Monday, September 29, 2014

Waiting For The Storm To Pass

© 2013 Mark Cote

Clouds surround a sunny mind
seems so dark seems so unkind
the words that curse a photograph
a faded love now in half
like slipping through an hourglass
waiting for the storm to pass

paisley dreams that once defined
they coalesced they intertwined
now down a dusty gravel road
the cross I bear a heavy load
when futures seem so hard to grasp
waiting for the storm to pass

let it all drift away....

(chorus) waiting for the storm to pass
                  hoping this will be the last
                  waiting for the storm to pass
                  waiting for the storm to pass

the egg that hatched a silver rose
where it came from nobody knows
was it left for me to find
inspiration left behind
the dusk and dawn now they clash
waiting for the storm to pass

let it all drift away...


Monday, September 8, 2014

U.K. Girls

© 2014 Mark Cote

Took a trip across the pond
though I yearned it wasn't long
the sights
the sounds
the sweetest girls around
oh those U.K. girls

(chorus) U.K. girls
                  with eyes that really melt my world
                  and voices I have never heard
                  U.K. girls
                  like something out of a dream
                  something I have never seen
                  U.K., U.K.
                  U.K., U.K.
                  oh those U.K. girls

talking classy and oh so sweet
I take a breath I'm off my feet
when they talk
when they walk
makes my heart skip a beat
oh those U.K. girls

like a butterfly I cannot get
still I'm sure to cast out my net
flutter by
colors I don't forget
oh those U.K. girls


turning dreams to reality
are you really so far from me
when I think
with every blink
you're not such a mystery
oh those U.K. girls


Monday, September 1, 2014

Shake Shake Your Body

© 2013 Mark Cote

(chorus) I... wanna lay down a beat
                 so you can shake shake your body
                 shake shake your body tonight
                 I... wanna turn up the heat
                 and you can shake shake your body
                 shake shake your body all night
                 oo... while we're diggin' the sounds
                 oo... let it come back around
                 we can shake shake our bodies all night

I... gotta follow the music
'cause it takes me where I wanna go
colors, like a yellow brick road
where it'll take me I never know
follow the vibe now
it ain't no jive now
just dance on the floor here with me
Let it fill ya
let it thrill ya
ya we're gonna have a time you'll see


 and... if the harmony's right babe
 we'll move in tight babe
 we'll dance in a melody
 don't hold back now
 you've got the knack now
 just let your body flow

(chorus 2) hey... when the lights are low
                   and you can sway sway your body
                   sway sway your body with me
                   oo.. you're the rhythm in me
                   oo.. take it nice and easy
                   as we sway sway our bodies all night