Monday, August 25, 2014

Oasis Of Love

© 2013 Mark Cote

blizzard of words flying around
and fiery mouths don't make a sound
when you're by my side
it all stays outside

cynical man holds a grudge
and tells about it with just a nudge
but it doesn't matter
it's all just chatter

Chorus) oasis of love
                oasis of love
                with madness below
                and dark skies above
                nothing can harm us in
                our oasis of love

when I look into your eyes
know your love is all mine
our love builds our world
I'm your man and you are my girl

whatever they say
whatever they do
it's not about me
it's not about you


Monday, August 18, 2014

The Day The Laughter Died

© 2014 Mark Cote

Little boy made his mama smile
tears would vanish for awhile
that spark would be your glow
from Julliard a pantomime
make them laugh for a dime
never knew how far you would go

from the rumbling within the gym
what he learned protected him
whether he'd win or lose
he learned from every stinging bruise

I was learning the art of standing tall
how to laugh after a fall
never knew the angels would call
the day the laughter died

(chorus) shine shine shining bright star
                 was the burden just too heavy to carry so far
                 in the silence all alone we know who we are
                 the carnival is over the clown has fell down
                 the day the laughter died
                 the day the laughter died

and then it was all Happy Days
when we first met a man from space
we knew he'd return again
so it seemed, seasons flashed before our eyes
like some egg-filled Orken sky
but so little did we see....

oh. and as the candy was handed out
he accepted without a doubt
this monkey on his back
would take years to give back

clouded smiles would never show
opened doors above and below
to depths you never know
the day the laughter died


sell out sold out a colored stage
are you the bird within the cage
wonder how long it will last
and as years flew past
the screen called to him at last
such shadows he would cast

now children bouncing on his knee
he saw reflections of him in each
as they went out to play
what would they be some day

will the darkness he sees in him
be passed along down to them
I will always remember when
the day the laughter died


the loves that came the loves that went
would leave such a heavy dent
such a very high price to pay
leeches will bleed you dry
and in a silent room you cry
another tour another day

the audience would never know
the darkness behind the glow
the monkey on a string
the jester's in a sling

and looking back does it makes sense
yesterday in a future tense
the comedy now in suspense
the day the laughter died


Monday, August 11, 2014

It Won't Be Me

© 2012 Mark Cote

She's a pretty lady
she's funny girl
she likes to party hardy
she's known around the world
out of everything one sure thing I have learned
every time you play with fire you are gonna get burned

(chorus) If you're looking for a hook up baby
                 if you're looking for one night maybe
                 baby I'm not the one for you
                 baby I want someone that's true
                'cause I'm not looking, looking to play
                 I just want, want somebody to stay
                 and it won't
                 No it won't
                 it won't be me

I got around once
I did some crazy things
I remember still
the emptiness it brings
after the fun and games you have to look life in the eye
I'll forego the dead end it's best not to even try


when you change your ways
don't chase that silver cup
when you want some depth
then maybe look me up
but until that day I don't don't go and run around
I am looking for the place that only love is found


Monday, August 4, 2014

Bringing Back Yesterday

© 2012 Mark Cote

He could feel the highway breathing
and it's calling out his name
as he is sitting there dreaming
does she still feel the same

She could feel that summer evening
her world melting in his arms
she knew what this was meaning
there was no cause for her alarm

(chorus) Just like bringing back
                 Just like bringing back
                 Just like bringing back yesterday
                 just like a rainbow goes
                 just like a rainbow goes
                 just like a rainbow goes all the way.(around)
                 every time we think about it
                 it's like bringing back yesterday

They could paint on that horizon
in complimenting hues
purple passion is there sighing
in their hearts they hold the clues