Monday, May 22, 2017

Good Luck Charm

© 2017 Mark Cote

muskrat placing bets on the phone
wagering that I'd end up alone
shadow people couldn't kill my fight
from dark skies came a guiding light

the raven tossing speckled dice
smiling a cynical smile
says you can run from me
but you'll never win

(chorus) when I feel like I just can't win
                     you keep on pulling me in
                     holding you tightly in my heart
                     you're my good luck charm

old toad eating my 4 leaf clover
thinking it's all over
didn't know the ace in my hand
didn't know me at all


when the odds stack up against the wall
and I'm feeling a little small
you give me that look
and it all begins

(chorus) to end

Monday, May 15, 2017

Run Away

© 2013 Mark Cote

Walking now in the world of smiling strangers
gone what I've known trust is the danger
where do I go when it's spinning around
idle chatter to me doesn't make a sound

the depth of what I see I can't tell to others
for until you falter no one starts to wonder
I broke the looking glass a long time ago
it only reflected the world I know

(chorus) in the shiny darkness I climb the walls
                  in the shiny darkness I see it all
                  see my soul as it slips away
                  see colored skies now turn to grey
                  run away ( ahhhhh)
                  run away

Like the sheep knows he is being fleeced
the bird in the cage is still out of reach
as I reach out now please take my hand
before I get swallowed in the shifting sands

if I get out of this tunnel dead or alive
what will await for me on the other side
the journey is so long some never go
learning to break free they will never know


(bridge) words are the colors I throw on the ground
                  paving a path I have never found
                  will you be there please wait for me
                  open my eyes and let me see


Monday, May 8, 2017

Big Enough To Care

© 2013 Mark Cote

climbed your way high up on the ladder
is the view from there all that matters
can you reach way on down
down to the ground
are you big enough
big enough to care

it's a jungle of life we live in
forgettin' sometimes where we've been
we kick claw and bite
though we know it's not right
are you big enough to care

(chorus) with the world under your ground
                  cry tears without a sound
                  are you big enough
                  are you big enough to care
                  when one opens their eyes
                  one by one the world is wise
                  and we're big enough
                  big enough to care

a battle of words and of money
the double talk it ain't funny
the fool on the hill
says he never will
be strong enough to care

he showed her the love he knew
with feelings so deeply true
but she saw through her fear
true love in unclear
heart not big enough to care


Monday, May 1, 2017

You Are The Rainbow

© 2013 Mark Cote

you're the dew that kissed my lips
every morning that I arise
drops of tears flowed down my face
now colors in my skies

the thunder made us scared
and the rain it was so cold
but pulling through it all
having you to hold

(chorus) is it true you just exist
                  in my mind...
                  the times I think of you
                  I feel fine...
                  you are the rainbow..
                  you are the rainbow.....

remember after every storm
as I gaze out up above
the burst of color that is born
and for a while I see your love

I never knew that you'd be gone
left with thoughts of yesterday
through a loss we find ourself
and love's not far away


Monday, April 24, 2017

Retail Therapy

© 2017 Mark Cote

alarm barking at you
another week to muddle through
napping on the train again
be awake before the end

she's got the work day blues
she wants to buy new shoes
but she's got bills to pay
so it's another day

(chorus) retail therapy
                     it'll do you good
                     retail therapy
                     you know you should
                     retail therapy
                    you're going uptown
                     retail therapy
                    is going down

office talk in the air
but her mind stops and stares
watching the face tic toc
waiting for shop-o'clock


(bridge) it's a credit card war
                    going store to store
                    nobody but her
                    know just what for


for a while she doesn't care
for a while she'll smell the air
her escape from all the stress
doesn't worry about all the rest


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Raven In The Snow

© 2017 Mark Cote

the me that's me
 is the you you do not choose
unable to connect
someone stacked the deck

if one felt so out of place
took the mask off their face
only then would they feel the cold
of a raven in the snow

(chorus) the one who knows
                  the raven and the writing desk
                  will be the one
                  to know me best
                  maybe a world of Edgar Allen Poe
                  maybe a raven in the snow

singing circles of pretty words
to the tune of dancing girls
you never really learn to feel
you never learn what's really real


riddles of lies turned inside out
where whispering willows learn to shout
in this dream you learn to fly
or in your screams you'll slowly die


Monday, April 10, 2017

Pink Fuzzy Ball

© 2017 Mark Cote

pink fuzzy ball playing in the street
who you will meet
bouncing bouncing in the sun
living life and having fun

pink fuzzy ball out in the rain
drops roll off you
again and again
just a fuzzy life you see
not meaning much to you or me

(chorus) fuzzy logic fuzzy minds
                  loving life so sublime
                  worries are hard to find
                  and your life is hard to define
                  pink fuzzy ball it's all by design

pink fuzzy ball sliding in the snow
rolling rolling as you go
getting bigger day by day
pretty soon you won't roll away