Monday, February 25, 2013

If Someone Really Cared

© 2013 Mark Cote

The bird that cries in silence
do you ever hear her call
tumbling down is so slowly
no one ever sees her fall

In this inward turning struggle
a smile can hide it all
the comfort of the darkness
or climb above the wall

(bridge) I can hear her tears when she sings
               and to the melody that she clings
               If someone really cared
               she still might be around

(chorus) And I know
                  she still may have stumbled
                  but at least
                  she still would be there
                  down this well
                  of sorrow she's falling
                  grab her heart and keep it sound
                  if someone really cared
                  she still might be around

to hard to face her demons
not strong enough to cry
every time I read the details
I just have to wonder why

lost now in the shadows
the rustle in the wind
the one that fell down here from heaven
has flown back to there again

(bridge) I can hear her tears when she sings
               angel baby got her wings
               if someone really cared
               she still might be around


Monday, February 18, 2013

Better Days Ahead

© 2013 Mark Cote

The clouds cried for me when you went away
the strength I learned I must say
I learned from you
but mine is filled with love

I ride the tide I stay the course
the many storms I've endured
been rocked around
but still I don't capsize

(chorus)   Better days ahead
                  just looking to the north you'll find
                  shadows are all behind
                  as you go
                  your steps will show
                  as you learn you grow
                  and leave it all behind
                  better days ahead

Had the wind knocked from my sail
though some may do I don't inhale
don't cloud my mind
just let me forge ahead

If I have to float out all alone
My heart I know will not grow cold
the love inside
will keep me safe and warm


(bridge) If you
               fall overboard
              your wet and unsure
              to sink or swim
              is all that you can do
              to spite them all
              learn to stand tall
              as they look up at you
              while you swim away


Monday, February 11, 2013

Penelope's Eyes

© 2013 Mark Cote

Blue bunny dreams
are as real as they seem
they come without warning or thought

and under the thunder
she'll sit and she'll wonder
how strawberries taste in the rain

looking around
absorbing the sounds
as night time wakes up to the day

while some see the light
as shining too bright
and the dark is too hard on their eyes

Penelope wanders along

(chorus)    life is so simple
                  Penelope's eyes
                  each waking day
                  another surprise
                  look at the wonder
                  Penelope's eyes
                  just like a child
                  you realize
                  there's more to life
                  in Penelope's eyes

the shapes of the clouds
form animal mounds
she casually lays in the grass

flower-filled air
surrounds everywhere
the hour hand rolls on too fast


what can it be
what is it that she sees?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Waiting For The Storm To Pass

© 2013 Mark Cote

Clouds surround a sunny mind
seems so dark seems so unkind
the words that curse a photograph
a faded love now in half
like slipping through an hourglass
waiting for the storm to pass

paisley dreams that once defined
they coalesced they intertwined
now down a dusty gravel road
the cross I bear a heavy load
when futures seem so hard to grasp
waiting for the storm to pass

let it all drift away....

(chorus)     waiting for the storm to pass
                  hoping this will be the last
                  waiting for the storm to pass
                  waiting for the storm to pass

the egg that hatched a silver rose
where it came from nobody knows
was it left for me to find
inspiration left behind
the dusk and dawn now they clash
waiting for the storm to pass

let it all drift away...