Monday, February 24, 2014

Discount Valentine

© 2014 Mark Cote

store shelf New Years Day
Christmas gone away
sits among the rest
tries to do his best
to not let shadows show

so for weeks and weeks awhile
he sparkles and he smiles
hoping to
impress to you
the coming holiday

they bought roses
they bought wine
but will they ever find
another discount

it wasn't so long ago
his bursting love would show
never on the shelf
never to himself
there was always love around

and then without a word
the visions that he heard
played with his mind
'til he saw the sign
but then his ship was gone

humbling and shy
before you now am I
another discount

(bridge)  visions of hand in hand
                 sun setting in the sand
                 it leads me on
                 it leads me on
                 making me skip a beat
                 but will our hearts ever meet
                 I dream of her
                 I dream of her

another New Years Day
seems like yesterday
as years roll by
he wonders why
he fights being all alone

they buy roses
they buy wine
but will they ever find
another discount

Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Daddy

© 2014 Mark Cote

(chorus)  hey there
                  baby daddy
                  do you think this is just a game
                  hey there
                  baby daddy
                  guess who is left to blame
                  you can run
                  you can hide
                  but fate you know will decide
                  when you think you're gonna play
                  baby daddy you're gonna pay

since you left
bills piling up
this single mother's had enough
hungry mouths I have to feed
and lonely hearts a dad they need

my sunny mood ring has turned to red
from what I saw and what you said
right then the tide had turned
baby daddy you'll be burned


I felt so cheap and been used
better watch which girls you choose
you've gotta sleep sometime
what's in that drink they'll never find


Monday, February 10, 2014


© 2014 Mark Cote

(chorus)  Where, is home?
                   where, is home?
                   when you're all alone
                   from all you've known
                   and I wanna go, home....

gentle touch
means so much
I remember it well
thoughts of you
and of yesterday

what, is love?
so high above
a feather in the sky
feeling oh so lost
now on Valentine's


staring, down the beach
seems, so out of reach
the more I try
seems I never get
to the other side

where, are holidays?
where, to celebrate?
lonely roads
the walls are cold
what really is home...


Monday, February 3, 2014

Cannibalistic Rats On A Ghost Ship From Russia

© 2014 Mark Cote

(chorus)  cannibal rats
                  cannibal rats
                  cannibalistic rats of a ghost ship from Russia
                  cannibal rats

                  cannibal rats
                  cannibal rats
                  cannibalistic rats of a ghost ship will get you
                  cannibal rats

floating on the sea which way will it go
cannibal rats
scurry aboard with nothing to eat
cannibal rats

dead sailor's tell no tales
cannibal rats
twas a fate worse than rotting in jail
cannibal rats


are they coming for you are they coming for me
cannibal rats
one lone rat is all there will be
cannibal rats

(bridge)  and when the fog clears where they've gone
                  to the murky depths or just beyond
                  cannibal rats