Monday, September 30, 2013

Come Back Around

© 2013 Mark Cote

When bridled words tell you no
and flowered paths show nowhere to go
come around...
come back around

on a sunny day I'm looking down
I'm just a footprint on the ground
come around...
come back around

(chorus)  In this cold
                  all I hold
                  is a memory of you and of me
                  and the warmth of what once used to be
                  all I know
                  all I hold
                  as you are looking down I plea
                  come around...
                  come back around

empty faces smile worker bees
in a world I don't want to be
come around...
come back around

on this endless sea with no map
in my heart all I feel is a gap
come around...
come back around


every crowd makes me feel lost
losing you was a cost
come around...
come back around


Monday, September 23, 2013

Those Games

© 2013 Mark Cote

life in repetition
without definition
and the nothingness that they seek

it all looks so peculiar
sing your hallelujah
and a blind man walks the street

(chorus)  every summer it is raining
                  every fall is out of breath
                  and the games that we are playing
                  as winter shows the sun
                  and the games that we are playing
                  those games have now begun
                  those games have now begun

silent prophet working
while the world keeps on turning
thoughtful words seem to go unseen

drive intimidation
and covert hue persuasion
do you know what it is that I mean


lonely hearted fools
play by another's rules
what goes on inside their head

brainwashed breathing tools
who march another's rules
and may end up simply dead


tasty drink you're drinking
eating without thinking
as you slowly lose your mind

friends who really hate ya
in the sooner or the later
make you doubt what you might find


Monday, September 16, 2013

In The Ever After

© 2013 Mark Cote

Now the party has ended
people scatter to who knows where
the doorman coughs
but he don't show
his anguish is always there

now the church bells are ringing
politicians on their pay TV
no one cares
they just stare
how the game is shown to be

(chorus)  Where...
                  where will I find the light
                  where I know it's right
                  where are the ones I've known
                  where did they go
                  are they here
                  or in the ever after
                  when I can just fit in
                  and I can find a friend
                  will it be in time
                  in the ever after

the schoolhouse now stands empty
a symbol of what life used to be
the sidewalks are bare
people go nowhere
it's all done virtually

social conditioned people
never question what's right or wrong
do what their told
buy what is sold
not a place where I belong


I've been feeling introspective
your secret's safe right here with me
a heart won't tell
for I know it well
the world that I have seen


Monday, September 9, 2013

Cardboard Towers

© 2013 Mark Cote

lying on the floor with scores of yesterday
turtle paced hours and flip-book days

silver-threaded father time
what is it that you design
with visions seen through past's eyes
how do you see what tomorrow lies

(chorus)  tell me tell me
                  what's the plan
                  for simple sons of prophets
                  and simple sons of man
                  tell me tell me
                  where will it lead
                  from painted cardboard towers
                  and blindfolded roads of greed

until the dawn of morning light
the flower doesn't know if it is right
the winding river never knows
in the moment she only flows


disrespectful respectable job
tailor-made penguin is still a slob
when thoughts are smiles left far behind
life is sweet not the wine


Monday, September 2, 2013

Silent Apology

© 2013 Mark Cote

leeching the life that's left inside of me
unarmed to help but my friends they see
watching me fall
watching me fall

quicksand world now engulfing me
sand in my eyes I can no longer see
to watch myself fall
watch me fall

(chorus)  silent apology for the choice I made
                  silent apology upon my grave
                  what it feeds it pleads
                  a memory
                  silent apology's what's left of me

bleeding the feelings I want to show
into the night is where they go
for retail man I play my part
for public eyes my heavy heart
watching me fall
watching me fall


into my eyes I'm looking down
my life dissolving without a sound
and after the fall
after it all