Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Not Me

© 2014 Mark Cote

emotional sand trap pulled me down
I used to wear a smile I wear a frown
but I know it's only locked up in my head
I know I only stumbled I'm not dead

clouded words said to me in vain
like a raincoat worn out in the rain
it didn't make me weak it made me strong
I'm not the same person since you've gone

(chorus)  and when the sun shines again my way
                  there's nothing you can do or you can say
                  for when I found that strength locked up in me
                  your negativity is lost out on the sea
                  It's not me
                  it's not me
                  it's not me

without happiness you feel blind
believing in yourself and you'll be fine
know the words I say are very true
because they worked for me they'll work for you


Monday, April 21, 2014

In This Duality

© 2014 Mark Cote

outside your mind walk with me
beyond the world we're told to see
where everything you think is real
peaceful love is all you feel
come along
come along

when a global SOS
so many souls don't pass the test
a chosen few and me and you
learn to live a life anew
come along
come along

(chorus) over the sunshine
                 over the night
                 wonders of the world now seem so right
                 in this duality
                 in this duality
                 now our eyes see it all so clear
                 stay right here
                 in this duality
                 in this duality

what we'll find on the other side
it's not about what's yours or what's mine
it's all left behind when we go
what remains is the love that we've shown
come along
come along

if it won't
help us grow
then we don't
wanna know
can't waste time on triviality


Monday, April 14, 2014


© 2014 Mark Cote

I'd been searching what seemed a lifetime
relenting she lives in my dreams
my heart made a sound
when you came around
Hoping you feel the same

I know you're stepping out on your own
but since we've met I just want you to know
my heart is for you
if it's me who you choose
if it's not may only love come to you

(chorus) heart flies
                sunny days
                don't fly away
                I'll never hold you down
                but blessed if you would stay...
                rainbow eyes
                look at me
                thought my heart was blind
                but now I see...

many souls that you can choose from
and may my words not scare you away
but I think I've found
I won't look around
'til you decide my heart will just wait

we all walk on this path alone
friends and lovers may come and go
you've touched my soul
even when I grow old
I'll remember that for all time


Monday, April 7, 2014

Bridled Butterfly

© 2014 Mark Cote

caged butterfly
who bleeds you of color
when once you soared
now you just flutter

Now a pale moth
curled on the floor
the key at your feet
will open the door (can you reach) (can you reach)

(chorus) tell me
                 tell me
                 can you find the strength
                 to escape a world
                 you were never meant
                 to be
                 bridled butterfly
                 tell me
                 tell me
                 Where yesterdays went
                 would they want
                 to see
                 a bridled butterfly

a boy can see
through stained window panes
the story unfold
and love it restrains

a TV show
that touches his heart
the plot oh too real
as she plays her part


(bridge) if he could
              wrap his heart around her
              she could fly
              she could fly
              she could fly
              if she knew
              she probably would
              but he just sighs
              he just sighs
              he just sighs