Monday, August 29, 2016

Sitting In Baggage Claim waiting For You

© 2016 Mark Cote

pretty lady I've got to know
so much of your shadows and inner glow
and you've read the many pages of me
let's write a chapter for the world to see

(chorus) sitting in baggage claim waiting for you
                  doing some thinking sipping mountain dew
                  sitting with the luggage watch the world go round
                  planes will land and off they flew
                  sitting in baggage claim waiting for you

around this world we've chased this dream
over the mountains and through the streams
like the sunrise chasing the night
the finish line is in our sights


and when these two worlds will meet
the colors we feel will taste so sweet
new flavor for brand new days
see you arrive out of the haze


Monday, August 8, 2016

Am I The Only One Who Wants To Have Fun

© 2016 Mark Cote

(chorus) Am I the only one who wants to have
                  Fun fun fun
                  In a sarcastic web cynics have spun
                  Am I the only one who wants to have
                  Fun fun fun
                  Let them live in their hate
                  Before it's too late
                  Am I the only one
                  Am I the only one
                  Am I the only one who wants to have fun

It's what we're here after
Though some can't see
Blinded aren't free
It'll only wear you down

It's ?how you use it
It can take you away
To a familiar place
If it has a happy vibe


Like no one is watching
The feeling is talking
Better than walking
Let it take you away


Monday, August 1, 2016

Through The Looking Glass

© 2016 Mark Cote

frozen sunshine in all it's glow
like a feather to the soul
blue pink and red over my head
good morning sunshine the bluebird said

people care and love is real
don't repress how you feel
not the world you once knew
in this world it all is new

(chorus) I want to go through the looking glass
                  where tomorrow is yesterday's past
                  where the air is clean and rainbows last
                  I want to go through
                  through the looking glass

so take a walk here with me
last year is now a mystery
the future has much better days
as we pass through yester-haze