Monday, June 29, 2015

Seattle Girl

© 2014 Mark Cote

Stunning little
cunning little
Seattle girl

clingy little
stingy little
Seattle girl

furniture but not to use
my caring heart do not abuse

teasy little
sneaky little
Seattle girl

spiteful little
bite me little
Seattle girl

saw the side of you I didn't want to see
made me feel how I didn't want to feel
not the life you're used to
Seattle girl

(bridge) but oh, you can be so nice
                 oh, so very nice
                 when you want it to be right
                 but when asked of you
                 you compete and fight

ungrateful little
hateful little
Seattle girl

witchy little
bitchy little
Seattle girl

ever since you've gone I breathe again
by the break of dawn the darkness ends
not the life you're used to
Seattle girl

Monday, June 22, 2015

Where Are You Tomorrow

© 2015 Mark Cote

Pennies I've found but never spent
I knew the route but never went
what is it about me
maybe just my geography

no roots in this hardened ground
no connections I have found
can I find that inner strength
to build a life where I've never been

(chorus) Where are you tomorrow
                  why won't you show me the way
                  when I have next week to borrow
                  you turn into today
                  where are you tomorrow
                  when yesterday brings me sorrow
                  I'll follow the sun

what will I find when I get there
will it welcome me or will I just stare
either way I will adjust
either way I know I must

to travel these many winding roads
to follow the warmth to where it goes
sand castle dream may you not wash away
wandering heart may you never stray.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Spark Of California

© 2015 Mark Cote

through my shadows how could you see
what was left inside of me
when a voice gets drowned out
by those who mumble no one shouts

the light and fun of an inner child
flies like a bird into the wild
to a place I want to be
to a face I want to see

(chorus) spark of California
                    I see in your eyes
                    spark of California
                    on the other side
                    spark of California
                    so far away
                    spark of California
                    you're my sunny day

blind man coming to the light
what I couldn't feel I knew was right
what I couldn't say you sing the song
when I couldn't walk you dance along

within my silence I cried out
and opened my heart you flew out
small steps a lonely man
guide me I know I can


Monday, June 8, 2015

Mister Greed

© 2015 Mark Cote

who am I
they call me mister greed
and over time
you'll fall in love with me
when what you have
what you have
is not enough
come and drink from my silver cup

they call me mister greed

and even though
even though I own it all
you'll try to run but only crawl
Jupiter she smiles at you
get too close and she'll pull you through

Yeah they call me mister greed


don't you know
it's really all a game
I own the board, the pieces
but play it just the same

and the taste
and the taste
is so honey sweet
the lion seems so tame

yeah they call me
yeah tehy call me mister greed

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Man Without A Name

© 2013 Mark Cote

Paint by number
boys and girls
you do exactly as you're told
if it blinks if it swirls
blindly buy whatever's sold

I can see it's all part of the game
I can see a man without a name

silly donkey
kicks and stomps
elephants slowly romp
money man in the night
another roll of the dice

I can see it's all a part of the game
I can see a man without a name


feeding piggies
all the sweets
clear the children in the streets
muddy paws wave hello
to a world that never knows

I can see it's all a part of the game
I can see a man without a name