Monday, December 30, 2013

You Make Me Wanna Be Lonely

© 2013 Mark Cote

How are you
how are we
this is all that's left to be
half-hearted smiles
'cause we know where we've been
the bridge is burned
to not cross again
no no
I may be lonely
but I'd rather be lonely again

(chorus) You make me wanna be
                 you make me wanna be
                 you make me wanna be lonely
                 you make me wanna be lonely again

city girl
country boy
was I just your house boy
I learned in time
you're nice when you want
when you don't
you poke and taunt
no no
I'm not the only
you've made want to be lonely again


Crescent moon
smile on me
you knew this was meant to be
without a word
for we walk alone
taxi for one
on our way home
oh no
if love will be stony
I'd rather be lonely again


Monday, December 23, 2013

Hold The Hand Of Love

© 2012 Mark Cote

When you're down
and dreams aren't coming true
and the stars
no the stars don't shine for you
just remember
I am always there

when it's grey
and when you're feeling blue
you don't do
the things you used to do
think of me
 and the fun we would share

(chorus)  when you need
                  someone to see
                  when you need a friend
                  look to me
                  when you need
                  or want a hug
                  just hold the hand of love
                  when this world
                  has shaken you
                  I will comfort you
                  when your heart
                  needs a tug
                  just hold the hand of love

the weak hearts
are ones who will attack
this is it
the life you can't get back
 don't live it in despair


Monday, December 16, 2013

My Christmas Wish

© 2012 Mark Cote

I know the depth of Silent Night
I know how Christmas can be blue
'cause while I sit 'neath the mistletoe
I think of you

We used to sing Jingle Bells
and laugh the whole night through
so with snowman's tears I will wish
Merry Christmas to you

(chorus)  So Mr. Claus here is my wish for you
                  take these broken dreams I have
                  to the pole with you
                  maybe an elf or two can mend then right one day
                  and until that day
                  I will make it through some how
                  yes, until that day I will make it through some how


undelivered greeting card
un-shipped presents for you
Oh Holy Night I see the light
as angels they flew


Monday, December 9, 2013

A World Upside Down

© 2012 Mark Cote

diamonds and fries
seen through dreamer's eyes
in a world upside down

designer shirts
lay in sweaty dirt
never to be found

(bridge)  uncover tomorrow
                  see what it brings
                  butterfly girl
                  stretch your wings

(chorus)  world upside down
                  see the moon shining round
                  through the dark you'll find the sun
                  in a world upside down

sipping champagne
in glasses beer-stained
in a world upside down

is it worthwhile
behind a mimicked smile
solace of a frown


sparkled twilight
contrasting day and night
in a world upside down


Monday, December 2, 2013

Mystic In The Corner

© 2012 Mark Cote

No one sees the light 'til the darkness
'til the sadness
until all the love in their world comes falling down
But the mystic in the corner sees it all
sees the rise
sees the fall

reaching for love that pulls away
or runs astray
the doubt in your heart wears a thorny crown
from the mystic in the corner gives a clue
an objective view
knows love is true

(chorus)  Let your mind drift away
                  to bigger days
                  and bigger dreams
                  for the mystic in the corner
                  could be you
                  could be me

believe what you want to pull you through
to start anew
if it will give you piece of mind in trying times
from the mystic in the corner his virtue
beliefs come true
when you believe in you


Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunrise In The Desert

© 2012 Mark Cote

ones without perspective
follow the cold objective
from those who stand tall
smile at you while they make you small

the birds cry into the night
why are they blue..oo..oo..oo

thoughts of a drone collective
could not be so objective
subtle blood no one knows
for in their eyes they see their nose

the birds cry into the night
why are they blue..oo..oo..oo

(chorus)  and the sunrise in the desert
                  built by grains of sand
                  sunrise in the desert
                  dirty money dirty hands
                  sunrise in the desert
                  illusions of promised lands

hind-sighted inspirations
and acts of desperation
won't stop the hands of time
whether you whether me

and the birds cry into the night
why are they blue..oo..oo..oo

life in aggravation
double-talking frustration
clouded minds walk along
life is such a simple song

the birds cry into the night
why are they blue..oo..oo..oo


Monday, November 18, 2013

Love Or Money

© 2013 Mark Cote

My heart is deep
you know it's true
but is that depth
what is meant for you

shiny cars
and caviar
is that more of who you really are

(chorus)  ain't it funny
                  ain't it funny
                  to make a choice of love or money
                  if you have to choose at all
                  it was never really there at all
                  ain't it odd
                  ain't it strange
                  no matter how you rearrange
                  never make a choice of love or money

I may not be smart
but one thing I know
if I had to choose
I'd only let it go

to make it work
to make it through
it takes more than love or money of one but two


the gold won't hold
you in the night
or dry your tears
from the fears you fight

but it can bring
a short mirage
if that's all you want then there you are


Monday, November 11, 2013

That Times Two

© 2013 Mark Cote

the bird that sings
his sweet happy sound
the music I feel
when you come around

how morning feels
when the sun kissed the dew
your warmth I feel
is that times two

(chorus)  but when I'm sad
                  I'm so so sad
                  when I'm blue
                  I'm so so blue
                  to make me happy
                  when I don't have you
                  feels like nothing
                  the world could do
                  to bring me up
                  I haven't a clue
                  it's just like that
                  like that times two

the open eyes
of a newborn fawn
and shooting stars
until they're gone

make a wish
I hope it comes true
a light in my sky
like that times two


you are my wish
I knew it came true
forever yours
and that times two

Monday, November 4, 2013

Seattle Sunrise

© 2013 Mark Cote

she'd take Seattle if she could
that life she understood
than the life of a simple man
the life of who I am

it's not the world that she had chose
but fated winds had blown
like a gypsy soul
with nowhere else to go

(chorus)  one day
                  here's my wish for you
                  I hope your dream comes true
                  and you find your way home
                  I know
                  you feel so all alone
                 don't let it turn your heart to stone
                  and your skies will turn to blue
                  in a Seattle sunrise

she'd take Seattle anytime
so much more there she could find
not the quiet world I know
not the nowhere here to go

lost now in a distant maze
so few choices so many ways
hold keys to an unlocked cage
through all the rainy days


blinded eyes must see again
can a willow branch still bend
is honesty just pretend
and will it ever end


Monday, October 28, 2013

Anywhere But Here

© 2013 Mark Cote

Many is the time
we walk backwards in between
never seen the sides
or know just what they mean
but anywhere is better
than being so unsure
anywhere will get you
where you've not been yet before
anywhere but here

listening to the words
of heads stuck in the sand
smiling for the ones
who hold your life now in their hand
but anywhere is better
than being someone's tool
anywhere will get you
off this ship of blinded fools
anywhere but here

(chorus)  anywhere but here
                  can it really be so bad
                  anywhere but here
                  with dreams I've never had
                 anywhere but here


often dreams are bled
from a smaller town
cold and unsaid
and lying underground
but anywhere is better
than nowhere here to go
anywhere I bet you
will find your place to go
anywhere but here


Monday, October 21, 2013

Sand In An Hourglass

© 2013 Mark Cote

you measure your smile
by some sense of wealth
some abstract sign
of your mental health

you measure your style
by something you're not
for a tail that is chased
never gets caught

(chorus)  but in the bitter end
                  in this life we pretend
                  it shall all come to pass
                  and in the end it never lasts
                  we're just sand
                  sand in an hourglass

the hands that you shake
the ones you befriend
they may only be
a passing trend

the tears that you drink
the smoking cigar
won't represent
the who that you are


you can't read a book
if you don't write it down
with no common sense
the wisdom of clowns

the jokes of lies
that fly like leaves
are all swallowed up
by those who believe


Monday, October 14, 2013

All About You

© 2013 Mark Cote

it's what it is about
the sun shines 'cause of
when my clouded sky world slips away before your eyes
it's all about you

it's all about
and the world revolves around
never mind the underpinnings are falling down
when it's all about you
yeah you


and everything that you do
yeah you
may never notice when I am gone
if the light only shines on
yeah you


the love in a vacuum is
the warmth once shown now melts away
but the cold you'll hold is
yeah you

Monday, October 7, 2013


© 2013 Mark Cote

strangers know your name
costumes all the same
as you bleed of past regrets

mask says glad you came
it's a repetitious game
and a life you can't forget

(chorus)  as life goes slipping by
                  always asking why
                  why the path in life has changed
                  as you rearrange
                  and now always asking why
                  why the dreams you had have died
                  and all you ask is why

little boy had dreams
only in his teens
a road now through the vast unknown

on a fated night
a drunkard took his sight
on a dark and lonely road

now what would he do
little boy dreams fell through
he was only walking home


hours that clock yesterday
won't melt memories away
all one can do is go on

It can tear you all apart
if you look deep in his heart
so he hides within the pink and purple dawn


Monday, September 30, 2013

Come Back Around

© 2013 Mark Cote

When bridled words tell you no
and flowered paths show nowhere to go
come around...
come back around

on a sunny day I'm looking down
I'm just a footprint on the ground
come around...
come back around

(chorus)  In this cold
                  all I hold
                  is a memory of you and of me
                  and the warmth of what once used to be
                  all I know
                  all I hold
                  as you are looking down I plea
                  come around...
                  come back around

empty faces smile worker bees
in a world I don't want to be
come around...
come back around

on this endless sea with no map
in my heart all I feel is a gap
come around...
come back around


every crowd makes me feel lost
losing you was a cost
come around...
come back around


Monday, September 23, 2013

Those Games

© 2013 Mark Cote

life in repetition
without definition
and the nothingness that they seek

it all looks so peculiar
sing your hallelujah
and a blind man walks the street

(chorus)  every summer it is raining
                  every fall is out of breath
                  and the games that we are playing
                  as winter shows the sun
                  and the games that we are playing
                  those games have now begun
                  those games have now begun

silent prophet working
while the world keeps on turning
thoughtful words seem to go unseen

drive intimidation
and covert hue persuasion
do you know what it is that I mean


lonely hearted fools
play by another's rules
what goes on inside their head

brainwashed breathing tools
who march another's rules
and may end up simply dead


tasty drink you're drinking
eating without thinking
as you slowly lose your mind

friends who really hate ya
in the sooner or the later
make you doubt what you might find


Monday, September 16, 2013

In The Ever After

© 2013 Mark Cote

Now the party has ended
people scatter to who knows where
the doorman coughs
but he don't show
his anguish is always there

now the church bells are ringing
politicians on their pay TV
no one cares
they just stare
how the game is shown to be

(chorus)  Where...
                  where will I find the light
                  where I know it's right
                  where are the ones I've known
                  where did they go
                  are they here
                  or in the ever after
                  when I can just fit in
                  and I can find a friend
                  will it be in time
                  in the ever after

the schoolhouse now stands empty
a symbol of what life used to be
the sidewalks are bare
people go nowhere
it's all done virtually

social conditioned people
never question what's right or wrong
do what their told
buy what is sold
not a place where I belong


I've been feeling introspective
your secret's safe right here with me
a heart won't tell
for I know it well
the world that I have seen


Monday, September 9, 2013

Cardboard Towers

© 2013 Mark Cote

lying on the floor with scores of yesterday
turtle paced hours and flip-book days

silver-threaded father time
what is it that you design
with visions seen through past's eyes
how do you see what tomorrow lies

(chorus)  tell me tell me
                  what's the plan
                  for simple sons of prophets
                  and simple sons of man
                  tell me tell me
                  where will it lead
                  from painted cardboard towers
                  and blindfolded roads of greed

until the dawn of morning light
the flower doesn't know if it is right
the winding river never knows
in the moment she only flows


disrespectful respectable job
tailor-made penguin is still a slob
when thoughts are smiles left far behind
life is sweet not the wine


Monday, September 2, 2013

Silent Apology

© 2013 Mark Cote

leeching the life that's left inside of me
unarmed to help but my friends they see
watching me fall
watching me fall

quicksand world now engulfing me
sand in my eyes I can no longer see
to watch myself fall
watch me fall

(chorus)  silent apology for the choice I made
                  silent apology upon my grave
                  what it feeds it pleads
                  a memory
                  silent apology's what's left of me

bleeding the feelings I want to show
into the night is where they go
for retail man I play my part
for public eyes my heavy heart
watching me fall
watching me fall


into my eyes I'm looking down
my life dissolving without a sound
and after the fall
after it all


Monday, August 26, 2013

My Mad Hatter

© 2013 Mark Cote

Siamese cat with a wicked hat
riding a black dog
through sunny dark nights
sweet hooka filled fog

downwardly up don't know where it's at
in this mystical tea
a laughing green owl with eyes to my soul
is looking at me

and I wish, wish you were here
my, my mad hatter
yes I wish, wish you were here
my, my mad hatter

Changing the channel changing the lane
it all feels so strange
dawning from night a little bird sings
we all end up the same

and I wish, wish you were here
my, my mad hatter
yes I wish, wish you were here
my, my mad hatter

(chorus)  as swiftly as they go
                  as swiftly as they come
                  when it's beginning
                  it's coming undone
                  sometimes life is not what it seems
                  sleeping in the day
                  living in a dream
                  looking through the riddle
                  magic in the middle
                  and it's all about you
                  my, my mad hatter


chocolate river and sweet salty air
I taste and I see
growing much younger but feeling so old
floating downstream

and I wish, wish you were here
my, my mad hatter
yes I wish, wish you were here
my, my mad hatter


Monday, August 19, 2013

Without Love

© 2011 Mark Cote

Cynical tongue can't taste the sweet
sweet offered to them at their feet
better the sour of suspicious minds
better to leave them all behind

(chorus)  Without love
                  the flower cries
                  without love
                  a sole heart dies
                  without love
                  at my feet
                  without love
                  we never meet

afraid of the world in your fears
afraid you may cry another tear
all alone you can't reach out
all alone you live in doubt


mockingbird sing me another song
mockingbird sing 'til the mourning dawn
she'll sing the only songs she knows
she'll sing off key in a different note


Monday, August 12, 2013

Soulful Singster

© 2013 Mark Cote

You shake the earth
and play our hearts
with every word that you sing

you grab our eyes
and hypnotize
such a groovy groovy thing

(bridge)  and this is just, just the way that I feel
                  in a melody you're so real
                 you're such a

(chorus)  Soul singster
                  soul soulful singster
                  like a whisper I feel like I kissed her
                  she's such a
                  soul singster
                  soul souful singster

reaching out
just like the sun
with a voice
so much larger than you

and when I gaze
I'm so amazed
at how you make it sound so true

(bridge)  In this full emotion of song
                  what is right can never be wrong
                  you're such a


and this is just, just the way that I feel
in a melody you're so real
you're such a


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Butterfly Beat

© 2011 Mark Cote

Take the honey from the sun
silken dreams the spiders spun
add the morning dew to her lips
the sweetest love I have ever kissed

(chorus)  and when I'm that sparkle in her eyes
                  butterfly beat her heart plays inside
                  butterfly beat in this heart of mine
                  with this love that is so discreet
                  butterfly beat every time we meet

Never seen such warmth in a smile
walk with me baby stay for a while
when she tells me "I love you"
the colors we feel come shining through

on this road that is so brand new
the strength I find is there in you
I have found all that I need
the one that beats inside of me


Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Sorry's Not Good Enough

© 2011 Mark Cote

(chorus)  I'm sorry's not good
                  I'm sorry's not good
                  I'm sorry's not good enough
                  I'm sorry's not good
                  I'm sorry's not good
                  I'm sorry's not good enough

the love that I gave
you took it away
when I needed you
you would not stay
now you think two words can make it right
how you left me here on a cold cold night


time moves on
as we all know
but the pain inside I can't let go
I hope that karma treats you right
with a sarcastic grin on a lonely night


what you never saw
or refuse to see
when my heart cried out
you laughed at me
maybe fate was meant this way
for in a dreamer's arms I now can say


Monday, July 22, 2013

You Remind Me Of Her

© 2011 Mark Cote

In your eyes I can see
all of the laughter
the happy ever after
maybe that's part of what you do to me

when we walk all around
I'm loving your essence
it's just like a present
feels like Christmas on the Fourth of July

(chorus)  You remind me of someone
                  remind me of someone
                  someone that I used to know
                  you remind me of someone
                  remind me of someone
                  someone with that happy glow
                  yeah you remind me...
                  remind me of her

I see her heart and soul
the way that you care
the way that you share
the sister I lost not so long ago

you're never running fast
you savor every moment
every color's a component
the pretty rainbow that may never last


Monday, July 15, 2013

Dum Dum Diddle

© 2011 Mark Cote

upper class
the one with the gift of the word

what a lady
drives me crazy
singing like a little bird

(chorus)  dum dum diddle diddle dum diddle doe
                  dum dum diddle diddle dum
                  dum dum diddle diddle dum diddle doe
                  dum dum diddle diddle dum

who will know
where words will go
how she puts them into place

out of time
with such style
with such grace


I sit in awe
the blind man saw
such a silly goose

she speaks in riddles
in the middle
in the colors of chartreuse


Monday, July 8, 2013

Heart's Desire

© 2011 Mark Cote

why do I
get this feeling all the time
every time you speak those words to me

hearts in time
on this trail that we ride
we laugh together side by side

(bridge)  every time
                  I'm with you
                  I think that I'm on fire
                  but I know
                  I am not
                  it's just my heart
                  heart's desire

(chorus)  heart's desire
                  from the North's cold and grey
                  heart's desire
                  to the Spring of a summer day
                  ride this wave that takes us higher
                  on the wave of
                  our heart's desire

Some day
when we should be hand in hand
but until that day I understand

in a dream
I am in yours you're in mine
maybe tomorrow we will find


Monday, July 1, 2013

If You Just Believe In You

© 2011 Mark Cote

Billboard buses on mockingbird lane
carry people with stars in their eyes
to neon dreams and back alley schemes
from worlds they left behind

puppeted people speak plastic words
will try to keep you underground
for invisible strings is all they bring
steal dreams without a sound

It doesn't matter to you at all
it doesn't matter
it doesn't matter...

(chorus)  sequins are diamonds if you believe
                  reality is the dream that you conceive
                  if you just believe in you
                  you can make those dreams come true

                  the road is not as long as you see
                  the goal is closer under moving feet
                  if you just believe in you
                 you can make those dreams come true

the turtle can't see from inside his shell
but his world is safe and warm
will the rain burn or will it clean
the rumble of a storm

It doesn't matter to you at all
it doesn't matter
it doesn't matter...


Monday, June 24, 2013

Your Heart Is Miles Away

© 2013 Mark Cote

laying in the dark looking for the touch that reaches out
in anticipation where are you
dreaming of you feeling for me what I feel for you
in anticipation where are you

(chorus)   I see the the sun but can I feel her warmth
                   as this love goes back and forth
                   near as your side of the bed 
                   but your heart is miles away
                   I see the honey but don't taste the sweet
                   where words and emotions meet
                   as near as your side of the bed
                   but your heart is miles away

seeing in your eyes the world that's hidden within
I only want to be there with you
is my love the one that you will cherish in your world
I only want to be there with you

am I reaching more for you than you are for me
am I making it more than it was meant to be


Will I ever break the fortress that's around your heart
will you open your heart to me
does another one keep you hanging on
will you open your heart to me

Monday, June 17, 2013

You Saw The Best In Me From The Start

© 2011 Mark Cote

Some have called me a loser
since they took it all from me
some have called me a loner
but I see more than what they see
and you always knew I did
from the start

cannot touch tomorrows
'til we give up our yesterdays
looking in the mirror
thought my past was too much to take
but you always lifted me
from the start

(chorus)  you believed in me
                  when no one else could see
                  and sometimes I doubted myself
                  but you saw the best in me
                  from the start

though you have never held me
I hold you inside my heart
wanted to tell you I love you
did you feel the same way for me
and I think you always did
from the start


Saturday, June 8, 2013

She Sure Knows How To Make It Rain

© 2011 Mark Cote

It was a sunny day
never dreamed the words she'd say
how clouds came here to stay
she sure knows how to make it rain

finds a temptation
in a lover's hesitation
what is her fascination
she sure knows how to make it rain

(chorus)  let it rain down
                  down my weary face
                  the scars will not erase
                  let it rain
                  let it rain down
                  wash away the memories
                  each drop a piece of me
                  let it rain

love's no guarantee
her heart will stay with me
if she still wants to be free
she sure knows how to make it rain


Monday, June 3, 2013

Is This Where I Belong

© 2013 Mark Cote

in this town of empty dreams
thought that I had it made
have a house
have a car
but the love I knew is gone

now faces that show no warmth
try to pull me in or push me down
don't want to fall
but where to run
when I don't know where to go

(chorus)   running in circles
                  circles in my mind
                  stay here in my past
                  or leave it all behind
                  well I may never
                  I may never know
                  is this where I
                  is this where I belong

traveled far away to other towns
looked at things I'd never seen
all the people seem so nice
felt like it welcomed me

the price that it takes to start again
and the cost to just sustain
will I be losing ground
and who is it that I blame


Monday, May 27, 2013

It Was Just A Miracle

© 2013 Mark Cote

Cry in the night I heard your call
with gentle wings I won't let you fall
heart driven by thanks into love
neither of us were thinking of

held your hands 'til you were strong
never wanting this feeling to be gone
something that we both need
but looking back my heart it bleeds

would risk it all just to be with you
if we saw it all if we only knew

(chorus)  Can't live in your world
                  you can't live in mine
                  but something in the middle is what we find
                  when the stars collide all that I can say is
                  it was just a miracle

though I wanted you to be mine
too many pieces circle entwined
so into the shadows I will return
though my heart will forever yearn

tears are invisible in the dark
and like a dream that's where we are


Monday, May 20, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

© 2013 Mark Cote

back then in our teens
brake pedals and gasoline
football rings and beauty queens
boys will be boys

t-shirt girls and cut off jeans
drive-ins we made the scene
we lived out the summer dream
boys will be boys

(chorus)  when I look back now
                  I wonder how
                  we ever made it through those years
                  through all the fun
                  through all the beer
                  we still made it
                  made it here
                  boys will be boys

muscle cars and pickup trucks
cruise the strip to try their luck
show 'em all what you've got
boys will be boys

cheap perfume and boyhood dreams
a melody a moonlit sea
my first love her and me
boys will be boys


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Her Heart Is Not Cold It's Just Broken

© 2012 Mark Cote

like the moon in the sky
and love is all above her

been hit hard by the dark side of life
in one way or another

(chorus) Her heart
                  her heart is not cold it's just broken
                  with the words
                  that were and were never spoken
                  don't judge what you cannot see
                  her heart is not cold it's just broken
                  If the breeze that blows is too chilly
                  you better leave
                  if you cannot see

she clings
to the spark in her heart
like a pirate's buried treasure

it sinks
deeper and deeper in the sand
almost too deep to measure


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sometimes We're Wrong But We're Always Right

© 2012 Mark Cote

girl asks the boy what will your love guarantee
is it filled with wonder is it filled with purity
girl said to boy will my world keep spinning 'round
is it an endless summer or will it all just tumble down

the boy knowing he can't see in the night
said sometimes we're wrong but we're always right

the girl asks the boy what if at times we disagree
what if it seems summer dreams aren't meant to be
girl looks at boy while they just sit on the fence
am I asking too much am I making it too tense

the boy says even if we fuss and fight
sometimes we're wrong but we're always right


girl asks the boy what I'm not in perfect health
tell me now boy what if I'm not blessed with wealth
girl looks at boy wonders can this love be true
after all these years after all that I've been through

boy says sometimes the clouds aren't always white
and sometimes we're wrong but we're always right

Monday, April 22, 2013

Not Until The Day

© 2012 Mark Cote

We all have a dark cloud
we've all had lonely nights
but as sure as the sun's gonna break the night
we'll see the light

we've all cried a river
we've all felt the shiver
of a heart broke in two when love's taken from you
we all see the light
yeah, we see the light

(chorus) but not for tonight
                  not until the day
                  as I cry in the dark it's my way to pray
                  not for tonight
                  not until the day
                  I'll be alright by tomorrow as I find a way
                  but not until the day

we can't bring it all back
the way it once was
if they can't see you without some clouded view
they won't see the light

We learn by the new dawn
what the dark was about
when something's taken away something's better for you
then we see the light
yeah, we see the light


Monday, April 15, 2013

Leap Of Faith

© 2012 Mark Cote

when you think all hope is lost
don't let it get to you
you can't afford the cost
I know you'll make it through

so you wanna get away
when the shadows claw and bite
they get darker every day
But I know you see the light

(chorus) so take a deep breath
                  take a leap of faith
                  I will never let you fall....
                  so won't you lean on me
                  baby can't you see
                  you're gonna stand tall...

from a world you've known
if you trust in me
to the great unknown
it's not a fantasy


Monday, April 8, 2013

Is Somewhere Alright With You

© 2012 Mark Cote

we've thought about this for a long time
and we've talked a lot about it too
I know my heart's been on the fence
but I'm ready to take that jump with you

(chorus) Is somewhere alright
                  is somewhere alright with you
                  tell me tonight
                  when the moment is right
                  is somewhere still alright with you

you made my heart stop and take a breath
didn't know I even had one left, girl
I know my heart's been on the fence
but I'm ready to take that jump with you


and if you feel the same as we did
I wish that we had done this before
now neither one is on the fence
and I'm ready to take that jump with you


Monday, March 25, 2013

Just Beyond The Headlights

© 2012 Mark Cote

I was dreaming just the other day
of the things that we might say
on the day we meet
just outside my dreams

perfumed moonlight tasting so sweet
with a beauty I cannot yet see
just around the bend
until I reach the end

(chorus) Out on the shoreline
                  just beyond my reach
                  in my daydreams
                  forever it seems
                  in every sunset I never forget
                  out on this road somewhere in the night
                  just beyond my headlights

Leave your calling card here in my heart
dreams of tomorrow is a kind of art
only love can bring
painted by angel wings

Thought I caught a glimpse of you today
or was it the dawn's morning rays
that give me hope
and keep my heart afloat


Monday, March 18, 2013

A Day Without Your Love

© 2013 Mark Cote

With a sparkle in her eye
even when she does not smile
she shines...

Cupid came along
said this love it won't be wrong
not this time...

no starless sky above
or a day without your love
for me

in a gentle caring touch
never knew love meant so much
to me....

reaching in my soul
she already knows
she feels...

no starless sky above
or a day without your love
for me

(chorus) she just makes me fly
                  like Springtime through the night
                  I'm free...
                  I'm blinded by your love
                  and taking this chance
                  I can't see...
                  a day without your love
                  the stars won't shine above for me


a day without your love
the stars won't shine above for me

Monday, March 11, 2013

Alternate Yesterday

© 2013 Mark Cote

She keeps her eye on her day to day
sweeps the thought to the corner of her mind
he dreams of love in a heart-felt moon
and the warmth he hopes he will find
in another yesterday
an alternate yesterday
another place and time...

she has no time for such idle dreams
to fantasize what could not be
his romantic heart knows that it's true
maybe in some other reality
in another yesterday
an alternate yesterday
another place and time...

(chorus) dreams don't ask you why
                  they just show you how it could be
                  it, could, be...
                  when two worlds collide
                  there is so much for two souls to see...
                  in another yesterday
                  an alternate yesterday
                  another place and time...


 in another yesterday
 an alternate yesterday
 another place and time...

Monday, March 4, 2013

You Get To Me

© 2013 Mark Cote

Little bird in the Spring
happy with each day
gently dancing flapping wings
like the angels when they play

talking in a soft voice
whisper in my ear
no my heart had no choice
so subtle and sincere

(chorus)  I... could listen to you talk all day
                  I... don't know you have a way
                  to get to me
                  but girl you're like the magic in a song
                  and my heart just plays along
                  I could listen to you talk all day
                  you get to me
summer rain feels so warm
when you're by my side
hidden love has been reborn
this I cannot hide

sending out a message
on a dove to you
with my heart expressing
with love from me to you


Monday, February 25, 2013

If Someone Really Cared

© 2013 Mark Cote

The bird that cries in silence
do you ever hear her call
tumbling down is so slowly
no one ever sees her fall

In this inward turning struggle
a smile can hide it all
the comfort of the darkness
or climb above the wall

(bridge) I can hear her tears when she sings
               and to the melody that she clings
               If someone really cared
               she still might be around

(chorus) And I know
                  she still may have stumbled
                  but at least
                  she still would be there
                  down this well
                  of sorrow she's falling
                  grab her heart and keep it sound
                  if someone really cared
                  she still might be around

to hard to face her demons
not strong enough to cry
every time I read the details
I just have to wonder why

lost now in the shadows
the rustle in the wind
the one that fell down here from heaven
has flown back to there again

(bridge) I can hear her tears when she sings
               angel baby got her wings
               if someone really cared
               she still might be around


Monday, February 18, 2013

Better Days Ahead

© 2013 Mark Cote

The clouds cried for me when you went away
the strength I learned I must say
I learned from you
but mine is filled with love

I ride the tide I stay the course
the many storms I've endured
been rocked around
but still I don't capsize

(chorus)   Better days ahead
                  just looking to the north you'll find
                  shadows are all behind
                  as you go
                  your steps will show
                  as you learn you grow
                  and leave it all behind
                  better days ahead

Had the wind knocked from my sail
though some may do I don't inhale
don't cloud my mind
just let me forge ahead

If I have to float out all alone
My heart I know will not grow cold
the love inside
will keep me safe and warm


(bridge) If you
               fall overboard
              your wet and unsure
              to sink or swim
              is all that you can do
              to spite them all
              learn to stand tall
              as they look up at you
              while you swim away


Monday, February 11, 2013

Penelope's Eyes

© 2013 Mark Cote

Blue bunny dreams
are as real as they seem
they come without warning or thought

and under the thunder
she'll sit and she'll wonder
how strawberries taste in the rain

looking around
absorbing the sounds
as night time wakes up to the day

while some see the light
as shining too bright
and the dark is too hard on their eyes

Penelope wanders along

(chorus)    life is so simple
                  Penelope's eyes
                  each waking day
                  another surprise
                  look at the wonder
                  Penelope's eyes
                  just like a child
                  you realize
                  there's more to life
                  in Penelope's eyes

the shapes of the clouds
form animal mounds
she casually lays in the grass

flower-filled air
surrounds everywhere
the hour hand rolls on too fast


what can it be
what is it that she sees?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Waiting For The Storm To Pass

© 2013 Mark Cote

Clouds surround a sunny mind
seems so dark seems so unkind
the words that curse a photograph
a faded love now in half
like slipping through an hourglass
waiting for the storm to pass

paisley dreams that once defined
they coalesced they intertwined
now down a dusty gravel road
the cross I bear a heavy load
when futures seem so hard to grasp
waiting for the storm to pass

let it all drift away....

(chorus)     waiting for the storm to pass
                  hoping this will be the last
                  waiting for the storm to pass
                  waiting for the storm to pass

the egg that hatched a silver rose
where it came from nobody knows
was it left for me to find
inspiration left behind
the dusk and dawn now they clash
waiting for the storm to pass

let it all drift away...


Monday, January 28, 2013

When You Bet On Love

© 2013 Mark Cote

When I roll the dice on love all I get is deuces
when they say true love I have to wonder why
tasted deception
and I ain't forgettin'
the sour words

want the cards I always deal to come up aces
while the joker smiles at me with that look in his eye
high expectations
and I am just sayin'
this to you

(chorus) when you bet on love you never win
                  when you bet on love you never lose
                  all that you lose every time
                  all that you lose is your mind

I know that this game I play is just a gamble
and I know that I may be sometimes hard to handle
I'm not perfection
I know of rejection
oh so well


When I roll the dice on love all I get is deuces
when they say true love I have to wonder why
tasted deception
and I ain't forgettin'
the sour words


Monday, January 21, 2013

Big Blue Eyes

© 2013 Mark Cote

From Oklahoma to Florida
New Mexico to Canada
You're the one I want around
from day to day and town to town

outlaw cities and cold ghost towns
the sun will shine when you're around
to spite the night you light the day
you love my heart when we're away

(bridge) beautiful
                  girl with a smile
                  here I go
                  let you know
                  I feel like a child

(chorus) blue eyes...
                  I swear I see forever
                  and this dream is getting better
                  when I look into those big blue eyes
                  blue eyes...
                  you look at me so clever
                  I can handle any weather
                  when I look into those big blue eyes

From Mozambique to old Siam
I see the world when I hold your hand
We're underground we're into space
no craziness we cannot face


Monday, January 14, 2013

Heart In The Shadows

© 2012 Mark Cote

writing songs that nobody will hear
maybe just to remember
feeling emotions that nobody feels
still he can't surrender

(bridge) and he asks
                  where do I fit in
                  to be part of something
                  just part of something
                  somewhere I feel I belong

(chorus) heart in the shadows
                  heart in the night
                  sinking in the shallows
                  but don't give up the fight
                  heart it's a riddle
                  you're stuck in the middle
                  you're hope is your light

talking to himself in a crowd
no one is listening
one way mirror sounds so loud
shadows a glistening


Monday, January 7, 2013

The Choice

© 2013 Mark Cote

When you're in your dreams
whose eyes do you see
do you think about him
do you think about me

was the love we shared
was it how it seemed
a moment in time
on a passing sea

all I'm left with now is a memory
when in the cold and dark your touch is what I need

(chorus) the choice
                  no matter how it bleeds
                  the choice
                  the wants and the needs
                  the choice
                  can we ever turn back
                  can we ever be free

when he makes you cry
where does your heart run to
to a better time
was it me and you

in your heart of hearts
are you true to yourself
are you pleasing him
or pleasing yourself

all I'm left with now is a memory
when in the cold and dark your touch is what I need


all I'm left with now is a memory
when in the cold and dark your touch is what I need