Monday, November 28, 2011

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

© 2011 Mark Cote

through the dawn do you see the night
or the pink and purple of morning light...
even though they call my name
empty faces look the same
for in their eyes I do not see
the spark of life I really need

(chorus) The man
                who saw tomorrow
                love or the sorrow
                if you just believe
                it's all up to you and me...

in the hourglass I see
better speak of the misery
the drudgery
the redundancy...
don't speak of dreams you cannot see
apathetic eyes will never see


The less you think, the less you know
the less you feel the more you'll need...
take from ones who try to feed
in the name of power the name of greed
they hold your world in their hand
illusions of pleasure lands


blindfolded aristocracy
lead me to mediocrity
a door a store a factory
through all the hypocrisy
a sunny day I finally see

it's all up to you and me
it's all up to you and me

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fictitious Fran

© 2011 Mark Cote

The days are long
but they flash by
flow through the wind then they say goodbye
that dusty road
I travel on
sees yesterdays but not the dawn
Gonna take that turn
I never knew
venture into the distant blue..

(chorus) I wanna feel those lips
                up against mine
                feel loving arms
                as they entwine
                dance with her
                in the rain
                then do it all over
                and over again
                make it all come true
                instead of dreaming of you
                fictitious Fran

A dream of you
can go so far
but not as far as my arms
a piece of you
lives in me
in every girls eyes I see
what sparked my heart
when it was dark
is where reality starts..


and in your dreams do you
do you dream of something too
is this fictitious Fran dreaming of
a fictitious man?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Should I Call Her

© 2011 Mark Cote

it was mid July
how she made me speechless
when she caught my eye
I saw the sunlight shine
as it glowed in her hair
my feet were here with me
but my heart was over there
I try not to stare

(chorus) Should I call... call her and tell
                Should I call... call her and tell
                Should I call her and say
                I'm feeling this way
                Should I call her and tell

this can't happen to me
nightingale whispers
it's a mystery
on the edge of midnight
I may find her there
will she look my way
or leave me unaware
I try not to stare

(2nd chorus) Should I call... call her and tell
                    Should I call... call her and tell
                    should I say how I feel
                    my words are so real
                    Should I call her and tell


I'm gonna make that call ( gonna make that call)
gonna make that call tonight


Monday, November 7, 2011

She's A Manly Girl

© 2011 Mark Cote

eyebrows bigger than mine
did she have them since birth
maybe from out of town
maybe not of this earth
she's just a manly girl

she says boy, you're looking fine
in a baritone
with all due respect
I'd rather stay at home alone
she's just a manly girl

(chorus) when you see her in the light
                see something's not quite right
                Don't tell me you don't know
                hairy knuckles always show
                she's a manly girl
                she only ventures out at night


looking out the window
she smiles like uncle Joe
if she really is
we may never know
she's just a manly girl