Monday, September 14, 2015

On The Other Side Of The Night

© 2012 Mark Cote

Beyond the sun
away from everything that glitters
under the moon
I hear her song and it gives me shivers

love without a sound
caught me upside down
like a church bell it rings
dancing to it's beat
until the day we meet
until the day she wears my ring

(chorus) On the other side
                  on the other side of the night
                  the other side
                  on the flip side of the day
                  is where I'll find you
                  and you'll find me
                  over the land
                  and across the sea
                  if we have faith we'll see
                  on the other side of the night

dreams of you
can turn stormy grey skies to blue
how I feel
so happy with the silly things you do

every time I'm feelin' down
you always come around
and put a smile on my face
in the summer heat
you're always lookin' sweet
you stole my heart without a trace


Monday, September 7, 2015

Growing Out Of Myself

© 2015 Mark Cote

poet doing time
among the complacent and sublime
staring out in wonder
how souls refuse to use their mind

Sunday girl smiling
through weeks of Monday she is filing
her Saturdays away
and she dances all the while

(bridge) what is is about you about me
                  why is it about what we believe
                  I'm no better than you
                  you're no better than me

(chorus) growing out of myself
                  and into tomorrow
                  yesterday only brought me
                  rain clouds and sorrow
                  growing out of myself
                  and into you
                  for you found a part of me
                  that I never knew
                  growing out of myself
                  a new today

shooting starlight
that she bends out of the night
for ones who care to see
have rose from those with new insight