Monday, August 31, 2015

We All Are One

© 2015 Mark Cote

as the mist is drying what is it I am seeing
could it be a vision of who I become
like the sun that's rising I keep on believing
when we stop the dream our life here is done

little boy whose dancing on the ceiling
may the life you grow into never bring you down
like the onion the world will keep on peeling
but no matter where it looks you just can't be found

(Bridge) with all I've lost there's something I have gained
                  the part of me I hold on to still remains
                  they kiss my soul and I learned how to grow
                  if you don't understand you may never know

(chorus) I think I know who I've become
                  yes, I think I know who I become
                  I, me and you, we all are one
                  I think I know who we become
                  yes, I think I know who we become
                  I, me and you, we all are one

when I was a child I wondered where I was growing
and now I'm older I long for days gone by
though the winds they will keep on blowing
they'll never touch the me that's still inside

When I was a child I had an accident
the colors I saw all vanished from one eye
It made me cherish what colors realy meant
and build that rainbow we'll be part of when we die


Monday, August 24, 2015

Superficial World

© 2013 Mark Cote

Da Vinci washing down the forgotten walls
as paint runs away
Shakespeare sweeping the dusty halls
or reality's play

On Van Gogh's starry night
Poe's raven has taken flight
a Dylan somber tune

(chorus) Thoughtful wisdom empty sound
                      parchment paper on the ground
                      being so deep and so profound
                      doesn't mean much
                      in a superficial world


What will it be when vision is gone
they just see today
or when the artist loses his dream
on a sunny day

when the colors of life cannot be seen
the raven smiles you know what I mean
as he cries never more


Monday, August 17, 2015

Pull Your Pants Up

© 2015 Mark Cote

see them walking down the street
see them even where I eat
see them in stores I shop
you know this stuff just has to stop
you don't look cool
you won't impress
it only shows
you don't know how to dress

(chorus) Pull your pants up
                  you look a fool
                  pull your pants up
                  what's wrong with you
                  pull your pants up
                  you're not a thug
                  pull your pants up
                  give your pants a tug
                  pull your pants up
                  and buy a belt
                  pull your pants up
                  or go someplace else

I'd like to see how they run
OK maybe just for fun
If they only knew where this started
they might stop
might buy a belt
and pretend that's not how they felt
until then lets have a laugh
an inner joke on their behalf


Monday, August 10, 2015

Maybe This Country's Not For You

© 2015 Mark Cote

The ones who died
to build this land
the good the bad
go hand in hand

it's who we are
our history
as the stars and stripes
wave in the breeze

we built strength on
we overcame
seemed there was nothing we couldn't do
as we reached out to the moon

(chorus) open-handed you're offended by me
                  by everything that makes me me
                  still you want us to give to you
                  but without respect
                  maybe this country
                  maybe this country
                  maybe this country's not for you

if you come here
you accept what we're about
if you do not
you can let yourself out

never bite the hand that feeds
for it shows who you are
not who is me


no one is better
not you not I
when we work together
let the eagle fly

Monday, August 3, 2015

What Does It Leave

© 2015 Mark Cote

Though she touches me
in ways she does not know
and in her world
she has to let it go
I wish her well

she's found someone
who makes her grey days smile
with so much class
and pressed suit style
I wish her well

but what could I offer someone like you
what could I offer that he couldn't do

(chorus) shooting at stars
                  living in dreams
                  when watercolor days rinse away
                  what does it mean
                  what does it leave
                  staring at my heart
                  living unseen
                  as the angel flew into the night
                  what does it mean
                  what does it leave
                  what does it leave

through the love of her
I've learned to grow
and like the winds
in summer that blow
we turn the page

My only hope is
the best I have learned from you
is something you'll hold from me
and as chapters whisk away
I remember the words you say
we turn the page