Monday, August 29, 2011

Dream It Away

© 2011 Mark Cote

Another Valentine alone
another heart without a home
On a smiling Bradford pear
the mourning dove is there
I'll just dream it away

where it starts and where it ends
he'll never tell he just pretends
for him it's just another day
he doesn't care anyway
I'll dream it away

(chorus) In a dream...
                you dance with me
                in a dream. in a dream...
                in a dream
                Valentine's each night
                in a dream. in a dream...
                we can dream it away

lost in flight my elusive dove
feathered fingers feel the love
of you through time and space
the days roll by I cannot replace
I'll just dream it away


Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Dad

© 2011 Mark Cote

dear dad
I want to that you for teaching me
the wisdom I would need
to be a better man

dear dad
I'm sorry I can't be
the man you hoped I'd be
it wasn't in my plan

dear dad
your shoes were too hard to fill
whoever tries never will
I couldn't be better than
dear dad

(chorus) As you read this note
                the words I wrote
                you will plainly see
                I'm the best you left in me

dear dad
didn't you always say
never follow someone else
you have to think for yourself

dear dad
the love to pull you through
is all rolled up in you
you'll understand one day

dear dad
as she looks into my eyes
I now realize
this is what it's all about


Monday, August 15, 2011

Sky Blue Eyes Of An Angel

© 2011 Mark Cote

the sun came up today
in the usual way
but something 'bout is seemed better...

the roses smell sweeter
the birds sing louder
yeah something 'bout it seems better

(bridge) will I stutter
                will I shudder
                will I trip on my tongue
                when this moment comes...

               'cause you're the ink in my quill
                to this fool on a hill
                oh yeah..

(chorus) and then those sky...
                blue eyes of an angel swept me away
                when the words that flowed like honey
                now find something to say
                blue eyes of an angel

you've been an inspiration
a colorful vibration
the sunlight through any weather

Just a smile so sweet
a bluebird's tweet
makes my mind float like a feather


Monday, August 8, 2011

Tennessee Tornado

© 2011 Mark Cote

she's a whistle on the wind
she's the loud in a crowd
she's a Tennessee tornado without a doubt
she's the Smokies when she's calm
she's the love of a country song

but when the fur flies you never know
which way the wind is gonna blow

(chorus) wind her up
                shoot her out
                and let her go
                Tennessee Tennessee tor na do
                keep spinning round and round
                Tennessee Tennessee tor na do

honeysuckle sweet
a wave on a shore
she's a ballerina out on the floor
shining like a movie star
may even melt in your arms

but when the beat jumps you never know
which way the wind is gonna blow


My magnolia dream
my sun in the night
a gentle breeze on a summer night
clouds of passion in our eyes
her love for me is no disguise

but when the lovin' starts you never know
which way the wind is gonna blow


Monday, August 1, 2011

A Riddle With No Answer

© 2011 Mark Cote

Dancing moonrise
pink striped sunrise
the echoes in your mind

crawling up from the wishing well
 with genie secrets I can't tell
'til the walls come crashing down
and the jester wears a frown

(chorus) misted cries
                from the butterfly
                a riddle with no answer

as the clock tumbles in reverse
in a Carol novel you immerse
see the future as it was
the birds that shout a silent buzz


blind mice racing through a maze
can't see there is no exit

snake oil schemes
aren't what they seem
the jackal will eat you if you fall
and those who run really crawl