Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunrise In The Desert

© 2012 Mark Cote

ones without perspective
follow the cold objective
from those who stand tall
smile at you while they make you small

the birds cry into the night
why are they blue..oo..oo..oo

thoughts of a drone collective
could not be so objective
subtle blood no one knows
for in their eyes they see their nose

the birds cry into the night
why are they blue..oo..oo..oo

(chorus)  and the sunrise in the desert
                  built by grains of sand
                  sunrise in the desert
                  dirty money dirty hands
                  sunrise in the desert
                  illusions of promised lands

hind-sighted inspirations
and acts of desperation
won't stop the hands of time
whether you whether me

and the birds cry into the night
why are they blue..oo..oo..oo

life in aggravation
double-talking frustration
clouded minds walk along
life is such a simple song

the birds cry into the night
why are they blue..oo..oo..oo


Monday, November 18, 2013

Love Or Money

© 2013 Mark Cote

My heart is deep
you know it's true
but is that depth
what is meant for you

shiny cars
and caviar
is that more of who you really are

(chorus)  ain't it funny
                  ain't it funny
                  to make a choice of love or money
                  if you have to choose at all
                  it was never really there at all
                  ain't it odd
                  ain't it strange
                  no matter how you rearrange
                  never make a choice of love or money

I may not be smart
but one thing I know
if I had to choose
I'd only let it go

to make it work
to make it through
it takes more than love or money of one but two


the gold won't hold
you in the night
or dry your tears
from the fears you fight

but it can bring
a short mirage
if that's all you want then there you are


Monday, November 11, 2013

That Times Two

© 2013 Mark Cote

the bird that sings
his sweet happy sound
the music I feel
when you come around

how morning feels
when the sun kissed the dew
your warmth I feel
is that times two

(chorus)  but when I'm sad
                  I'm so so sad
                  when I'm blue
                  I'm so so blue
                  to make me happy
                  when I don't have you
                  feels like nothing
                  the world could do
                  to bring me up
                  I haven't a clue
                  it's just like that
                  like that times two

the open eyes
of a newborn fawn
and shooting stars
until they're gone

make a wish
I hope it comes true
a light in my sky
like that times two


you are my wish
I knew it came true
forever yours
and that times two

Monday, November 4, 2013

Seattle Sunrise

© 2013 Mark Cote

she'd take Seattle if she could
that life she understood
than the life of a simple man
the life of who I am

it's not the world that she had chose
but fated winds had blown
like a gypsy soul
with nowhere else to go

(chorus)  one day
                  here's my wish for you
                  I hope your dream comes true
                  and you find your way home
                  I know
                  you feel so all alone
                 don't let it turn your heart to stone
                  and your skies will turn to blue
                  in a Seattle sunrise

she'd take Seattle anytime
so much more there she could find
not the quiet world I know
not the nowhere here to go

lost now in a distant maze
so few choices so many ways
hold keys to an unlocked cage
through all the rainy days


blinded eyes must see again
can a willow branch still bend
is honesty just pretend
and will it ever end