Monday, December 12, 2016

You're Gonna Drive Me Sane

© 2016 Mark Cote

this whirlwind life of a single man
playboy mansion mixed with Disneyland
burning the candle at both ends
crazy hearts and fair-weather friends

shy-eyed girl looked my way
dreamer's mind I have to say
turned my world upside-down
without a word without a sound

(chorus) you're gonna drive me
                     you're gonna drive me
                     you're gonna drive me sane
                     make me want to
                     again and again
                     you're gonna drive me
                     you're gonna drive me
                     you're gonna drive me sane

love could never hold me down
always flew to not be found
but you knew what I ran from
and cradled it in the wings of a dove


Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello Yesterways

© 2013 Mark Cote

mirrored soul of days gone by
I saddle up and take a ride
down that old forgotten road
down the road nobody knows

see the child playing in the sun
bathed in colors of summer fun
that is what I used to be
that is what I used to be

(chorus) Oh, hello yesterday
                  oh, hello yesterways
                  Yesterday is all in you
                  yesterday is all in me

fascination of today
growing younger with every day
the spirit you don't outgrow
the spirit some may never show


time flies when life's standing still
If you don't guide it nobody will
sleep is empty without a dream
shadows hollow now it may seem

that is what I used to be
that is what I used to be


Monday, November 28, 2016

Agree To Disagree

© 2012 Mark Cote

I don't blame you
for acting or saying what you do
we all have a different point of view
who am I to say what is right or wrong

what do you favor
a single scoop or a double dip
what kind of drink is it that you sip
we all taste the world a different way

(chorus) agree to disagree
                  you mean much more to me
                  like that
                  agree to disagree
                  seems it has to be
                  like that
                  when friendship means more than views
                  agree to disagree
                  with me

It doesn't matter
who or why it is you're thinking of
as long as it fills your heart with love
we all dance to a different song


Monday, November 21, 2016

Our First Christmas

© 2016 Mark Cote

tomorrow lady and yesterday man
walking today
walking hand in hand
looking forward she builds up his dreams
and all of his anguish she knows what it means

(chorus) our first Christmas
                  not the gifts we're sharing
                  it's the way that we're caring
                  you're a gift to me
                  I'm a gift to you

summer snowflakes melt a hardened heart
turning teardrops to a work of art
and she don't care that his life's been scarred
she just says "I love you how you are"


she's got her baggage she's been there before
that chapter has ended
she's opened the door
together they'll learn
to look for the fun
on this ride of life
before it's all done


Monday, November 14, 2016

Souvenir Tears

© 2016 Mark Cote

(chorus) What is that she's wearing
                  it's a chain of souvenir tears
                  What is that she's wearing
                  it's a chain of souvenir tears
                  so how did she collect them
                  she got them through the years

she started out so pretty
oh, and trusting everyone
but a doormat will get dirty
and the footprints are no fun
so she gathered up her tears
 she gathered up every one


holding onto sorrow
can turn a heart to stone
not a road to follow
you'll always walk alone
she just wanted someone to hold her
and call her on the phone

walking in the shadows
You'll always feel outdone
under her umbrella
she's looking for the sun
when the chain gets heavy
I hope she finally finds the one


Monday, November 7, 2016

Icicles Of Vine

© 2016 Mark Cote

On a road in the shadows
in an unmarked town
where whispering winds
make a haunting sound
treetops will sway
to a dance undefined
brooding in long
Icicles of vine

words go repeated
yesteryear today
nothing new to learn
so throw it all away
in the ripples of doubt
in the river of time
continue to feed
icicles of vine

(chorus) take your life without a sign
                     icicles of vine
                     wrapping little by little
                     so slight you cannot see
                     getting much colder
                     each step by one degree
                     icicles, icicles, icicles of vine

walking life in circles
or so it now may seem
but when eyes are open
the ending of a dream
reality is cold
it shivers up your spine
but never colder than
icicles of vine


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Encapsulated Tears

© 2016 Mark Cote

Did the sunlight
sting your eyes
did the night-time
chill your soul

is the bedroom
like a stranger
just a chamber
where dust will grow

and you must fly
and let it go
let it go
and fly away

(chorus) outgrow these tears
                  these encapsulated tears
                  outrun the years
                  of entrapsulated fears
                  when the windows you are looking through
                  are the walls of encapsulated tears

lovers whispers
are just paper
crumbled embers
in the snow

shadows walking
always backward
never forward
nowhere to go

and you must fly
and let it go
let it go
and fly away


is the flutter
now just water
the waterfalls
of yesterday

bluebird sings
song forgotten
has it really
been that long

and you must fly
and let it go
let it go
and fly away


Monday, October 24, 2016

Marty Mourning Dove

© 2016 Mark Cote

Marty mourning dove sits on a stump
wondering where on Earth he was coming from
he couldn't the price was too high
all that's left are the dreams in his eyes

the sunrise looks pretty he's telling me
lit up by the tomorrow he hasn't seen
I can see the watery hope in his eyes
under the empty moonlight is only when he cries

(chorus) Marty just sings
                  sing Marty sing
                  if he could just fly up away
                  where would he go
                  he will never know
                  so Marty mourns the sun
                  and he mourns the moon...

tired wings reach for broken sky
but do we ever really know how high
the blue will go 'til it fades away
into your dreams some will say


Monday, October 17, 2016

Monkey Around

© 2016 Mark Cote

(chorus) I wanna monkey around
                  monkey around
                  it's true
                  I wanna monkey around
                  monkey around
                  it's true
                  you're the best monkey around so
                  I wanna monkey around with you

swinging around tree to tree
not a care in the world flying so free
in this jungle out here
looking at you looking at me

grabbing tails you and me
we're going ape can't you see
I'll share my banana if you swing my way
we can go crazy honey hey hey hey


when the sun dips to the sea
on a treetop you and me
monkey business seems so right
smiling moon starlit night


Monday, October 10, 2016

Ghost In Your Own Life

© 2016 Mark Cote

pretend friends temporary towns
if they get to you you play the clown
Monday smiles on Thursday face
perfume of green but just a trace

(chorus) you better run to tomorrow
                  slip back to the past
                  nothing in the now is bound to last
                  you better run to tomorrow
                  slip back to the past
                  just a ghost in your own life
                  and stranger days

if you wanna take this trip with me
it's gonna be a bumpy ride
many things that don't make sense
it will mess with your mind


out here in our own little world
got you by my side
if we're having too much fun
let them run and hide


Monday, October 3, 2016

Supercenter Save Mart

© 2016 Mark Cote

In a cold unknown small town
in the middle of nowhere
mom and dad's little hometown shop
it used to be right there
in the pit of my stomach
I knew something's not right
I applied for work and humbled myself
and went out of sight

twisted smiles in the hallways
I hope you're doing well
rats scurrying all around
looking for items they could sell
scripted words they told me to say
colors from someone's night
in the shadows of clouded minds
I can feel them say

(chorus) Welcome to the supercenter save mart
                  such a shallow face
                  such a frantic pace
                  everyone's worked at the supercenter save mart
                  many things you fear
                  you can find them here

ones are ivory gifted
at the cost of those
who are just trying to make it by
but they don't know
cutting out their hours
still making them sweat
life burns them like an ember
still they choose to forget

anything that can happen
they'll tell you it's fine
it is all just tainted now
until the end of time
and still those spirits will haunt me from yesterday
a darkened part of my life
where I heard them say


bosses on the ceiling
omnipresent eyes
we are all just prisoners here
but we're not that wise
in executive silence
under all the fluff
they add all that they made
but they just can't make enough

sometime in November
I was where I was before
was I looking out or looking in
was this the same old store
but alas said the boss man
this is only a dream
you can clock out anytime you like
but you can never leave

Monday, September 12, 2016

Little Boy

© 2016 Mark Cote

The smile she feels
the side you see
never seen by you
little girl inside
no longer hides
her love is true
little boy

she outgrew you
and all the games
children play
to hold you down
she wore a frown
not anymore
little boy

(chorus) little boy
                  do you miss her kiss
                  wonder who she's with
                  little boy
                  little boy
                  do you gaze in wonder
                  the spell she's under
                  little boy do you miss her
                  'cause she's sure not missing you

pick up your toys
and turn away
another playground
another day
what would your mama say
little boy


Monday, September 5, 2016

On The Wild Side Of NYC

© 2016 Mark Cote

I plant my feet
neon lights
living streets
and the rush of the chaos flying down 42nd street
you smell the air
the gusts of what is going down
so much to take in
for a boy from a smaller town

(chorus) NYC
                  on the wild side of NYC
                  anything goes in NYC
                  it may shock you
                  it may open your eyes
                  it might tame you
                  show another side
                  anything goes
                  anything goes
                  anything goes...
                  anything goes on the wild side of NYC

pan handlers
and streets of desire
ones who lost out
fat cat just gets higher
nose scratchers and street actors and all the sites
the one with the gun
the girls who sell the night


on the wild side of NYC
anything goes in NYC
it may shock you
it may open your eyes
it might tame you
show another side

anything goes on the wild side
anything goes on the wild side
anything goes on the wild side

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sitting In Baggage Claim waiting For You

© 2016 Mark Cote

pretty lady I've got to know
so much of your shadows and inner glow
and you've read the many pages of me
let's write a chapter for the world to see

(chorus) sitting in baggage claim waiting for you
                  doing some thinking sipping mountain dew
                  sitting with the luggage watch the world go round
                  planes will land and off they flew
                  sitting in baggage claim waiting for you

around this world we've chased this dream
over the mountains and through the streams
like the sunrise chasing the night
the finish line is in our sights


and when these two worlds will meet
the colors we feel will taste so sweet
new flavor for brand new days
see you arrive out of the haze


Monday, August 8, 2016

Am I The Only One Who Wants To Have Fun

© 2016 Mark Cote

(chorus) Am I the only one who wants to have
                  Fun fun fun
                  In a sarcastic web cynics have spun
                  Am I the only one who wants to have
                  Fun fun fun
                  Let them live in their hate
                  Before it's too late
                  Am I the only one
                  Am I the only one
                  Am I the only one who wants to have fun

It's what we're here after
Though some can't see
Blinded aren't free
It'll only wear you down

It's ?how you use it
It can take you away
To a familiar place
If it has a happy vibe


Like no one is watching
The feeling is talking
Better than walking
Let it take you away


Monday, August 1, 2016

Through The Looking Glass

© 2016 Mark Cote

frozen sunshine in all it's glow
like a feather to the soul
blue pink and red over my head
good morning sunshine the bluebird said

people care and love is real
don't repress how you feel
not the world you once knew
in this world it all is new

(chorus) I want to go through the looking glass
                  where tomorrow is yesterday's past
                  where the air is clean and rainbows last
                  I want to go through
                  through the looking glass

so take a walk here with me
last year is now a mystery
the future has much better days
as we pass through yester-haze


Monday, July 25, 2016

When You Thought You Were Safe

© 2016 Mark Cote

paisley boy
plantation fields
felt something wasn't real
so he made it real

purple dream
transistor trees
heard music but it didn't feel
so he made it feel

(chorus) when you thought
                  you were safe
                  the doves would cry
                  when you thought you were safe
                  the riddles untied
                  when you thought
                  you were safe
                 when you thought
                  you were safe

open eyes
poisoned skies
truth in what you speak
what do you seek

velvet world
sugared words
but is it really all that sweet
if they refuse to see


open eyes
yesterday's gone
now it's after eight
just a blinding fate

colors fade
notes un-played
the muse has taken flight
turn down the sun light


Monday, July 18, 2016

Try To Pick My Brain

© 2016 Mark Cote

Play music you think I like
sing along and hope I'll bite
you really don't know me at all
shaking the tree hoping I'll fall

sideways talk try to rile me up
hoping maybe I'll spill my cup
but what I drink is much more sweet
than the sour soul you drink and eat

(chorus) Good ole boy try to pick my brain
                  good ole boy are you insane
                  not gonna get fooled again
                  not gonna just make me bend
                  you're never going to derail this train
                  good ole boy try to pick my brain

with fake compassion you'll never know
the paths I've walked or where I go
so out of touch you are so far
like on the moon when I am the stars

why should I even trust in you
when all you want is what's best for you


Monday, July 11, 2016

Say It Like You Mean It

© 2016 Mark Cote

I know I tick you off
but sometimes I never know
If I should stay or if I should just go
so tell me you want me out of your life
and say it like you mean it

is the hunger that you feel
something real something true
the road ahead is forked
with or without you
convince me the path with you is sunny days
and say it like you mean it

(chorus) tell me what you see
                    when you're looking now at me
                    tell me do you feel it
                    tell me do you feel it
                    and say it like you mean it
                    say it like you mean it

kisses in the dark
walking in the park
seeing your eyes lit up by the moon
if you tell me you love me
I know it's not too soon
just say it like you mean it


Monday, July 4, 2016

Behind The Mask

© 2016 Mark Cote

the antiseptic eaves
the cathedral on Mars
willow strings
can't hide the scars

neon styles
and plastic smiles
the paper dolls
can't hide the bars

(bridge) holiday highs
                  and letting go lows
                  sometimes you never know
                  you never know

(chorus) behind the veil
                   behind the mask
                   what you don't know
                   you never ask
                   what demons or tears hide
                   behind the mask

sky-fall flies
to embered skies
the honeymoon
not quite that sweet


Monday, June 27, 2016

Lookin' For The Summer

© 2016 Mark Cote

(chorus) Summer
                     lookin' for the summer
                     lookin' for the summer

summer breeze blows in the air
tell my boss he can find me there
hey girl, let's give up the fight
come with me we can start tonight


back when the music took us away
to a mountain stream or 'Frisco bay
the air was sweet and so were we
we were so young we were so free


but there's no surf out on the sea
without the love of you and me
come on baby let's start again
come on baby and take my hand


Monday, June 20, 2016

Don't Get Me Started

© 2016 Mark Cote

when in the South
well shut your mouth
don't let the good 'ole boys
get to you

when traveling west
do your best
put on your shades
but don't you
look at the sun

(chorus) don't get me started
                  how we departed
                  now the winds will blow
                  wherever I go
                  and now I know
                  now I know
                  just don't get me started

the warmth up north
the heat that you feel
but is it really
what you believe?

into the dark you carry the light
but into the light you carry the night
you can never
run from you


the nightmare
the dream
you can never scream
and willow tears dry
in the sun


Monday, June 13, 2016

I Never Believed It Until You

© 2013 Mark Cote

She was a lady
long midnight hair
and my heart just knew
her smile would take me there

jasmine blossoms
like love it filled the room
my boyhood dreams
were about to come true

(chorus) and I never dreamed..
                  it would happen to me
                  the one I dreamed about
                  is here loving me
                  they can say to you
                  your dreams will come true
                  but I never believed it until you

secretly this love
lived only in my mind
we lived to far
she could never be mine

what I didn't know
was what she thought of me
never underestimate
the power of meant to me


Monday, June 6, 2016

The Things That You Do

© 2016 Mark Cote

wash the stripes from my shirt
take the bars off my heart
how do you do
the things that you do?

the storm clouds away
it's strawberry days
now the skies are blue with
the things that you do

(chorus) and yes it's true
                  the things that you do
                  nobody else
                  compares the wonder of you
                  and it's true
                  yes you
                  with the things
                  with the things
                  the things that you do

put the beat in the song
let it play
all night long
to the tempo of dew
and the things that you do


(spoken bridge) well here we are
                                 dancing head over feet
                                 and I feel that it is like a mirage
                                 when the words taste sweeter
                                 than an ice cream cone
                                 and the dream is growing large


Monday, May 23, 2016

Shake It Up Get Down

© 2013 Mark Cote

she sets the cold on fire
like a bird on a  wire

she whets my appetite
she's like dynamite

(chorus) you've got to
                  you've got to
                  you've got to
                  go up
                  turn around
                  shake it up get down
                  go up
                  turn around
                  shake it up get down
                  go up
                  turn around
                  shake it up get down
                  for me.......

she's a young man's dream
her moves' a mystery

each night a sight to see
she's just out of my reach


Monday, May 16, 2016

So Blue

© 2016 Mark Cote

(chorus) If I'm so happy why am I so blue
                  so blue
                  though the sun is shining so blue
                  it's true
                  if I'm so happy why am I so blue

through the week not much to say
just do my bit then drive away
though I found you and you found me
most of my time working in complacency


all the weekends filled with you
I can be me, walls breaks through
like a part of me I never knew
I see in your eyes you feel it too


wish our time was all we had
than days apart it makes me sad
so contrasting colors and shades of grey
I wonder why I have to say


Monday, May 9, 2016

Blissful Ignorance

© 2016 Mark Cote

hamster on circus wheel
starring at the stars
wonder where to go
wonder just how far
and oh....
it's a sunny day
when the birds would sing
and the bees would play

lizard scale a serpent's grin
smiling oh so proud
never will it end
if they don't know what it's all about
and oh....
it's a sunny day
when the birds would sing
and the bees would play

(chorus) bliss...ful ignorance
                  the sweetness of the sand
                  the skeleton hands
                  an upside down sun
                  will they know when it's begun
                  or will they only know
                  blissful ignorance

horses on the carousel
talk among themselves
never even will they know
when there's nothing left
and oh....
it's a sunny day
when the birds would sing
and the bees would play


Monday, May 2, 2016

What More Do You Want from Me?

© 2016 Mark Cote

spent years at the bottom
and I found myself
but for years now I wonder
what more of me is left

still the same old shoes
as I twist my neck
with this new perspective
I no longer can connect

(chorus) I'm down on the floor
                  I'm down on my knees
                  you've already brought me down
                  what more do you want from me
                  should I see something more
                  what more could I see
                  life already brought me down
                  what more do you want from me

learned to walk alone
and hold my light
when no one reached out
I held on tight
something in me
I found to believe
religion for some
so much more I perceive


Monday, April 25, 2016

When I Close My Eyes Forever

© 2016 Mark Cote

Gentle winds
a cloudy day
but still perfume fills the air

felt the rose
without the thorns
saw the sun without the glare

and when Saint Peter sees me smile
he'll know your love made it worthwhile

(chorus) when I close my eyes forever
                  I want you on my mind
                  when I close my eyes forever
                  to the darkness I'll be blind
                  always you're on my mind
                  when I close my eyes forever

when days grow short
and nights grow long
I won't fear what lies ahead

in my heart
you'll play the song
with thoughts of "I love you"s in my head


the life I lived
was partially full
but wouldn't change it if I could

I walked the steps
that led to you
in my silence you understood

and when Saint Peter sees me smile
he'll know your love made it worthwhile


Monday, April 18, 2016

Trust Is Built A Little Bit At A time

© 2016 Mark Cote

touching the burner
you felt the heat
but a heart that feels
still can heal
all a bit of learning for you and me
trust is built a little, bit at a time

when the one you loved
has went away
nothign you can do
nothing you can say
don't close your eyes
to a better day
trust is built a little, bit at a time

(chorus) trust is built a little bit
                  bit at a time
                  when you learn to leave the past behind
                  when the pain in your heart
                  won't keep you blind
                  love is built a little bit
                  bit at a time

out of the darkness
and into the light
the ripples subside
and a soul takes flight
just be true to
who you can be
trust is built a little, bit at a time


Monday, April 11, 2016

A Bit of Insincerity

© 2016 Mark Cote

I see a sea of smiles and hear a flood of how are you's
I'm just wondering which part of it all is true

and while you speak all about the way it all should be
I just wonder how much you practice what you preach

(chorus) Goodbye clueless hospitality
                  at least to me you're no more mystery
                  is that really you whose trying to get to me
                  well I smell a bit of insincerity

black and white
ain't so bright
when all you see is grey
the words you shout
aren't so loud
when you have nothing to say
so is it true
who are you
who are you today


plastic love can sometimes seem so real
but deep within is it how you really feel

candy hearts do they really taste so sweet
when you are sweeping them up at your feet


Monday, April 4, 2016


© 2016 Mark Cote

Got the call today
I hope you're sitting down
the one you loved
is not around
what you didn't know
now is real
lost in the wind
is how you feel

hard to relate
feel so alone
the wrong words
and the wrong tones
what's done is done
can't you see
as I pick up
what's left of me

(chorus) hearts.... keep on breaking
                  hearts.... are you forsaking
                  hearts.... keep pretending
                  hearts.... keep on bending
                  when it's real what's inside
                  it's your heart you are mending

find something in you
you know is true
and let it grow
wash over you
best it heals
what's broke inside
than retreat to
the depths of cold you'll hide


Monday, March 28, 2016

Monochrome People

© 2016 Mark Cote

In a world that just obsess
on the short mundane
I try to do my best
not to simply go insane

scripted speech without a heart
vanish in the mist
without the depth
and for me
they do not exist

(chorus) Monochrome people
                  can't see the colors of the world
                  monotone people
                  can't hear the passion in a word
                  when a gentle touch is what you seek
                  monochrome people can not be found

plastic trees that now grow
from the seeds that we sow
hollow branch cannot hold
a heavy heart or so I'm told


in a forest of metal worlds
that don't absorb the sun
running someone else's race
a race that can't be won


inverted views
I can't relate
while they obsess
I meditate
what saddens me
they cannot see
or is it just
their destiny


Monday, March 21, 2016

Forgotten Hero

© 2016 Mark Cote

He saved the world before you were born
touched the souls of so many more
but the times have changed it's not the same
what's wrong is right It's such a shame

plastic Gods and virtual worlds
behind a whisper it's never heard
what brings us close keeps us apart
do we really know where we are?

(chorus) He's just a forgotten hero
                  forgotten hero
                  what you see isn't how it should be
                  He's just a forgotten hero
                  forgotten hero

boil a frog a bit at a time
he'll never know everything's not fine
and so too are we
in our blind simplicity


we need to open our eyes and see again
find our way or is this the end


Monday, March 14, 2016

Out Of The Blue

© 2016 Mark Cote

when the day is cold and frightening
I think of you and it's so enticing
the work I do won't excite me
as holding you on those summer nights

and baby it's true
it's just the things that you do
life may throw everything in the way
but think of you and it's a summer day

(chorus) Out of the blue
                  how did I know it was you
                  turned my head when you looked at me
                  like a lightning bolt shooting through
                  you hit me
                  out of the blue

I was 'bout to swim where no one finds me
you cast right out and pulled me in
what I want or what I needed
either way its' you

and baby it's true
it's just the things that you do
life may throw everything in the way
but think of you and it's a summer day


Monday, March 7, 2016

A Better Me

© 2016 Mark Cote

strangers always ask me
how I feel
do they realize
the words aren't me
people high on disillusion
can never tell right from wrong
people lost in their confusion
dreams that won't last for long

people coldly passing
on the street
only reaching out
on a screen
in all this infatuation
just so they are blind
I found the realization
only few will find

they will never see
so just let
them be

(chorus) molding
                  so many colors like the sea
                  letting it take over me
                  a better me....

bloody mud is melting
off my feet
as the world grows bigger
 than I see
it was just a mis-perception
looking through others eyes
now just a recollection
years like that can make you blind

if they will never see
then just let
them be


Monday, February 29, 2016

Everybody Gets A Turn

© 2016 Mark Cote

danced on a Valentine
ones eyes were open
ones eyes were blind
naive love and the fox is sly

never asked when you went out
with your friends you would shout
at home I would stay
while you went around and do to this day

(chorus) everybody gets a
                  turn turn turn
                  everybody gets a turn
                  in time you're gonna get
                  burned burned burned
                  but everybody gets a turn
                  like a doorknob
                  everybody gets a turn

                  she used to be mine
                  used to be fine
                  but the words I heard
                  but in time I learned
                  like a doorknob
                  everybody gets a turn


here I am sitting in this bar
wondering where on Earth you are
maybe with Bob and Mary
maybe with Sue and Carl


Monday, February 22, 2016

Delusions Of Grandeur

© 2016 Mark Cote

big box compassion
the browning of a nose
if a heart beats within
it really never shows

blinded by greed
and the lust of it all
couldn't care if you trip
or care if you fall

(chorus) delusions of grandeur
                  is all that he sees
                  to put you down
                  makes him feel free
                  delusions of grandeur
                  will leave you alone
                  when no ones around
                  and your heart's made of stone

make up for something
he's lacking within
fighting a battle
he will never win

his mirror is cracked
we see through it all
we pity the fool
who didn't see the fall


Monday, February 15, 2016

Paint In The Shadows

© 2016 Mark Cote

colored suit
walks darkened halls
the irony of it all
dance and sing in his silence
always seeking out the kindness
is it lost
like a treasure map he can't find
lost in time
spilled like paint
in the shadows

poetic slumbers
an empty mind
of tomorrows I left behind
with a jagged pen and Joker's grin
scratch the coffin I'm buried in
and the words
like rainbows to the blind
never mind
spilled like paint
in the shadows

deeper roots
a shallow grave
withered flowers where they lay
did I really make a difference
hoots the owl in the distance
in the end
we all lie there alone
cold as stone
just like paint in the shadows

future's child
looks back in time
like some old forgotten rhyme
worship hymns of a Beatle
threading love with a needle
but the point
that remains to this day
won't go away
light the paint in the shadows

Monday, February 8, 2016

Flying Under The Radar

© 2016 Mark Cote

the arms that work
the hands that feel
meet shallow goals
with no appeal

a lonely heart
longs to be free
flows out in words

(chorus) soaring the skies
                  as high as a dream
                  knowing the depths
                  and all that it means
                  all the while
                  finding who you are
                  still he's flying
                  under the radar

what he writes
is of himself
people connect
to how he felt

but what he strives
goes unseen
does he write for you
does he bleed for me


all he is
ink from a pen
paints just where
past future's blend

if nothing's left
but an empty quill
forever remains
the words he spilled


Monday, February 1, 2016

Diamonds On The Inside

© 2016 Mark Cote

New York attitude
from what she's been through
once a girl with starry eyes
fell to a life she could not cry

shadowed alleys
and empty roads
can bleed a heart
and drain a soul

(chorus) she's not cold as a stone
                  she doesn't want to be all alone
                  and in the shyness that she hides
                  she wears diamonds on the inside
                  she may be lost but can be found
                  if you listen for the sound
                  if you can see the distant shine
                  of her diamonds on the inside

dark glasses that she wears
hides tears looking out
hides tomorrow looking in
if the world says you'll lose
tell yourself you can win

shadowed alleys
and empty roads
can bleed a heart
and drain a soul


lost in the grey of here and now
shines her glow that just wants out
but now sees the world with so much doubt
whispered screams cry so loud


Monday, January 25, 2016

Random Thoughts

© 2016 Mark Cote

molasses words don't pierce the night
and the turn you take is not the right
but is a spark of gold as bright
as a pure glow of heart-felt white

mystic writes with future's pen
how far ahead I know not when
whisper softly songs to you
is it green or is it blue

(chorus) just random thoughts
                  a scattered mind
                  random things I left behind
                  random thoughts
                  roads up ahead
                  just random thoughts inside my head

the walrus asks Poe to dance
if the clouds will go he'll take a chance
the shadows hide under the bed
dreams so far above his head


Monday, January 18, 2016

Where Are You Going Mr. Jones?

© 2016 Mark Cote

where are you going Mr Jones
are you welcomed or all alone
as we look out from our stone
man who fell to earth is home
ah ah ah

spiders from Mars are all around
like stardust that can't be bound
In your cloud you wear a crown
is the sand red or is it brown
ah ah ah

coalescing is so distressing
where you are
the collective love
will heal your scars.....


where are you going Mr. Jones
starman ripples words and tones
and robot sounds now are cloned
I hope we learned what you had shown

coalescing is so distressing
where you are
the collective love
will heal your scars.....

where are you going Mr Jones?
where are you going Mr Jones?
where are we going......


Monday, January 11, 2016

The Man With One Squeaky Shoe

© 2016 Mark Cote

people nod like they're your friend
their "how are you's" are just pretend
for in the shadows they never knew
walks the man with one squeaky shoe

On a hot August night
while moonlit hearts bask in the light
his memory tears hide out of sight
cries the man with one squeaky shoe

(chorus) maybe he will
                  maybe he won't
                  get past the clouds where he goes
                  for the waxy shine of the love he knew
                  is in each step of his squeaky shoe


the doubts he has hold him back
from giving love he can't get back
if she's pure if she's true
she'll love the man with one squeaky shoe


Monday, January 4, 2016

I'm Gonna Divorce This Town

© 2015 Mark Cote

it always felt wrong
I never belonged
though where I was born
my heart longs for more
passive aggressive gets me down
I'm gonna divorce this town

if I can ever escape
ever get away
no rear view mirror
my future looks clearer
than oppressed depressed silent sounds
I'm gonna divorce this town

(chorus) this town
                  this one horse town
                  before the sun goes down
                  I'm gonna divorce this town
                  this town
                  this one horse town
                  you can place your bets
                  I won't regret
                  I'm gonna divorce this town

there's nothing to do
hoots the owl
they roll up the streets
when the sun goes down
when you live in nothing
nothing's all you find
but it won't get me down
I'm gonna divorce this town


keep dreams to yourself
not say how you feel
it's not for me
the way of life they lead
in alcohol sorrows drown
I'm gonna divorce this town