Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fat Cat

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. see him up there smiling down on you
   chasing his tail while he steps down on you
   saving pennies for a rainy day
   the little mouse will have his day

(chorus) Fat Cat,
                who cries for you
                on a rainy day
                when your dreams are gone
                will they go and pray
                Fat Cat
                howl all alone
                on the coldest night
                as the winds have blown

(bridge) take a look in the mirror
                look what you've become
                ruling by fear and not by love

2. scratching at me not knowing what for
   not for him but the one next door
   someday the tides will turn yesterday
   you'll wake up but it is gone away

Harmony Colors And Candy Cane Dreams

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. Let me search the keys
   let me search the stars
   play them one in a row
   looking near or far
   what key plays in your heart
   what words touch your soul
   a melody... nobody knows

2. Playing in love's riddles and rhymes
   sometimes love just takes time
   when my arms can't hold you
   words will have to do
   the part of you that touches me
   opens my heart like an endless sea

(chorus) if my words make you smile
                may I lay in your love for awhile
                If my message touches your heart
                is that where our love will start
                harmony colors and candy cane dreams
                twisting together forever it seems

3. but you're living upstream
   and the winds blow south
   will it touch your lips when it leaves my mouth
   the love bird sings on a night in June
   does he sing for me, does he sing for you

I Married A Monday

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. Little Friday girl
   you showed me the world
   in a weekend of dreams
   in your eyes it gleams
   what lies beyond
   this mesmerizing blond

(chorus) Went to bed with a Friday
                Woke up with a Monday
                Oh it's so hard to say..
                I married a Monday

(bridge) Now the weeks are long
                playing a workers song
                the bills
                the kids
                you don't look like you did

2. now I'm a Wednesday dad
   look at the fun we had
   Friday is out of reach
   so is the summer beach
   you live and learn
   what you want you earn

Friday's Evil Twin

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. Is that the sun
   has it begun
   I just want to hide
   and stay inside
   It's lurking out there
   gonna get me somewhere

2. a week ago
   the scars still show
   behind the eight ball
   all I do is stall
   you pay the price
   for what you did last night

(chorus) Monday
               is Friday's evil twin
               as it laughs at you with an evil grin
               turn you world upside down
               24 hours of ups and downs

3. the slowest day
   is it Monday
   did the clock just stop
   at the coffee pot
   gonna make it through
   as I always do

4. I hear a snore
   in the office next door
   another one down
   Monday's in town
   it won't get me
   fueled up on coffee

Love Comes, Love Goes

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. drink in the colors of a rainbow while it lasts
   the love of a butterfly is gone too fast
   the only constant thing is change
   as colored leaves rearrange
   love goes

(chorus) love... comes
                love... goes
                you have to see... it
                you have to feel... it
                love... comes
                love... goes

2. we took for granted you would always be there
   the smiling face of sister golden hair
   never learn their message 'til their gone
   or remembered in a song
   love goes

3. the reflection of love is brighter than the love given out
   if your heart is true there will be no doubt
   learn from love, let it learn from you
   in what you say and what you do
   love goes

Love Me Today, Hate Me Tomorrow

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. smile at you
   an open heart for baby blue
   are you true
   this love I never knew

   run to me, little girl you run to me
   can't you see
   the twisted irony
   when the love you've shown shines back at you

(chorus) love me today
                hate me tomorrow
                stay with me tonight
                then leave me in sorrow
                love me today
                and go away

2. time stands still when a heart shows a chill
   come what will
   a summer dream stands still

   fly little bird, fly away
   now a winter's day
   and that's the price to pay
   when the love you've shown shines back at you

Like Amber

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. with eyes that say "can I trust you", will you protect me
   a little girl joined a family
   another heart to love, another love to share
   a playful girl with a curious stare

2. My heart stopped and froze when I heard the news
   that scared girl who protected you
   didn't know who to trust, living in this new world
   a life of selfless love gone suddenly

(chorus) Like amber, she encased her love
                Like amber, tight as a glove
                an amber glow is something unique
                like nothing you know.... like Amber

3. she never doubted as long as you were there
   her mom and dad would always care
   the love that protected, she protected that love
   now you look down on us from up above

If It's Real

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. someone once said to me
   if it's true love set it free
   so on a butterfly wing I let it go
   the glow of the fireflies will let me know
   if it's real.... 'cause

(chorus) if it's real it never went away
                it's how you feel everyday
                it lives in your heart, it lives in mine
                if it's real for all time

2. a fire that burns through the coldest snow
   the sweetest light, a warming glow
   we found it together, you and me
   time and space can't set it free
   if it's real...'cause

3. Only one love in this life
   when you find her, make her your wife
   through your dark, she'll be your light
   when her tears turn grey, you'll turn them to white
   if it's real....'cause

This Angel Has Got Her Wings

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. Dream angel became real
   that's the way that I feel
   with a feather-haired country girl smile
   and a wholesome innocent style
   Dream angel
   stay with us for awhile

2. Diligent angel
   smiling to get well
   the miracle of life, a dim light
   you won't give up without a fight
   Diligent angel
   as hopes and dreams take flight

(bridge) Today the world stopped... and took a breath
                birds who sang don't know what to say
                a pretty flower turns to grey

(chorus) as the light in your eyes turns to a heavenly glow
                time to go baby, time to go
                this angel has got her wings
                through the Heavens she'll always sing
                for this angel has got her wings

3. American angel
   loving hearts bid farewell
   you blessed the world while you were here
   in my heart you will always be near
   American angel
   you will always be here

Farrah Fawcett 1947 - 2009


© 2009 Mark Cote

(chorus) the dreamer in your eyes of crystal blue
                the dreamer from a heart so true
                that dreamer.... is you

1. the light of life is straight ahead
   "let dreams guide you" is what you said
   a dreamer sees light even in the dark
   imagination starts with just a spark

2. the dreamer inquires of what could be
   the dreamer sees what no one sees
   the colors of life have many hues
   and you softly paint them the way that you do

3. With a voice like a warm summer morn
   can even soften the sharpest thorn
   in a field of flowers that blend to grey
   yours brighten the darkest day

Golden Haired Daydreamer

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. With your gentle silence you come to me
   like a mermaid from an enchanted sea
   your waves of love wash over me
   saved this drowning man from pools of sorrow
   gave me visions of a bright tomorrow

(chorus) why you touch me
                and when you touch me
                I know you are there
                how you hold me
                is how you told me
                you really do care

(bridge) golden haired daydreamer
                butterfly kisses
                I'm a believer

2. through your eyes I can see another world
   in brighter colors and candy swirls
   for a dreamer man and a flower girl
   I smell flowers on the beach when you're near
   for your love for me is so sincere

3. Let's walk on the sand and dance in the night
   may it spark our hearts and let love ignite
   burning brightly by candle light
   this summer will last the rest of my life
   if I am your man, and you are my wife

And Then She's Gone

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. as sandy tears burn my cheek
   and salty waves rake the beach
   I drive into the sunrise
   though in the cold shadow of the prickly palm

   crushed shells beneath my feet
   of loves lost in defeat
   I hear the cries
   as the gull soars lonely up above

(chorus) The sea makes a haunting sound
                when there's not a soul around
                an endless roar, a sudden crash
                and then she's gone...
                and then she's gone

2. I brought your memory to the sea
   hoping to set it free
   I release my heart
   and let it bleed for you and me into the Lonely Sea

   Love and pain I felt for you
   the you I thought was so true
   now Pacific Ocean Blue
   your sweet perfume now lost in the salty air

You Were There

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. When my summer turned dark and cold
   the ones I held I no longer hold
   you were there
   when the love I found through a song
   seemed to care, but now is gone
   you were there

(chorus) When a friend gives an olive branch
                there's no return, there is no catch
                a selfless love, an open ear
                someone to catch a burning tear
                You were there

2. when silence is the loudest sound
   and faces blur all around
   you were there
   you never judge, you never do
   for what happened to me, happened to you
   you were there

Black Widow

© 2009 Mark Cote

(chorus) Black widow
                black widow spinning her web
                a spiraling circle of honey thread
               she's after you boy you better run
                she's a black widow

1. the first time that you hear her voice, is when her song will start to lure you in
   with a calming melody, in her web your senses will go numb
   once she get's control of you
   there's nothing left you can do
   she's got you where she wants you by the heart

2. don't look directly in her eyes, like the sea her blue will wash over you
   a soft look turns to a stare, and your frozen standing there
   with a glow in her eye
   and a tender loving sigh
   your fate is sealed as her fangs now come out

(end chorus) Black widow
                    black widow spinning her web
                    a spiraling circle of honey thread
                    she's after you boy you better run
                    she's a black widow
                    spinning her web
                    a spiraling circle of honey thread
                    she's after you boy you better run
                    she's a black widow
                    she's a black widow
                    black widow

Rattle Them Bones Mr. Jones

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. Walking in the dark a foggy night
   when a hand reached up out of sight
   it pulled me in and with an evil grin.. said

(chorus) rattle them bones mr. Jones
                bang that coffin you groovy ghoul
                rattle them bones mr. Jones
                your mummy sure looks funny

2. with a clanging chain Frank arrived
   with Igor dancing by his side
   the grave yard dogs start to howl
   for the wolfman is on the prowl

3. The sound was loud enough to wake the dead
   one of the zombies lost his head
   he grabbed a cross and said to Drac
   "you're gonna give me a heart attack"

Music Lover's Holiday

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. feel that drum beat, it's a rock and roll heartbeat
   move to the rhythm, and dance with me
   now sing a long with me in perfect harmony

dance on the ceiling,dance on the floor
dance, dance, dance 'til you can't take anymore

2. go with the flow, it'll really bring you in now
   shake it around, bop and spin now
   forget your troubles, just for a while

(chorus) it's where the animals come to play (clap, clap)
                it's where the weary wander and stray (clap, clap)
                catch a groove, feel the beat
                let the music grab you by the feet
                it's really gonna sweep you away
                it's a music lover's holiday

3. we're gonna dance all night 'til they drag us home
   we're gonna scream and shout in a microphone
   forget the world and get away

dance on the ceiling,dance on the floor
dance, dance, dance 'til you can't take anymore

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prove Me Wrong

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. The hands of greed larger than those that care
    as ideals trickle down
    deaf eyes and blinded ears
    the pains in the world invisible tears

2. a loveless world filled with hollow souls
    as hearts harden all around
    if I say there's not a friend left in sight
    the colors of the world are just black and white

(chorus) Prove me wrong
                Prove me wrong
                that what I see isn't real
                these feelings are not what I feel
                Prove me wrong

(bridge) yesterdays are not todays
                bright colors a blur of grays
                and life is a dead-end maze

3. a laugh in the dark makes no sound
    the circus clown wears a frown
    the Cheshire Cat hides his face
    the world he knew a lonely place

Ride The Heavies, Ride The Swells

© 2009 Mark Cote

Ride the heavies, ride the swells
Ride the heavies, ride the swells

1. summer's here and the surf is up
    toss your board in your pickup truck
    turn the music way up loud
    hittin' the waves is what it's all about

(chorus) Ride the heavies, ride the swells
                Ride the heavies, ride the swells
                whether you're hangin' 5 or hangin' 10
                or hangin' 20 with a friend
                Ride the heavies, ride the swells

2. the sun goes down, she's by your side
    it's a surfer's lullaby
    the love she brings leads you on
    to another summer's dawn

A Moment In Time

© 2009 Mark Cote

1. a friend like you was so rare to find
    when I thought the world left me behind
    I stumbled and fell you took my hand
    pulled me out of my own quicksand

(chorus) As you ride your wave
                I'll ride mine
                our paths crossed a moment in time
                you were there for me
                I was there for you
                will they cross again? if I only knew

2. your wave came and you surfed away
    but I'll remember what you say
    "believe in yourself when no one will
    the mountain to climb is really a hill"

3. your lullaby rescued me
    from drowning in the lonely sea
    as a healing friend
    I didn't want it to end