Monday, December 29, 2014

On A Sunday

© 2014 Mark Cote

Quiet writer
Talks to no one
sweeping up disrespect
sees it clearly
without merely
taking what is said

sees the future
sees the past
knows just where he's been
can't tell them
they don't hear him
when the sheep don't see the fence

(chorus) oh, but on a Sunday
                   he will write
                   on a Sunday
                   before the morning light
                   on a Sunday
                   he writes
                   subtle shades of black and white
                   and on a Sunday
                   he writes

lowered head
humbled wisdom
not supposed to let it show
painted people
painted smiles
with crayons of Acme gold

there's a blind man
cries in silence
as they just turn their heads
they don't hear him
they don't see him
never know just what was said


When the sorrow
makes you older
and makes you open your eyes
maybe one day
maybe a Sunday
maybe a Sunday you will write


Monday, December 22, 2014

NSA Is Coming To Town

© 2014 Mark Cote

(chorus) You better not pry
                   you better not doubt
                   you better not ask what I'm talking about
                   NSA is coming to town

you've made their list
you've made it there twice
you posted and said
and it wasn't so nice
NSA is coming to town

they see when you are spending
they know when you are broke
they're even in the banks you see
so you know this is no joke


they don't need warrants
they don't need guns
see the SUV it's too late to run
NSA is coming to town

with little black drones
that listen to you
Internet bugs and wire taps too
NSA is coming to town

the boys in NSA land will have a jubilee
they're gonna build a spy plane
one that you will never see


they see you when you are driving
they know when you are home
I feel a bit beside myself
'cause I know I'm not alone


Monday, December 15, 2014

Wait For It... Wait For It... I Love You

© 2012 Mark Cote

Take a walk with me down flowered lanes
where colors of nature feel the same
and they smile into our hearts

I know the way you feel about me
with the words you say and what I see
my message to you is just a start

(chorus) as long as the stars will shine
                  as long as the sky is blue
                  as long as the rains wash down over me and you
                  wait for it... wait for it... I love you

Ocean blue skies melt to sparkled night
your moon-glow eyes shining so bright
My heart speaks to you

I'm not a man of too many words
Don't want to say what you've already heard
but my love speaks the truth


When we think back to memory lane
those thoughts come back again and again
and eternally true

No summer flower could feel so new
not like the love I found in you
my sweet baby blue


Monday, December 8, 2014

What I Hear

© 2013 Mark Cote

Welcome to the real world
did you have a good time
underneath the shattered dreams
this is what you're gonna find

scraping to get by
can turn you upside down
humbled dreamer heart
sings a silent little sound
so low

(chorus) what I hear
                 conscience telling me
                 if you give up on trying
                 this is what you're gonna be
                 what I hear
                 though I keep it all inside
                 for I remember the days
                 I had to swallow my pride

shadows of the past
tell me where I've been
if just to remind me
of what not to do again

It's not about the road
just where it may lead
no more rear view nights
I just have to believe
in me


Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome To Tomorrow

© 2014 Mark Cote

Romeo waiting in courtyards
waiting for painted dolls
music flowing like perfume
Aladdin's carpet has stalled

life is a spiraling compass
never know where to go
soft is a budding flower
just waiting to unfold

(chorus) welcome
                  welcome to tomorrow
                  welcome to today

                  in this world spinning 'round
                 different face
                 same old clown
                 in this world spinning 'round
                 different state
                 same old town

                welcome to tomorrow
                welcome to today

summers can feel like winter
without love it's so cold
life can be so demanding
making a young girl look old

talking in plastic phrases
where is the world I had known
people acting like children
our world is just bought and sold


the future lies in our children
in the hope in their eyes
is it truth that we tell them
or sugar-coat them with lies