Sunday, March 10, 2019

Busy Bee

© 2019 Mark Cote

minds all a jumble
tossing and tumbled
trying to take it all in

sort in my mind
and leave it behind
and take the best part with me

(bridge) collecting words you say
         and storing them away
         sharp ones they scar
         are hurting a heart
         But I don't say a thing

(chorus) from flower to flower
         I'm a
         busy bee
         don't feel so sour
         just wait and see
         I feel the heat
         I don't
         bend and cower
         or let it in

taste sweet or sour
either gives you power
which one do you choose?

the heat can consume
and marry your doom
your lost now in time and space

but see it ahead
and avoid all the dread
it's not who you want to be


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Little Blue Ford

© 2019 Mark Cote

thought I knew what I want
but something didn't feel right
the color
the fit was tight

had a car inside my head
but I knew I'd have to wait
if it's meant to be it's fate

(chorus) focus focus
                  on my little blue Ford
                  with 10 speakers she won't keep you bored
                  give her some gas
                  put it to the floor
                  yeah that little blue streak
                  is my little blue Ford

Made the best of what I had
new speakers had the sound
but what was missing I hadn't found

on that day I had no regrets
when I looked at both cars
this one felt more like me
and I knew it's meant to be


she's not the fastest
she's not the loudest
but sitting in her
I'm feeling my proudest


Sunday, February 24, 2019

I Can't Do This Anymore

© 2013 Mark Cote

empty hollow hallway
treading there without a sound
I remember the fight
we had last night
don't have the strength for a go-around

in the faded pictures
I see what I used to be
I lived for the fun
my heart was so young
how I miss what was left of me

(chorus) I
                  can't fight within this bubble
                  the more I do the more I crumble
                  in this endless struggle
                  I can only reach the floor
                  spiraling in deeper
                  all I get is weaker
                  one thing that looks clearer is
                  I can't do this anymore
                  no I can't do this anymore


colors all come clearer
every facet shows within the light
where is the you I knew
do you see it too
did we blind our hearts to see


Sunday, February 17, 2019

On The other Side Of A Loved One's Eyes

© 2019 Mark Cote

it was good
it was bad
but the love remained the same
on the other side
of a loved ones eyes
nobody is left to blame

words were said
hearts were broke
but if you weather it through
together you'll grow

(chorus) On the other side...
                  of a loved ones eyes...
                  while you may walk alone
                  they take a part of you
                  while you take a apart of them

                  on the other side
                  of a loved ones eyes
                  you never know
                  what you might find

years have flown
did we grow?
now that you are gone
my tears they show

do I start again
do I just let go
I guess sometimes with love
we never know


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Why I Love You Like I Do

© 2019 Mark Cote

(chorus) why do I love you like I do
                  like I do
                  maybe it's because of what you do
                  what you do
                  you have a way with what you say
                  you just have a certain way
                  that's why I love you like I do

could it be any funner
is it the spell I am under
I can't even hear the thunder
it can make some people wonder
but you make it all summer

can keep on falling down
I'm so glad that you're around
thunder doesn't make a sound
In your eyes I think I've found
our love on higher ground


are now just shades of blue
when I'm here with you
what seems old now is new
our love comes shining through
what I thought once now is true


Sunday, January 27, 2019

I'd Rather Stay In Bed

© 2019 Mark Cote

(chorus) I'd rather stay in bed
                  where it's nice and warm
                  stay in bed
                  safe from the storm
                  let the world all wash away
                  that's that's exactly what I say
                  I'd rather stay in bed

my boss called me from work
he knew I was late
I guess he hadn't heard
mornings getting blurred

supposed to go to church
but I think they knew
the preacher said he felt it too
and would rather stay in bed


knocking on my door
tell them I'm not home
maybe someone's on the phone
I'd rather stay in bed


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Happy Anniversrary

© 2019 Mark Cote

Another year of many ups and downs
ripples on the sea
still finding us both around
so happy you're with me

sharing the wonder of the world
something we all should feel
You're part of me I can't let go
now my life feels real

(chorus) many many years for you and me
                     happy anniversary
                     colors now appear for us to see
                     happy anniversary
                     let's paint our world in shades of love
                     happy happy anniversary

that nervous moment when we met
stumbling what to say
many moments we both can't forget
tomorrows turn to yesterday

here is what I say...