Sunday, September 24, 2017

Too High A Price For Paradise

© 2013 Mark Cote

silent passage day to day
just another cog in the wheel
ones I've known have gone away
want to go to where it's real

doorway opened for me to see
how simply life could really be
leap of faith leave it all behind
trust in me I won't lead you blind

(chorus) Too high a price for paradise
                  when the ones who kiss are the ones who bite
                  too high a cost of an endless June
                  have to act so very soon
                  so much to lose so much to gain
                  just a promise I can't explain
                  for the world I knew to drift out of sight
                  too high a price for paradise

gatekeeper sarcastic smile
what's really the plan or intent
expecting more before it's time
give up my soul and pay no rent

so close but yet still so far away
I know I will make it maybe someday
just not at this point in time
on that day the sun will shine


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Before And After

© 2013 Mark Cote

Before I was a muscle car
before you were a fast train
chasing you all around
bring it back again

before we knew how to dance
before we knew how to sing
harmony out of tune
laughing on a swing

(chorus) before
                  before and after
                  after and before
                  bring it on back
                  bring it on back for more

After the sun went down
after the summer rain
the starlight in your eyes
my heart's a melted flame

after the cloudy days
after all the bitter cold
I still have you around
still have you to hold

before yesterday
after tomorrow
wipe away the tears
wipe away the sorrow


before yesterday
after tomorrow
wipe away the tears
wipe away the sorrow


Sunday, September 10, 2017

She's With The Band

© 2017 Mark Cote

glowing from the front row
and after the show
never wanders off
she goes where they go

out on the road
from town to town
always keeps them smiling
she lives in their sound

(chorus) she's with the band
                  man oh man
                  she's with the band
                  give her a hand
                  give her a hand
                  she's with the band
                  when the music's really groovin'
                  and the band is really movin'
                  she's with the band

she plays the drums
plays the guitar
she plays the keys
yeah, she's a star


Sunday, September 3, 2017

On The Outside Looking In

© 2013 Mark Cote

water globe rose glistens in the sun
moment of time that slipped away
rainbow colors kisses my eyes
but sadly could not stay

couples smiling holding hands
in their world their souls are one
as I see their ball of love
and summer of their sun

why is this the view, I see...

(chorus) On the outside of love looking in
                  is it a crime or just a sin
                  is this the world I now live in
                  tell me...
                  tell me...
                 where to begin
                 On the outside of love looking in

sunrise blooming blues and pinks
what brings of this new day
holding hope give me strength
help me find my way


why is this the view, I see...