Monday, November 28, 2016

Agree To Disagree

© 2012 Mark Cote

I don't blame you
for acting or saying what you do
we all have a different point of view
who am I to say what is right or wrong

what do you favor
a single scoop or a double dip
what kind of drink is it that you sip
we all taste the world a different way

(chorus) agree to disagree
                  you mean much more to me
                  like that
                  agree to disagree
                  seems it has to be
                  like that
                  when friendship means more than views
                  agree to disagree
                  with me

It doesn't matter
who or why it is you're thinking of
as long as it fills your heart with love
we all dance to a different song


Monday, November 21, 2016

Our First Christmas

© 2016 Mark Cote

tomorrow lady and yesterday man
walking today
walking hand in hand
looking forward she builds up his dreams
and all of his anguish she knows what it means

(chorus) our first Christmas
                  not the gifts we're sharing
                  it's the way that we're caring
                  you're a gift to me
                  I'm a gift to you

summer snowflakes melt a hardened heart
turning teardrops to a work of art
and she don't care that his life's been scarred
she just says "I love you how you are"


she's got her baggage she's been there before
that chapter has ended
she's opened the door
together they'll learn
to look for the fun
on this ride of life
before it's all done


Monday, November 14, 2016

Souvenir Tears

© 2016 Mark Cote

(chorus) What is that she's wearing
                  it's a chain of souvenir tears
                  What is that she's wearing
                  it's a chain of souvenir tears
                  so how did she collect them
                  she got them through the years

she started out so pretty
oh, and trusting everyone
but a doormat will get dirty
and the footprints are no fun
so she gathered up her tears
 she gathered up every one


holding onto sorrow
can turn a heart to stone
not a road to follow
you'll always walk alone
she just wanted someone to hold her
and call her on the phone

walking in the shadows
You'll always feel outdone
under her umbrella
she's looking for the sun
when the chain gets heavy
I hope she finally finds the one


Monday, November 7, 2016

Icicles Of Vine

© 2016 Mark Cote

On a road in the shadows
in an unmarked town
where whispering winds
make a haunting sound
treetops will sway
to a dance undefined
brooding in long
Icicles of vine

words go repeated
yesteryear today
nothing new to learn
so throw it all away
in the ripples of doubt
in the river of time
continue to feed
icicles of vine

(chorus) take your life without a sign
                     icicles of vine
                     wrapping little by little
                     so slight you cannot see
                     getting much colder
                     each step by one degree
                     icicles, icicles, icicles of vine

walking life in circles
or so it now may seem
but when eyes are open
the ending of a dream
reality is cold
it shivers up your spine
but never colder than
icicles of vine


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Encapsulated Tears

© 2016 Mark Cote

Did the sunlight
sting your eyes
did the night-time
chill your soul

is the bedroom
like a stranger
just a chamber
where dust will grow

and you must fly
and let it go
let it go
and fly away

(chorus) outgrow these tears
                  these encapsulated tears
                  outrun the years
                  of entrapsulated fears
                  when the windows you are looking through
                  are the walls of encapsulated tears

lovers whispers
are just paper
crumbled embers
in the snow

shadows walking
always backward
never forward
nowhere to go

and you must fly
and let it go
let it go
and fly away


is the flutter
now just water
the waterfalls
of yesterday

bluebird sings
song forgotten
has it really
been that long

and you must fly
and let it go
let it go
and fly away