Monday, April 25, 2011

Wave Of Love

© 2011 Mark Cote

your eyes
see what my heart longs to say
and your arms
touch me from oh so far way
but this time
I know it's real
the way I feel

(chorus) our love is like a wave
               cross the open sea
                so come on baby ride this wave with me
                the tidal wave is strong
              of love for you and me
              so come on baby ride this wave with me
              of love... of love

knows what our eyes never see
your touch
washes in and over me
is looking at you
is looking at me


from when I found you tomorrow
and brought you to my today
more than my eyes and words can say


Monday, April 18, 2011

Half A World Away

© 2010 Mark Cote

The sun that lights my days warms your nights
how is life half a world away
do they dream of love on palm tree shores
and what are they longing for
what do their dreams say
 half a world away

you're a world that's a dream to me
mine filled with reality
on the day two worlds collide
I'll have you by my side
but up until that day
my love remains
 half a world away

(chorus) over and under around and round
                love never makes a sound
                like an arrow it never strayed
                with you is where I want to stay
                half a world away

the vibration I feel from you
like a song in my mind they play
are they as strong across the miles
does my love make you smile
does love resonate
 half a world away


Monday, April 11, 2011

Only Me, Only You

© 2010 Mark Cote

the morning sun
wakes the clock on the wall
the old man is starting to see
the hands of time
have petals and claws
and both have raked over me

(chorus) To you
                I give
                all that is me
                for only you
                I give only me
                to me
                you give all that is you
                for only me
                you give only you

did he make you for me
from the best of my dreams
angel you seem so surreal
I'll trust in my heart
and ride on your wings
on waves of how we both feel


The more that I see
the more that I hear
I fall ever deeply in you
you touch me now
and the pieces just fit
my puzzled life is complete


Monday, April 4, 2011

The Almost Dream

© 2010 Mark Cote

The almost dream.
how the dawn is not quite day
do you know what that means?
don't settle for second best
put tomorrow to the test for
the almost dream

shifting gears
is the road moving that I am on or is it me?
you can live your life in fears
repeating all your years
in an almost dream

(chorus) the almost dream
                if you never take the time
                if you never cross that line
                it's the dream, you'll never find
                the almost dream

no guarantee
what will you become, a moth or butterfly?
just a worker bee
the world's more than what you see
in an almost dream


(bridge) you can close your eyes and follow those
                but then you will never know, beyond
                the almost dream