everything will be fine
just give it some time
but I don't know what time it is
in this almost love song


Monday, March 20, 2017

The Disintegration Of Man

© 2017 Mark Cote

You love the money
you love to control
but who will be around
when you get old

you sold your soul
to corporate gold
but who's hand
does it really hold?

(chorus) Is this the disintegration of man?
                  when imagination melts into the sand
                  when all you've felt is all you know
                  is this the disintegration of man?

you eat the words
that are fed to you
does it make you sick
does it make you blue

it changes you
from who I knew
vivid colors
now transparent hues


when the dream of what you want
turns to who you are
a piece of you is lost
so very far
we don't know
who we are


Monday, March 13, 2017

She's As Good As Gone To Me

© 2017 Mark Cote

somewhere in Milwaukee
it could’ve been June
when we shot for the stars
but lassoed the moon

while I gave it my best
she still wanted more
we'd smile and we'd laugh
but I still was unsure

(chorus) sitting in the moonlight
                  waiting on the sun
                  wondering where on it was
                  that she came undone
                  though to the world
                  a couple's what they see
                  she's as good as gone to me
                  although it's not the way I thought it would be
                  she's as good as gone to me

into her eyes
the mirrors they shine
but behind the glass
something's un-twined

should we follow this path
and just close our eyes
or separate paths
and just say goodbye


she says we're drifting apart
but was she even there
as a shooting star falls
I sit and stare