Sunday, November 26, 2017

Don't Ever Say That You Love Me

© 2013 Mark Cote

tell me that you miss me
every time that I am gone
tell me that you kiss me
in your dreams until dawn
you can say to me words tasting so sweet
just don't ever
just don't ever
say that you love me

you can tell me that my love
makes you ten feet tall
you tell me that you care
when no one cares at all
you tell me that the stars could never rise above me
just don't ever
just don't ever
say that you love me

(chorus) Love is a crazy word
                  seldom meant but often heard
                  I won't play that stupid game
                  If it ain't real just walk away
                  from me....

tell me that my face makes you light on your feet
tell me that my voice makes you weak in the knees
tell me that the doves call it destiny
just don't ever
just don't ever
say that you love me


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dancing Around Those Words Of Love

© 2013 Mark Cote

You know more 'bout me
than I do myself
when I'm feeling down
you knew how I felt

you know how I think
you know the clues
when I think of love
I think of you

why, can't we say those words
why, must they go unheard

(chorus) Dancing around those words of love
                  dancing around dancing around
                  Dancing around those words of love
                  when it is really what we're thinking of

I can feel you care
with what you say
every night to night
every day to day

you're that part of me
I never knew
together I know
we can make it thorough

why, can't we say those words
why, must they go unheard


Sunday, November 12, 2017

At The Burst Of Dawn

© 2013 Mark Cote

With each year the clock hastens it's pace
waving it's hands on a plastic face
all the plans of today seem to vanish without a trace

like a squirrel who runs on the ground
hides his meals to never be found
not even by him
in life's jungle gym
this tail-chasing world of sound

(bridge) in a moon rise
                  I find a firefly
                  I see her dance by
                  now I know why
                  it's the same

I sit and watch as the clouds roll by
every evening it's a painted sky
all the dreams of the day seem to swirl down a sunset drain

(chorus) and at the burst of the dawn
                  we are already gone
                  and we do it all over again
                  we never look back or cry
                  we don't worry why
                  we just hurry by just the same

summer me is still inside of you
if you see it it'll pull you through
when the days growing long
and the night's empty song
leaves you gasping with nothing to say


Sunday, November 5, 2017

8 Miles From The City Line

© 2017 Mark Cote

wondering eyes saw the glow
with so many dreams one may never know
he knew he didn't belong where he was
didn't know why but just because

8 miles to go

trying to be strong
they hear the music but don't sing the song
so many places I wanna go
wish I could hide inside my radio

8 more miles to go

(chorus) 8 miles from the city line
                  8 miles from the city line
                  8 miles is where I'll find
                  seems so close but so far away
                  maybe I'll get there some old day
                  doing what it takes to just get by
                  still I'm
                  8 miles from the city line


the ones I've been waiting for
kindred dreams where minds explore
a place where we speak the same
where it's not the same old game

8 miles to go

digging each day in the sand
living life for another's hand
sold short of what I could be
where ones who are blind mock ones who see

8 more miles to go