Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nashville At Night

© 2010 Mark Cote

inspiration born in a cave
somebody's hands somebody's slave
you do what you do just to get by
but this dreamer looks up to the colored sky

Quill of blood, quill of tears
flow through the mind of so many years
the loving dove that flies from the hand
is better to see than shifting sands.

(bridge) I know, I'm on the right road
                 but still, have a ways to go
                 but it's where I'm gonna be... Wait and see

(chorus) Nashville at night not many can see
                how symbolic it is to me
                let the rain come pouring down
                In the dark of the night I know I've been found

Is anyone out there in this new world
or do hands reach out still stay curled
scented wind blows my way
I breathe it in and I'm OK


Sunday, March 20, 2011

If Your Heart Ain't In It

© 2010 Mark Cote

You smiled at me and showed me the world
A lot to take for a country girl
promises are they ever written in stone
is a diamond you give just a rhinestone

(chorus) If I can't be your number one
                baby you can count me gone
                if I'm only your second best
                you're never gonna pass the test
                'cause if your heart ain't in it
                then lets just call it quits

Get lost in the arms of the one you love
in time we learn through push and shove
if the hands that are warm through the day
don't go cold when it's gone away

I want much more than what I can see
and if that's what you want, then baby stay with me



This isn't a one night rodeo
we're going the distance come on lets go
saddle up cowboy ready to ride
watch your step it's a bumpy ride


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can I take You To The Prom

© 2010 Mark Cote

as a boy
I always tried to do my best
never missed a class
never failed a test

the one I never knew
didn't think I had a chance
never been to the prom
never been to the dance
always to shy to say...

(chorus) Can I take you to the prom
                can I relive those years
                like an unfinished song
                now plays sweet in my ear
                Lets dance 'til the dawn
                'til there's nobody here
                can I take you to the prom

time moves on
realized what I had missed
never felt the touch of a hug
nor the warmth of a kiss

when I looked into your eyes
it all was crystal clear
I found what I missed
all those many years
Now I knew what to say...


Sunday, March 6, 2011


© 2010 Mark Cote

I've smiled with the sun and cried with the moon
summers seem forever then their gone too soon

sister moonbeam she'd lend an ear
by the heavenly sunrise she is no longer here

          sunlight - what a surprise
          to awaken to a world now you're not by my side
          sunlight - blindingly wise
          when the moon shines softer into my blue eyes

I fell in love with a painted smile
but the colors wash away baby after awhile

I've felt the depth in a woman's eyes
learned all about the truth through clouded lies

          sunlight - the white is too bright
          the colors shine brighter by the morning light
          sunlight - blindingly wise
          when the moon shines softer into my blue eyes

I've felt so close but been far away
love like a rainbow it just fades away

temporary world is a paisley dream
where everything you see is not what they seem

          sunlight - blindingly wise
          when the moon shines softer into my blue eyes
          sunlight - blindingly wise
          when the moon shines softer into my blue eyes