Thursday, December 30, 2010

Calico Summer

© 2010 Mark Cote

(chorus) rainbow splashing
                and Frisbee dashing
                daydream shades of beach ball blue
                there's nothing better
                than sun tan weather
                and a calico summer with you

lookin' out that window on summertime
while the days roll along one at a time
smell the sea air hear the sea gulls call
catch a wave and play some volley ball


Yeah, there's nothing better
than sun tan weather
and a calico summer with you


toss that suit and tie down on the floor
and set your sights on the sunny shore
fire up the rod and wax that board
by the break of dawn they'll find us gone


Yeah, there's nothing better
than sun tan weather
and a calico summer with you

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Through Thick Or Thin

© 2010 Mark Cote

Baby, love to make you grin
no matter what shape your heart is in
girl, I'll say it over and over again
I'm gonna be by you through thick or thin

when nobody is there
and you're thinking nobody really cares
just look in your heart and I will be there
I'm gonna be by you through thick or thin

(chorus) When your skies are sunny
                when your skies are rainy
                when you're feeling funny
                I'll be by your side
                you know
                you know
                you know it

doing the things that you do
the brightest of you keep shining through
I believe your dreams will always come true
I'm gonna be by you through thick or thin

Baby, love to make you grin
no matter what shape your heart is in
girl, I'll say it over and over again
I'm gonna be by you through thick or thin

when nobody is there
and you're thinking nobody really cares
just look in your heart and I will be there
I'm gonna be by you through thick or thin


doing the things that you do
the brightest of you keep shining through
I believe your dreams will always come true
I'm gonna be by you through thick or thin

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Melody Of Love

© 2010 Mark Cote

I feel the tension in the weight of the air
I see the fear in your uncertain stare
trembling lips don't know what to say
as another sunset fades away...

(chorus) Melody of love... The song in your eyes
                melody of love, a tune never played
                words unspoken
                and hearts don't lie
                melody of love
                the blue of an empty sky

I've touched something locked up inside
run away, hold on to your pride
don't let them know just how you feel
don't let it show, the soft side of steel



Scented crystals, that glow with a word
but will that word ever be heard
so many choices, in the voice of a smile
so many steps to take, to walk one more mile


Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Mother The Ewe

© 2010 Mark Cote

Freddy the farmer and Eunice ewe
one lonely night and a harvest moon
it was cold outside and he got this brainstorm
he'd go out and keep Eunice warm
and now it's

(chorus) My mother the ewe
                what did they do
                am I part of the herd or am I a man
                dad had it tough
                now it's plain to see
                the birds and the bees and me agree

now wooly bully in school, has to be cool
tough as a ram, he's nobody's fool
tries not to remember just how it began
when mom winked at dad
and dad had a plan
and it was


strong as an ox now, and just as brave
he fleeces them all, as long as he shaves
when his kids ask him 'bout his mom and dad
he smiles and says not that baaaaad
 'cause it was


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Click Away

© 2010 Mark Cote

Lived for years in the dark
behind the lines
while back at home past
the hands of time
just one click away you're here with me
just one click away amazes me

In an instant I'm taken away
to where I was born
to where I played
from the house I live
to where my parents lay
all of this click away

(chorus) One click away...
                you can see it all
                one click away...
                this crystal ball
                one click away I am never alone
                one click away you are finally home

you can go to Rome
and never leave home
you can go to the poles
and still stay warm
watch the sun rise on Hyams Beach
and see it set it just within reach
see the world in less than a day
see it all just... one click away

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Me, Myself, and I

© 2010 Mark Cote

Me... myself... and I
we are my best friend
don't ask, me why
I think, I started a trend
don't question reality
me my self and I

me, myself, and I
swollen head
I'm never alone at night
self love
self pride
I burn my candle at either end
I really like it
me, myself and I

when I go walking
I'm always beside myself
no, I'm not crazy
when I look in the mirror
I see my very best friend

I'm not a snob, or vain, just it
I walk on a cloud
they all love me, I know
I'm not conceited 'cause I know I'm right
are you ready
for me, myself and I


I'm not a snob, or vain, just it
I walk on a cloud
they all love me, I know
The sun shines brighter in my own eyes
are you ready
for me, myself and I

Me... myself... and I
we are my best friend
don't ask, me why
I think, I started a trend
don't question reality
me my self and I
me my self and I
me my self and I
me my self and I
me my self and I

Monday, December 20, 2010

Never Be Another

© 2010 Mark Cote

Raven haired beauty
home town girl
sassy little smile
that rocked our world
dressed to thrill
hearts stand still
a pin-up girl is all the rage
eyes awaken to Betty Page

bound in leather
all in fun
no one did it better
you're the one
playful grin
do a spin
a young man's dream take the stage
take a bow for Betty Page

(chorus) We wanted to know you
                we wanted to hold you
                but you can't hold a dream
                just the stardust it beams
                never be another, never be another
                Betty Page

where did you go
at the top of it all
remember me now
not after the fall
shy away
hide away
this dream should never age
hearts remember Betty Page

Sunday, December 19, 2010

From You To Blue

© 2010 Mark Cote

(chorus) From you, to blue now you left me
                from a dream, to a tear
                now I can't hear the love, when a bird sings his song
                from you... to blue

Honey how, did I hurt you
how did love slip away
was it something I did, or something I say
that made you leave me this way

I wait for this nightmare to blow over
and this river of tears I have cried
oh why, oh why, did we ever say goodbye
and when will these tears ever dry

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Would You Love Me Too

© 2010 Mark Cote

Daydream, as you paint the days
so many colors, so many ways
I wonder who you're thinking of
when your palette turns to shades of love

your gentle breeze lifts me high
like a flower seed I just want to fly
may I ask something of you
if I said I love you would you love me too

(chorus) I think of you when I look above
                white cloud smiles
                or songs of love
                Do I lift your heart when you feel blue
                if I said I love you would you love me too

reds are greens and nights are white
the bittersweet now tastes just right
as thoughts of you wash in my eyes
and in my ear I hear your sighs

Venus girl with eyes on mars
do you really think we can get that far
I'd gladly drown in those eyes of blue
if I said I love you would you love me too

Hey, have you ever tried
to really reach on out to the other side
if you believe in me, like I believe in you
if I said I love you would you love me too

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweet Clarity

© 2010 Mark Cote

Take my hand my artistic friend
a musical muse within my pen
paint my words a picture
while it rains outside

Walk in my dream grab all that is there
from shadow blue to sweet  summer white
paint my heart in velvet
while it rains inside

when the words are hard to find
when the rhyme just falls out of time...

(Chorus) smile - sweet clarity
                shine - your light on me
                flow like a wave kisses the shore
                smile, shine, smile
                sweet clarity

when you flow my eyes can now see
the colors in a world now before me
a grey day now shines bright
with you by my side

when the words are hard to find
when the rhyme just falls out of time...


Saturday, December 11, 2010

When And Where I Want To Be

© 2010 Mark Cote

The ones, who stare, at lines in the road
don't know where it goes
in their eyes it shows

as I, look up, in a world that looks down
on you and me
afraid to still dream

I remember tomorrow, just yesterday
I plan for today
how long I will stay

(chorus) And it's when.. and where, I want to be
                where the arms still love
                as soft as a dove
                and it's why, I want to be
                more than I am
                do you think that I can
                holding your hand

some push, love, out of the way
from something they fear
it's really not clear

how you, take blue, in so many ways
take day from night
a dreamer in flight

the love in my future, inspired my past
you see into me
just out of reach

this blind man will follow, the light in your eyes
you see through my tears
just like you were here

there's something about, the love in your eyes
I can't tell you why
it makes my heart cry

Thursday, December 9, 2010

From Blue To You

© 2010 Mark Cote

How did I turn, from blue to you
how you do to me
the things that you do - how do you do
you took me from, my misery
How can you see
what, no one else could see - I don't know

I coulda shoulda woulda
bounces me back to ya

(chorus) I just wanna have something
                I just wanna have something
                to hold on to
                baby  how 'bout you?
                I just feel like jumping
                I just feel like jumping
                from blue to you
                baby  how 'bout you?

you've been my inspiration
tap imagination
girl how 'bout you?
you took from me, this heart of mine
showed it how it could shine
from blue to you

I coulda shoulda woulda
bounces me back to ya

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pink Lady

© 2010 Mark Cote

(chorus) Pink lady
                dream baby
                you know it's understood
                Pink lady
                dream baby
                you know, you know you would

Cotton candy world
with a flower eyed girl
her morning perfume fills the air
coming from the night
and only bringing light
with sparkle pink streaks in her hair

she greets each day
in a multi-colored way
bringing all my dreams into light
loved her from the start
she opened my heart
and made my love take flight


people goin' round
living underground
may never see her light
I'm so glad I found
her love is all around
if I ask her, she just might

strawberry days
in my mind she plays
a song on her guitar
magical strings
with the love it brings
no matter where you are

(bridge) and maybe some day
                she might say
                she's in love with me...

(chorus x 2, and repeat to fade)

Night Vision Eyes

© 2010 Mark Cote

Like the moon pierces the night
into daydream day
you flow through a dream... to me
oh baby can't you see
it's a mystery
to me

an archer shoot for the moon
just out of reach
you bring out the best... in me
your as far as the stars
but live in the heart
of me

(chorus) oh oh night vision eyes, how do you do
                you bring out the best in me
                oh oh night vision eyes
                you see in me what... I see, in you

if I could just catch your eye
and live in you
am I singing way... off key
If I could just touch your hand
just a moment and then
we'll see

Monday, December 6, 2010

Peppermint On A Rainy Day

© 2010 Mark Cote

she hitched a ride on a bird of paradise
as her July starts to settle
collecting colors in the dreams
and painting a rainbow petal

(bridge) With a love that's made of peppermint
                and wintergree...een
                and velvet snow...ow
                and wintergreen

echoed dreams of day into night
and I never saw the sunshine
she sings a song like a bell in my night
but then she is the starlight

(chorus) Tasting like peppermint on a rainy day
                you take the clouds away
                your the sparkle within my tears
                crystal clear
                you take the clouds away
                like peppermint on a rainy day


we dance like keys in a song
with an unfamiliar tempo
pushed away all the lonely days
no subtle innuendo

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do You Still Believe

© 2010 Mark Cote

the touch of a hand
when I reach in the dark
the sun to my day, when I wake in your eyes
is what you could be

the arms that hold
as you grow old
the rock by your side, when you wanna run and hide
is what I could be

(chorus) Do you still believe in love
                do you believe in God above
                do you think heaven and earth would move between us
                if we just give it a try
                maybe a dream come true
                a dream between me and you
                the feelings that you, awaken in me
                do I awaken in you
                do you still believe...

a ring on your hand
and a ring on mine
learning love together, through any weather
is what we could be

I'll hold you girl
after we've left this world
knowing our love, wasn't selfish love
is what we will be

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mint In Honey

© 2010 Mark Cote

Look look what you've done to me
the birds and bees and me agree
California in your eyes
a summer dream in your sighs

(chorus) mint mint mint in honey
                ain't she sweet, ain't she funny
                ain't she sunny
                just like... mint in honey

Dream with me in a clover field
let me know just how you feel
kiss me girl I'm in the clouds
shout I love you right out loud

dance with me we keep in time
sing with me let's make it rhyme
our song of love for all to hear
sparkled mint when you are near

Dance Dance On A Wishing Well

© 2010 Mark Cote

Distant love as the flowing ocean
so deep and wide
gentle waves keep brushing my heart
I wonder why...

distant dreams are a changing cloud
so free and light
as I watch them dance I'm swept away
I touch the sky...

(chorus) Dance dance on a wishing well
                sometimes in love you can never tell
                dance dance to a silent rain
                her touch alone can heal my pain
                I hope she'll come back again

songbird sings in the vacuum night
his plaintiff cry
a memory of what could be
just you and I...

Friday, December 3, 2010

One Angel Short Of A Prayer

© 2010 Mark Cote

is it just how she makes me feel
or is there something more
that I don't see
beneath this clouded weary mind

my face aglow I think of you
no matter where you are
you're here in dreams
I dance with you in crystal blue

(chorus) How do you tell an angel that you love her
                not just in spirit but in your heart
                how do you tell her that you want to fly away
                How do you tell an angel that you love her
                am I one angel short of a prayer

feather kisses just in my mind
if I saw through your eyes
and touched your heart
what magical world would I find

Walking In My Own Shadow

© 2010 Mark Cote

sometimes I'm confused
and sometimes I can't see...
where I need to go
from the world I used to know
to what lies just beyond...

sometimes it's not there
the words I want to say...
I look in your eyes
I remember goodbyes
of where we've been before...

(chorus) am I walking in my own shadow
                walking in the night
                burnt by my own dark
                afraid to see the light
                from fears in my past
                and the spell that they have cast
                upon an open heart..

they say love is blind
to a heart that doesn't know...
if we touched in the night
would your heart give up the fight
and then I'd really know...

I dream of you each day
would you go or would you stay
if what we felt was real
your love could not conceal
I'd know I'm in your eyes...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

While I Watch You Sleep

© 2010 Mark Cote

As I sit here
and watch you sleep
I think of everything you mean to me
the morning rays
flow through your hair
while you dream of me I say a prayer
while I watch you sleep

Those gentle lips
I don't forsake
if I kissed your heart would you awake
You breathed life
right into me
I return the favor carefully
while I watch you sleep

(chorus) Your the sun to my rain
                the rain to my sun
                but I don't know what I'd do
                if you were gone
                Those beautiful eyes
                that can see to my soul
                saw a world that nobody could have known
                while I watch you sleep

then quietly
you looked at me
I thank the heavens you came back to me
The spark in your eyes
of a little girl
the love for me because you fill my world
while I watch you sleep


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ocean Eyes

© 2010 Mark Cote

you're the one who makes me smile
you're the one who can make me dream
You hold my heart if you only knew
the magical thing that you do

I see something in your eyes
something you just can't disguise
like a window to my soul
in summer from my snow
oh ho..

(chorus) I want to swim in the sea of your ocean eyes
                I want to hear you call my name
                on silken dreams in velvet nights
                until the stars take me away
                I want to bloom in the warmth of your loving touch
                and let your love wash all over me

(bridge) such a big window to a newborn dawn
                such big dreams for a small town boy
                lived life by minutes not hours
                until the day you smiled my way

And that day when we touched
I knew I loved you oh so much
rainbows burst through the night
colors never looked so bright
oh yeah...

Now you're the dream that I found
now love in stereo sound
For you were in love with I
but you were just too shy
I sigh..

Little Blue Book Of Dreams

© 2010 Mark Cote

she found the book sitting on a shelf
titled "To Me About Myself"
she asked me why. I'm glad you asked
 it's about my present, it's about my past
this little blue book of dreams

there are pages written so light
lit only by dark lonely nights
about that page I tore out
a shattered dream I don't talk about

poetic words in colored pen
the one who taught me to dream again
and then I can't forget her name
thanks to her life's never the same
this little blue book of dreams

(chorus) curled pages on striped dream white
                of when it went wrong of when it went right
                read a little further and you'll know what I mean
                this little blue book of dreams

A girl who holds my heart in her hand
touches me from a far off land
she's the one I never knew
written all in ocean ink blue

when my chapters come to the end
since you're my closest friend
the last pages I'll let you write
make it simple make it right
for this little blue book of dreams

No One Sees You Fall

© 2010 Mark Cote

lost in time, seems life spins round
who you are, is a blur of the moment
darkness like smoke chokes a soul
and no one sees you fall

touching you, feels like hollow ground
warming hands, are they just my own
when silence is the loudest sound
and no one sees you fall
no one sees you fall

(chorus) but oh ho
                we pave the road we leave on
                no matter if we walk or run
                the cracks you make today
                will follow you on and on
                and on and on

Dial your heart, get a busy tone
left some love, hoping you might phone
then silence is the loudest sound
and no one sees you fall
no one sees you fall

(bridge) and what I reflect in you
                is only what I see
                I don't know you
                you don't know me

hands of time, are they supersize
but sometimes, you know you don't know why
but if you try real hard you'll see
the answer's not what you see

You're The Question

© 2010 Mark Cote

she touched my heart
and without a word
lit up something in me

I reach for her hand
the one that held me
her love made me strong
what is wrong

(chorus) you're the question my life's been asking
                while I live underground
                while I look up at you with loving eyes
                why do you look down on me
                I can't see

                is it love
                or are you going through the motions
                a gentle sea
                or lost in commotion
                I don't know
                is it real the way that you feel
                is it real

Can't sing to a bird
'cause it can't hear me
I don't sing her song

Can't swim like a fish
'cause I just float there
while she swims along
what is wrong

I look in her eyes
but she looks through me
to a ghost on her wall

love of friendship
comes and goes
like the sun or snow
I don't know

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dime Store Cinderella

© 2010 Mark Cote

I got taken in
by such a sheepish grin
you spun me around
turned me down
and then you walked away

you're living in a dream
it's not just what it seems
life in a mirror
you think it looks clearer
hollow mirrors have another side

(chorus) Hey, there
                dime store Cinderella
                with those Hollywood eyes
                with the skyward upturned nose...
                You come off
                like you're a Lady Genevieve
                with a pink chandelier
                and maybe nobody knows...
                 I'm telling you
                'cause I've seen the other side
                the one you always hide
                and you're just a prima donna to me...
                you're not as big as you seem
                you're not as big as you seem

It seems like such a sin
when your world caves in
I wanna be there
when the angels will stare
as it all comes crashing down

I saw the writing on the wall
when the hawk began to fall
you stare at yourself
with all of your wealth
but it ain't gonna help you now

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Butterfly Girl

© 2010 Mark Cote

see her sparkle
sunlight rising in her eyes
sidewalk angels
smile when she walks by

purple persuasion
to flood my weary mind

love just can't hold on to a butterfly girl

she keeps walking
no matter what they say
those that love you
have no way to convey

hands of love reach out
you just up and fly away

love just can't hold on to a butterfly girl

(chorus) pretty baby
                why do you keep it all inside
                a budding flower
                why do you run away and hide
                or are you just a dream
                a solitary heart
                love just can't hold on to a butterfly girl

smallest flowers
are just an empty shell
the sweetest blossom
has the deepest honey well

if you don't reach down
you will never know

love just can't hold on to a butterfly girl
love just can't hold on to a butterfly girl

butterfly girl
butterfly girl


© 2010 Mark Cote

You've got me twistin' like chubby
Rock around the clock
Singing like Elvis
into the night
As we dance to The Drifters
just you and I
oo shoobooty, we'll have a good time

(chorus) Shake it shake it shake it shoobooty
                Shake it shake it shake it shoobooty
                Shake it shake it shake it shoobooty
                shake it shoobooty and have a good time

Sing like a Partridge, go go boots
smooth as a wave of surfer blue
perpetual summer
just you and I
oo shoobooty, we'll have a good time

(bridge) It's such a fab feeling what you do to me
                got me footloose and fancy free
                you play my heart like a piano key
                Come on shoobooty and dance with me

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

15 Minutes

© 2010 Mark Cote

In 5 minutes I'm in a state
your colors intoxicate
I drink it in
puts my heart in a spin

in a trance it seems
could this be a dream
of something bigger than you and me

(chorus) I just seem to lose track of my time
                when I think of you, dear
                I can honestly say
                I never felt this way, here
                like a second hand you spin me round
                and round and round...

in 10 minutes my heart would melt
If I knew just how you felt
but they might talk
so I keep it out of sight

I'll dance inside your rhyme
in your summertime
where blue taste sweet and life is so sublime

15 minutes to see you smile
a flower bloom in my sky
where day is night
and night turns into day

ladybug on a dime
can you tell me what's the time
or did time stand still when I looked in her eyes

Couldn't see up from down
until you came around
the sun had set
and left me without a net

this turtle was on his back
blind sided heart attack
you flipped me up and put me back on track

The Pain's The Same The Names Have Changed

© 2010 Mark Cote

nowhere to run nowhere to hide
the fear I feel eats me inside
lonely teardrop can't see the rain
an empty heart can't feel the pain

faceless frames and empty walls
let the curtain rise let it fall
crying clown on a sunny day
nothing to do nothing to say

(chorus) No one's to blame for the falling rain
                the sun was too bright
                the moon too blue
                thoughts run through my head
                with memories of you
                bleeding colors are tear stained
                the pain's the same the names have changed

clone the darkness the colors of grey
I'll make it through some how some why
the slacks of life have turned to jeans
if you've been there you know what I mean

so I cry on a rainy day
those who see will have nothing to say
carry on
go on your way

Monday, November 22, 2010


© 2010 Mark Cote

She came to us on a moonless night, so small and frail
The odds stacked so high, but in my heart I knew
With such life in her eyes.... I'd call her Hope

She grew stronger with every day, from dove to swan
Charmed the heart of one lucky man
With such love in their hearts.... a ring for Hope

(chorus) A magical word, a magical girl
                It's a miracle you're in our world
                You light our dreams when we can't cope
                May the love in the world never lose Hope.

And if his white days should turn to gray, lost where to go
The rain in his eyes, thinking his boat has sailed
But his sun never fades.... for he has Hope

It's All You

© 2010 Mark Cote

Running through the night
running through a dream
opened up my eyes
to forever it seems

her smiling eyes
brought me to a world
that I realize

just one touch
just one kiss
now I know
what I had missed

(chorus) No matter where I go
                no matter what I do
                you know in my heart
                I think of you
                You, you, you, you ( x2)
(Guitar solo)

Jungle book world
to strawberry sky
don't ask me how
don't know why

I grew into you
you grew into me
isn't that how
it is meant to be
(guitar solo)

the claws of doom
were in my mind
look in my heart
and you will find

the firefly
that lights my night
the girl with the dream
and eyes so bright
(guitar solo)

So let the world
keep spinning 'round
you've turned my world
upside down

Dancing in the rain
'cause I see the light
fall in love with you
girl I just might
(guitar solo)

Desert Nights

© 2010 Mark Cote

Dreaming skyward, on a desert night
Thoughts of a love he used to know
The old chain he wears around his neck
is there so he never forgets
as he walks on the sand
Weathered face, weathered hands

(chorus) Desert nights calling
                To her melody
                as we danced inside a dream
                perfume soothing, with two hearts moving in time
                Eternal love your heart and mine

medicine man, dispensing love to all those around
giving hope inspiring, save some for you
his inner light burns so bright
on this journey through his night
who is he, he is me

(spoken) my sweet love, I'll be with you, at journey's end, lost in time

It's About Time

© 2010 Mark Cote

Tried to ride the wave of your love
got caught, in the undertow
cast upon a distant shore
where love, is a whispered word
lost hearts from years before

But that ain't gonna get me down down down...
(chorus x2)

(chorus) But, it's about time for the sun to shine
                it's about time to taste the wine
                it's all about you, it's all about me
                they eyes I wear now can see
                It's about love, so you best think twice
                if you lose the game you pay the price

The phone don't ring no more at home
no knock, on my front door
opened my eyes now you see
the light, inside was me
pain's dead eagles soar

There's a silver lining in every gray gray gray

Heaven's Not Heaven

© 2010 Mark Cote

(chorus) Heaven's not Heaven
                Love is just a word
                Heaven is just angels flying who just got their wings
                Love isn't heard 'til it makes your heart sing
                Under it all...
                Love is

This new gift of life seems so cold
As the air you breathe chills your soul
Don't look for answers, just look within
See your light, then drink it in

Down the road you travel you don't have wheels
the one you love won't show how they feel
It may not be them, it might be you
They need your light to hold on to

The world goes on, in it's own way
The good and bad of yesterday
Don't look at results, look at the cause
A bad choice today is tomorrow's flaws.

Beer Can Man

© 2009 Mark Cote

I love my horse
I love my wife
I work for the man
this is my life

I drink beer
I like to fight
I know it's not right
but I curse the night

(chorus) This is what I am, I'm a beer can man
                I live for the minute
                never have a plan
               pop the top, chug it down
                party people all around
                never have a plan
                hey baby I'm a beer can man

I like it loud
I like it rough
Turn it up man
I can't get enough

if she don't bite
she ain't good for me
by morning light guess what I'll see

I drink beer
I like to fight
I know it's not right
but I curses the night

I like it loud
I like it rough
Turn it up man
I can't get enough

Snowman's Tears

© 2009 Mark Cote

outside, I build a snowman
and give him the heart, no one knew
His eyes I make, day dream blue
While it's cold outside, his heart, will keep him warm
as his eyes see another Christmas without you...

as it rains, a snowman's tears
through colored lights and yule tide cheer
in my heart, I wish you were here
as carolers sing with hearts so full of joy
mine sits, a snowy forgotten toy

(chorus) Sprinkle, sprinkle snowman tears
                silently falling through the years
                No one knows, no one shows
                what it all means...
                so sprinkle to me soft, snowman tears

Silent night, means more to me
than jingle bells,  or minty smells
on a warm, winter's night
a colored flash, a holiday passed
as another new year begins..

Silent snows, Angels know
is just their way to say..
silent hearts, will fall apart
 without.. the love of you

I know She'll Come To Me Someday

© 2010 Mark Cote

From my porch, I watch a sunrise
Pink and orange spread into day
Misty dew, on the window
or are you the tears in my eyes

Walk the sands, on the beach
like a love just out of reach
One step forward, is one step near
I know she'll come to me someday

(chorus) Like a rabbit in a dog race
                a firefly in the night
                your elusive sweetness touch my tongue
                maybe tomorrow, maybe next year
                the thought that leads me on
                is holding you near
                I know she'll come to me someday

I find love in a stranger's face
the warming hug a musical word
these pieces will pull me through
until I find that beautiful you

All the stars, in the sky
the ones I see are in her eyes
palm tree enticing, gently sway
I know she'll come to me someday

Minstrel On My Tree

© 2010 Mark Cote

through my window, I watch it snow
waiting for you 'neath, the mistletoe
the tree is trimmed in colorful lights
you're the angel atop
the light in the night

To see your eyes, to touch your hand
now only words, I understand
The gift I want.. to hear from you
I play your heart
like a violin

(chorus) sing to me minstrel on my tree
                on the fringe of my mind
                our reality
                a word of love
                the flight of a dove
                so sing to me, sing to me, minstrel on my tree

a love that can't be 'tween you and me
though I dream of you, you dream of me
our hearts dance to the same melody
the times not right
the distance too far

Fly Baby Fly

© 2010 Mark Cote

I heard your teardrop hit the ground
from unspoken miles, the loudest sound
through the silence I see your light
angel about to give up the fight

the air tastes sweeter after the storm
flowers bloom if the sun is warm
The courage I learned from you
reflect it back to pull you through

(chorus) Unfold your wings and start to fly
                don't wonder why
                to the sky
                fly baby fly
                hold onto that inner you
                when you're blue
                me to you
                voulez vous

the somber eyes of Vancouver rain
can still smile through all of the pain
when it starts, just let it begin
the ones who are brave are strong within

Life Is Gonna Be A Good Day

© 2010 Mark Cote

I'm gonna wake up with a smile
as I walk right out the door
gonna toss those blues away
just like I did before
I'm looking up
to see the light
yeah, I'm gonna chase those clouds away...
Life is gonna be a very good day...

They tell me that life is tough
And that I'll never win
But I just smile at them
with a silly grin
well they don't know
I've seen the light
yeah, I'm gonna chase those clouds away...
Life is gonna be a very good day...

(chorus) Life is gonna be a good day...
                Because you smiled
                Because you laughed
                Because you flowed the sunshine for a while
                Yeah life is gonna be a very good day...

when the world around is cold
and it clouds your eyes
look beyond the world you're in
and you will be surprised
and you will know
You'll see the light
yeah, you're gonna chase those clouds away...
Life is gonna be a very good day...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Get A Little Mud On It

© 2010 Mark Cote

Shiny new truck
Chrome rim mags
Dressed to kill
Custom tags
But you know that jive, don't mean spit...
'til you get a little mud on it

kick the tires
check under the hood
rev her up man
she sounds real good
Just for show boy she's too well lit
'til you get a little mud on it

(chorus) Get a little mud on it
                Live it up
                Get a little mud on it
                All shook up
                Get a little, get a little get a little
                Mud on it

She turns their head
When she walks
Melts their hearts
When she talks
But she knows those boys just won't submit
'til she gets a little mud on it

Lessons I learned
From what I've seen
Life ain't so fun
If you're still green
It's the truth man, I have to admit
Just get a little mud on it

Hit And Run Friendship

© 2010 Mark Cote

heard about you from a friend of mine
just check her out boy, man she's fine
a soft voice and a gentle smile
eyes so blue you can see for miles

got to know you and it all was so true
I found a friend behind those eyes of blue
an open ear I could confide
a dove's song by my side

(bridge) but when I said " love you" it all stopped
                waters washed away without a drop
                like a hit and run friendship

(chorus) Hit and run friendship
                can't look directly at, but somehow know it's there
                Hit and run friendship
                can see it in your eyes but it's not polite to stare
                at a hit and run friendship

now years are gone but the memory stays
a bond so warm went cold one day
I'll hold the warmth, forget the cold
keep it with me as I grow old

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautiful You

© 2010 Mark Cote

I trip over the days, long for the nights
a candle lit meal and holding you tight
you refill my love make me feel brand new
with a gentle touch of beautiful you

(chorus) beautiful you
                beau beau beautiful you ( beautiful you)
                beau beau beautiful you
                I love the things
                that you do for me
                and a smile
                that's oh so sweet
                the sky lights up when we meet
                yes it's true...
                beautiful you

the words I write the things I say
would have no meaning like an empty day
words aren't complete, the sky's not blue
without the love of beautiful you

you warm my nights and color my sky
as wheels roll on and signs flash by
days are softer with kisses of dew
a taste of love of beautiful you

Happy Tears

© 2010 Mark Cote

Sum mer
something she said
I file it away
inside my head
when the time comes guess what I will buy
what's filed away inside my mind

(chorus) smiling through every teardrop
                crying happy tears
                I wish I could be there
                I wish you could be here
                but what I wish for more....
                cry me happy tears

au tumn
barely make it by
you tow the line
and so do I
This gift I give to you should pull you through
it's only the least that I could do

win ter
when I grow old
skies are dark
and days are cold
years have drained the life from my face
St. Peter smiles as I touch the hand of grace

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Emo Boy And Emo Girl

© 2010 Mark Cote

emo boy sittin' in the sand
dreaming of far off lands
pushing cloud shaped pieces into an imaginary painting
while his heart just keeps on waiting

emo girl is a flower girl
with a daisy soft world
rolling meadows of dreams beneath her starry eyed sky
sings the song as blackbirds fly

(chorus) whoa...ho emo boy
                whoa...ho emo girl
                visions of decisions and a sea of dreams
                emo me, and emo you
                somehow in a world we make it through
                emo boy and emo girl

We drive with our heart
and steer with our eyes
looking for our tomorrow in a world of today
find the light when the sky turns grey

Where Dreams Are Found

© 2010 Mark Cote

Reach out
see a face
we're all living at a hectic pace

looked around
what I found
people living without a sound

(chorus) When the boss man smiles 'cause it's his own race
                as we just try to keep the pace
                they only see with his eyes
                no one dares to question why
                as long as the days go around and round
                nobody looks where dreams are found

live life
by the clock
never stop to take a walk

Living life like a second hand
never stop to understand
the hour hand sees more of the world
the dream in the eyes of a little girl

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nonstick Man

© 2010 Mark Cote

cherry ice cream gir...irl
summer sunshine world
blond hair, blue eyes,can't you just visualize
redhead, knock 'em dead, angels dancing overhead

capacino gir...irl
office high-rise world
get it done, on time, gotta get it out by five
just a crush, in a rush, on another daily drive

(chorus) I'm a nonstick man - they won't hold me
                non-stick man - just want to be free
                try to hold
                pride to bold
                I'm a nonstick man

emo gothic gir...irl
midnight gloomy world
deep heart, torn apart, stormy eyed unseen sweetheart
ocean deep, blue eyes weep, wander down a mystic street

All That You Know Is All That You Knew

© 2010 Mark Cote

what will you do... now that your dream came true
from the dark, into, the light
when all that you know... is all that you knew
your future now looks so bright

the doubts you had... just yesterday
and the demons in your mind
just a distant memory
lost now... in the sands of time

(chorus) oh.... seems it took a long long time
                now you've put it all behind
                now all that you know is all that you knew
                all you know is all you knew
                all you know is all you knew
                all you know is all you knew

Now you can breathe... now you can sigh
as you look, boldly, up ahead
labor of love... has learned to fly
just hang on and enjoy the ride

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank God For The Divorce

© 2010 Mark Cote

As you look down on me from your office
drinking your coffee cup
you think that I was no good
 and I'll never measure up
may the laugh one day come back at you
when karma trips you up

I don't need to lift a finger
just let the man above...

(chorus) So let me toast my pain
                this won't happen again
                you left me no recourse
                there's just one thing I've got to say
                thank God for the divorce

I now may have a brown bag life
 but I've got a heart of gold
I doubt that you can now say that
as you prance around so bold
Your world would come crashing down
once the real story's told

I don't need to lift a finger
just let the man above...

I give away what I don't need
 to those who need it most
your heart is only fueled by greed
 as you sip and take a toast
Don't brag of lies that you dream of
 and don't prematurely boast

I don't need to lift a finger
just let the man above...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do You Know Where That's Been

© 2009 Mark Cote

my little boy comes up to me
as proud as he can be
look dad what I got for you
as it drips all on the floor
aw son, that was nice of you
do you know where that's been?

(chorus) You didn't wash your hands
                you forgot to bathe
                you didn't brush your teeth
                and you forgot to shave
                and you left the seat up
                is this how you behave?
                A glove, a mask, a bar of soap
                and I'll tell you just when...
                do you know where that's been?

my buddy and I are walking through
the local grocery store
he hands me candy he said he found
on the grocery floor
and then, with an evil grin
do you know where that's been

My wife and I fought all night
I thought that I can't win
So dropped her brush into the bowl
pulled it out as she came in
honey here's your toothbrush
do you know where that's been

34 Going On 80

© 2009 Mark Cote

Let me share with you a dream I had
it may stir your heart, it may make you sad
sometimes things are not what they seem
and the colors I see are just a dream

on a red sunset she whispered into his life
with a  love so strong he made her his wife
touched his heart like no one could do
sometimes love is blind if he only knew

(chorus) he was 34 going on 80
                drained by the love he felt for a lady
                the love he knew he'd never find
                now alone, he watched his world unwind

he learned in time of her ultimate plan
not for the sweet love of any man
a heart that's blue and cold as stone
if you try to hold you end up alone

Let me share with you a dream I had
it may stir your heart, it may make you sad
sometimes things are not what they seem
and was this really just a dream