Monday, October 26, 2015

I Miss You

© 2015 Mark Cote

moonlit talk with kindred souls
we know not where this may go
a part of me I left with you
a part of you I feel it too

I know you're not in love just yet
but how you hold my heart I can't forget
I long to hold you near
though you are there and I am here

(chorus) I miss the girl who smiles with her eyes
                  whose charm can hypnotize
                  and make me wonder just why
                  I went so long to find
                  to leave it all behind
                  I miss you

you're scared to care and so am I
dead ends make one not want to try
casting hope out on a prayer
that you are always there


Monday, October 19, 2015

Make Me Wanna Stay Or I'll Just Fade Away

© 2015 Mark Cote

swallowing hollow moonlight
the weeping willow
he bends
happy as a lark
if he only felt the spark
she sends
make me wanna stay
or I'll just fade away

the monarchs here have gone
I never heard the song
she sings
moments come and gone
by the blinding of the dawn
it didn't bring
make me wanna stay
or I'll just fade away

(bridge) He just wants to know
                  should he stay
                  or should he go
                  he sighs
                  if it's meant to be
                  that for me I must leave
                  make me wanna stay
                  make me wanna stay
                  or I'll just
                  or I'll just fade away


as my summers pass on by
I have to wonder why
I stay
rainbows they just fade
memories wash away
down the drain
make me wanna stay
or I'll just fade away


Monday, October 12, 2015

I Survived The 405

© 2015 Mark Cote

coming up the ramp
a stream of wheels, hey
looking for a place
that I can steal, yeah
well, I was told to avoid
the 405
it'll eat you up
and spit you aside
oh no!

(chorus) pulling up
                  and changing lanes
                  all these highways
                  are all the same
                  if you pay attention
                  to how you drive
                  you can say
                  I survived the 405

so I paced myself
in lane number 3, yeah
let the slow ones crawl
let the fast ones speed
I've got nothing to prove
no hostility
it is what it is
is all I see


taking it slow
there's nothing to fear
but the guy on my tail
is getting too near
it may take a bit longer
so plan ahead
better to play it safe
than wind up dead


Monday, October 5, 2015

Tomorrow Learns Of Yesterday

© 2013 Mark Cote

Trembling sun not the only one
the shivering moon feels it too
feels it too

unwanted wind from where I've been
severed page from the past
it is you
it is you

(chorus) and when tomorrow learns of yesterday
                 storms will brew for all todays
                 for what would come
                 I could never say
                 and tomorrow learns of yesterday

through the mirror we look back in time
look to what we thought we'd find
lost in time

fluid flow of light and dark
try to hold a grain of sand
in your hand
futile and