Monday, May 30, 2011

Especially On Christmas Eve

© 2011 Mark Cote

I miss the subtle
the winter tears
the falling snow
the gift you gave me

sleigh bell sleigh ride
starry night
the Northern lights
were really nice
as we lay together

(chorus) It's Christmas past
               'til you're my present
                within my dreams
                I miss you more
                and more each day
                especially, on Christmas Eve

the snowman tears
melt frozen hearts
it's yesterday
since we're apart
a silent Christmas tree

The snow angels
you and me
we made for
the world to see
are only a memory


I missed the subtle
sleigh bell sleigh ride
in the snow
The snow angels
you and me
the Northern lights
were really nice

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sandy's So Randy

© 2011 Mark Cote

I can see in her come hither stare
I can smell her perfume flow in the air
she don't care what others think
she smiles at me and givers a wink

hang a card on the door, we'll be alright
all through the day and all through the night

(chorus) sandy's so randy
                randy for me
                sandy's so randy in the middle of the night
                she's got the kind of love that get's into me
                sandy's so randy
                she's all that I need

I love the way she's wearing those jeans
The way she walks I know what that means
She don't need the other guys
they stare at her, she'll pass them by


hang a card on the door, we'll be alright
all through the day and all through the night


she loves everything about me
she even sees things I do not see
she's so silly
she's so sweet
nothing else can compete


Monday, May 16, 2011

Let Me Take You On A Rewind

© 2011 Mark Cote

(chorus) Let me take you on a rewind..
                back into time
                Jane Cool glasses and a bottle of wine
                45's, late night drives, drive-in movies, all that jive
                let me take you on a rewind

from the hustle and bustle of the day to day
and the tossing and turning in the night
I know a place where we can go
where it never rains and it never snows

Girl, I bet you'd like to take me too
to sparkled moments in your arms
It's not really so far away
we'll go tomorrow, we'll go today


drink in the summer of this dream with me
taste the magic in what it brings
come along, come along with me
if even only in your mind


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Dreamer Like Me

© 2011 Mark Cote

In this bubble I'm living in
can't see those who are looking in
and watching imagination grow
and what the future holds
for a dreamer like me

I keep waiting 'til that day
and when the clouds have washed away
seen the light within myself shine
found the me I was looking to find
for a dreamer like me

(chorus) A dreamer like me....
                what will it be
                the dream that I see
                a dreamer like me....
                see where I belong
                the words of a song
                I'm growing
                one day I will be with
                dreamers like me

When the sun rises pink and blue
the horizon comes into view
eyes welcome me through the door
and the hands now reach for
a dreamer like me


Monday, May 2, 2011

In Sydney

© 2011 Mark Cote

Emotional breeze swept us away
a sunrise on a rainy day
dark clouds always reach for the sun
the tears we cried reach for the fun
in Sydney

 across the pond Cupid's arrow was cast
 will it go or will it last
 blinded by love from the start
 to one love I left my heart
 in Sydney

(chorus) Forever with me, in Sydney
                forever with me
                the dream I dreamed, in Sydney
                the dream I dreamed
                In my dreams you are forever with me
                in Sydney

it can warm a soul it can burn a heart
sometimes lover's fall a part
the heart that loves can sometimes burn
today just another lesson learned
 in Sydney