Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sanding The Stone

© 2017 Mark Cote

time clock smiling sarcastically
knowing exactly what I'll be
but the only face
I seem to relate
while it's hands are sealing my fate

polishing stone
does it really matter
when I've gone to the year after

so many dreams wash down the drain
never to seen or heard from again
do they lose the will
do they even know
just how slowly this process grows

Chorus) sanding the stone
                 robbing flesh from the bone
                 sanding the stone
                 ambition left in the cold
                 sanding the stone

we can choose the path that we lead
in the sand or soil plant the seed
you can make life
or life makes you
based on the colors you drew

polishing stone
does it really matter
when I've gone to the year after


Sunday, December 24, 2017

There's Only Tomorrow

© 2017 Mark Cote

since the ship has sailed
by the light of hope
I know I'll prevail

and the sun went down
to another world
where a boy says the right things
to another girl

(chorus) when you ask how I've been
                  I'll question what you say
                  what difference does it make
                  if I cry in the night
                  or cry in the day
                  laces untied
                  lover's knots they unwind
                  there's only tomorrow

the rain cried down
for mistakes were made
but a broken China doll
cannot be remade

sighs in vain
the string has broke
kites don't come back
ever again

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Melancholy Christmas

© 2017 Mark Cote

have a melancholy Christmas
superficial time of year
greed like snow everywhere you go
seems so insincere

have a melancholy Christmas
and in the crowded aisles
think of those
out in the cold
and ones who can't be near

Oh no
do they know
the reason today is here
a baby was born this day
who filled the world with cheer

have a melancholy Christmas
even if you are alone
with hope not doubt
it's not a melancholy Christmas next year

have a melancholy Christmas
superficial time of year.


have a melancholy Christmas
and in the crowded aisles
think of those
out in the cold
and ones who can't be near

Oh no
do they know
the reason today is here
a baby was born this day
who filled the world with cheer

have a melancholy Christmas
even if you are alone
with hope not doubt
it's not a melancholy Christmas next year

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Which Cup Holds Your Heart

© 2013 Mark Cote

Shifting on a wall in a lover's game
nobody knows, it all appears the same
which one will you give your love to
and which one's heart's are lost without a clue

tell me which cup holds your heart

(chorus) one cup shines
                  diamonds and gold
                  one cup gives you
                  the love that you can hold
                  one cup says
                  they've known you from the start
                  but tell me which cup holds your heart

will the sight of your ex rekindle an old flame
while you tell me that you don't feel the same
tell me which story harbors the truth
and who is the man you give your heart to

tell me which cup holds your heart


are you afraid one may leave you all alone
so you keep them all safely by the phone
you have to take a chance to not lead them on
for misleading love can never be strong

tell me which cup holds your heart


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Blue Tinsel Days

© 2013 Mark Cote

Carolers sing
sleigh bells they ring
happiness seems so brand new

the warmth in my heart
the chill in the air
contrasting love we once knew

chilling each tear
each one that flows
the snow angels they feel it too

(chorus) flash of light
                  in the night
                  red green and white
                  the holidays don't feel the same
                  flash of light
                  in the night
                  blue tinsel days
                  I can't think of of what I should say
                  and I don't know whose really to blame
                  no, I don't know whose really to blame

when she went away
my heart came unglued
can't seem to mend it it's true

I wonder why
why I'm so blue
I guess I'm still missing you


clock on the wall
stop staring at me
stop waving your hands all around

for me time stood still
and always will
the day she stopped coming around


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Don't Ever Say That You Love Me

© 2013 Mark Cote

tell me that you miss me
every time that I am gone
tell me that you kiss me
in your dreams until dawn
you can say to me words tasting so sweet
just don't ever
just don't ever
say that you love me

you can tell me that my love
makes you ten feet tall
you tell me that you care
when no one cares at all
you tell me that the stars could never rise above me
just don't ever
just don't ever
say that you love me

(chorus) Love is a crazy word
                  seldom meant but often heard
                  I won't play that stupid game
                  If it ain't real just walk away
                  from me....

tell me that my face makes you light on your feet
tell me that my voice makes you weak in the knees
tell me that the doves call it destiny
just don't ever
just don't ever
say that you love me


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dancing Around Those Words Of Love

© 2013 Mark Cote

You know more 'bout me
than I do myself
when I'm feeling down
you knew how I felt

you know how I think
you know the clues
when I think of love
I think of you

why, can't we say those words
why, must they go unheard

(chorus) Dancing around those words of love
                  dancing around dancing around
                  Dancing around those words of love
                  when it is really what we're thinking of

I can feel you care
with what you say
every night to night
every day to day

you're that part of me
I never knew
together I know
we can make it thorough

why, can't we say those words
why, must they go unheard


Sunday, November 12, 2017

At The Burst Of Dawn

© 2013 Mark Cote

With each year the clock hastens it's pace
waving it's hands on a plastic face
all the plans of today seem to vanish without a trace

like a squirrel who runs on the ground
hides his meals to never be found
not even by him
in life's jungle gym
this tail-chasing world of sound

(bridge) in a moon rise
                  I find a firefly
                  I see her dance by
                  now I know why
                  it's the same

I sit and watch as the clouds roll by
every evening it's a painted sky
all the dreams of the day seem to swirl down a sunset drain

(chorus) and at the burst of the dawn
                  we are already gone
                  and we do it all over again
                  we never look back or cry
                  we don't worry why
                  we just hurry by just the same

summer me is still inside of you
if you see it it'll pull you through
when the days growing long
and the night's empty song
leaves you gasping with nothing to say


Sunday, November 5, 2017

8 Miles From The City Line

© 2017 Mark Cote

wondering eyes saw the glow
with so many dreams one may never know
he knew he didn't belong where he was
didn't know why but just because

8 miles to go

trying to be strong
they hear the music but don't sing the song
so many places I wanna go
wish I could hide inside my radio

8 more miles to go

(chorus) 8 miles from the city line
                  8 miles from the city line
                  8 miles is where I'll find
                  seems so close but so far away
                  maybe I'll get there some old day
                  doing what it takes to just get by
                  still I'm
                  8 miles from the city line


the ones I've been waiting for
kindred dreams where minds explore
a place where we speak the same
where it's not the same old game

8 miles to go

digging each day in the sand
living life for another's hand
sold short of what I could be
where ones who are blind mock ones who see

8 more miles to go


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Can You Get Your Head Around It

© 2017 Mark Cote

blind man driving me to the show
through yesterday and tomorrow we go
valeted chapters of cages
living for meager wages

in the mirror running from myself
becoming clearer not how I felt
feedback buzzing drowns the shouts
uncertain fears and words of doubt

(chorus) Can you get your head around it
                  the twisted misted road
                  sometimes it's just things you never know
                  can you get your head
                  can you get your head
                  can you get your head around it

silkworm spins a tall tall tale
where nobody wins and nobody fails
the confusion illusion is all they know
biting their tails as they go

(bridge) lipstick eyes that hypnotize
                  and promise you the moon
                  the jagger's lager will vitalize
                  and life is a cartoon


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Breeze Of Love

© 2012 Mark Cote

Paint by number world
without the colors
sometimes the summers
seem so long

lonely sunrise boy
greets the weary day
her petals woke him up, but
she couldn't stay

(chorus) Breeze of love
                  scents of love
                  lead him on
                  seems so close then
                  then their gone
                  on and on
                  where do I go
                  where it's right not wrong

northern august moon
she is laughing
just like yesterday
he plays the fool

all his heart can do is
is keep on guessing
with no dream alive
in his own prison


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Milking The Truth

© 2017 Mark Cote

milking the truth 'til it's sour lies now
that's what it became
chewing the fat 'til your old and grey now
how do you behave

(bridge) and when those rats start to scurry around
                  hurry around
                  the wonders of the world will not be found
                  living underground

chirping birds with nothing to say
except behind your back
turn your eyes they don't know
haven't got the knack

(chorus) when you're gone I think you'll know
                  don't you know
                  what you seek is what you know
                  don't you know
                  don't you know...

milking the truth 'til it's sour lies now
that's what it became
you can say it in so many ways
it's just the same

(bridge) and when those rats start to scurry around
                  hurry around
                  the wonders of the world will not be found
                  living underground

trying to shake the hand of time
with your calloused skin
the pearly gates may not unlock
won't let you in


Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's Just Not The Same

© 2017 Mark Cote

I cried for days
I couldn't stay
it was blowing my mind
I was so sure
I was insecure
felt left behind

it seems to be
this colored dream
and paisley skies
pull away
and start to fade
when they close their eyes

it's just not the same
it's just not the same

help me understand
the artist's hands
and borrowed time
like shifting sand
another land
and undefined

(chorus) 'til then
                  we'll wonder why
                  as angels give them their wings
                  it's just not the same
                  it's just not he same

Learn how to see
through their eyes
words will flow
like seeds we'll sow
and eagles will fly


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dog Eat Dog

© 2013 Mark Cote

Ten years of work thrown it away
younger pup come and take it away
dog eat dog
dog eat dog world
dog eat dog

chasing tails never grows old
reaching for things they never can hold
dog eat dog
dog eat dog world
dog eat dog

don't bark at me I might bite back
everybody's under attack
in this
dog eat dog world
dog eat dog
dog eat dog world
dog eat dog

         if it all gets taken away
         would you see me in the same old way
         when you find out we all live the same
         would you hang your head down in shame
         dog eat dog
         dog eat dog world
         dog eat dog


I won't ever, ever be found
sniffing at feet that march to the sound
of a
dog eat dog
dog eat dog world
dog eat dog

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Too High A Price For Paradise

© 2013 Mark Cote

silent passage day to day
just another cog in the wheel
ones I've known have gone away
want to go to where it's real

doorway opened for me to see
how simply life could really be
leap of faith leave it all behind
trust in me I won't lead you blind

(chorus) Too high a price for paradise
                  when the ones who kiss are the ones who bite
                  too high a cost of an endless June
                  have to act so very soon
                  so much to lose so much to gain
                  just a promise I can't explain
                  for the world I knew to drift out of sight
                  too high a price for paradise

gatekeeper sarcastic smile
what's really the plan or intent
expecting more before it's time
give up my soul and pay no rent

so close but yet still so far away
I know I will make it maybe someday
just not at this point in time
on that day the sun will shine


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Before And After

© 2013 Mark Cote

Before I was a muscle car
before you were a fast train
chasing you all around
bring it back again

before we knew how to dance
before we knew how to sing
harmony out of tune
laughing on a swing

(chorus) before
                  before and after
                  after and before
                  bring it on back
                  bring it on back for more

After the sun went down
after the summer rain
the starlight in your eyes
my heart's a melted flame

after the cloudy days
after all the bitter cold
I still have you around
still have you to hold

before yesterday
after tomorrow
wipe away the tears
wipe away the sorrow


before yesterday
after tomorrow
wipe away the tears
wipe away the sorrow


Sunday, September 10, 2017

She's With The Band

© 2017 Mark Cote

glowing from the front row
and after the show
never wanders off
she goes where they go

out on the road
from town to town
always keeps them smiling
she lives in their sound

(chorus) she's with the band
                  man oh man
                  she's with the band
                  give her a hand
                  give her a hand
                  she's with the band
                  when the music's really groovin'
                  and the band is really movin'
                  she's with the band

she plays the drums
plays the guitar
she plays the keys
yeah, she's a star


Sunday, September 3, 2017

On The Outside Looking In

© 2013 Mark Cote

water globe rose glistens in the sun
moment of time that slipped away
rainbow colors kisses my eyes
but sadly could not stay

couples smiling holding hands
in their world their souls are one
as I see their ball of love
and summer of their sun

why is this the view, I see...

(chorus) On the outside of love looking in
                  is it a crime or just a sin
                  is this the world I now live in
                  tell me...
                  tell me...
                 where to begin
                 On the outside of love looking in

sunrise blooming blues and pinks
what brings of this new day
holding hope give me strength
help me find my way


why is this the view, I see...


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Going To The House

© 2017 Mark Cote

The end of the day that's were they go
to a place that only they know
has to be big 'cause everybody is there
I've never been so what do I wear?

(chorus) must be a celebration
                  don't need an invitation
                  seems like everybody knows
                  seems like everybody goes
                  they're going
                  going to the house

Hear them say but no one says a word
But I had to ask and this is what I heard

over yonder
don't know where
over yonder
over there


way down south in an uncharted town
is where they live and where they're found
so gather y'all in a pickup truck
never too fast or you might get stuck


Sunday, August 20, 2017

As Long As You're In My Heart

© 2017 Mark Cote

some like to drive in cars
drive real far
some like to dance in bars
think their a star
really matter
as long as you're in my heart

some spend their time
and every dime
striving for wealth
an untouched shelf
doesn't really matter
as long as you're in my heart

(chorus) in my heart
                  that's where you are
                  running so high
                  running so far
                  feeling butterflies
                 with every step that you take
                 it's all that matters
                 as long as you're in my heart

raining outside
raining within
living in a fog
can't seem to begin
doesn't really matter
as long as you're in my heart


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Salt In My Coffee

© 2017 Mark Cote

got the words
knows what to say
dripping sweeter than honey
even today

moving around
nobody knows
thief in the night
stealing hearts as she goes

hey, when you slip
when you fall
if they knew they wouldn't help you at all

(chorus) salt in my heart and salt in my eyes
                     though you give me salt in my coffee
                     you give them sugar in their tea

can do no wrong
you're so sly
fooling even my family
you're living a lie

playing around
just for fun
you're halo's too bright
it's drowning the sun

hey, when you slip
when you fall
if they knew they wouldn't help you at all


Sunday, August 6, 2017

You Make Me Believe

© 2017 Mark Cote

If I could count the million reasons why
you were brought to me
I don't think I would even try
you mean much more you see

(chorus)  You make me believe
                     that I can soar higher
                     you make me believe
                     I can dance on a wire
                     you make me believe
                     believe in myself
                     make me believe
                     believe how I felt
                     you make me believe

when I up and took a leap of faith
unsure where I would go
you always seem to bring my spirits up
how do you always know


If you call me love
then I'll be love
If you call me sun
then I'll shine above....



Sunday, July 23, 2017

Spirits Of Alternate Selves

© 2013 Mark Cote

Are we just spirits
are we just spirits
of alternate selves

Are we just spirits
are we just spirits
of alternate selves

Two young hearts looking out at forever
sweetly tasting the lover's wine
running forward with no mirrors
never knew the world they'd find

you took the highway I took the back road
leaving the past far behind

and I don't know
I don't know
why I feel like this
maybe you're
baby you're
hard to dismiss

(chorus) Are we just spirits
                  are we just spirits
                  of alternate selves
                  reeling and careening
                  remember how we felt
                  but now we're just spirits
                  spirits of alternate selves

Two lonely hearts across the ocean
years past the ships we sailed
I'll hold onto your memory
In every breathe I inhale

days go by
nights roll by
I wonder why
you're the one
who brings out
the stars in my eyes


Sunday, July 16, 2017

She's Sure A Keeper

© 2017 Mark Cote

I never was one to settle down
I got my kicks from town to town
thought true love could not be found
until the day you came around

my whole world was winds of change
when it settled down I'd rearrange
but like sunlight wakes the night
you showed to me that it ain't right

(chorus) I'm no longer a leaf peeper
                  man oh man she's sure a keeper
                  every way I look I'm a believer
                  and man oh man she's sure a keeper

truck bed cuties don't stay around
when you're down and out they can't be found
while any girl will hold your beer
the one you love will hold your tears


Sunday, July 9, 2017

A New Beginning You

© 2017 Mark Cote

nervous steps through singing pines
what lies ahead what's left behind
to learn the song and carry a tune
but not too slow and not too soon

daydream days are they left behind
or still ahead for me to find
can't see tomorrow "til I bathe in today
the words I read are hard to say

(chorus) and so.... it's shiny and new
                  the snow... has melted to dew
                  and so... it's shiny and new
                  I found... a new beginning you

when ivory eyes can see the night
distance follows by morning light
cascading days to weekend pools
follow the sun is what you do


(bridge) I may never know
                 where this feeling will go
                  life may just pretend
                  that feelings don't end


Monday, July 3, 2017

Derailable Train

© 2014 Mark Cote

(chorus) Sailing out
                  on a derailable train
                  nobody knows
                  where we will go
                  sailing out
                  into the unknown
                  sit right back
                  and enjoy the show
                  sailing out
                  sailing out

look at all the people
smiles on their face
without a trace
of the ride just ahead
nothing was said

it's a beautiful view
sky so blue
painted for you
with words of a mask
don't question don't ask


and when it all ends
who was your friend
only pretend
did you see the signs
will you get out in time


Monday, June 26, 2017


© 2017 Mark Cote

the writing on the wall will reach out
if it breathes a hint of doubt
when you feel a little weak
and your dream begins to weep
Oh oh uncertainty

it doesn't take it very long
to shake up right and wrong
not based on reality
just on what won't or what will be
Oh oh uncertainty

(chorus) swirling
                  old memories
                  oh oh uncertainty

nervous rippling thoughts
turn to waves of what is nots
if you give a second glance
or give it a chance
oh oh uncertainty


Monday, June 19, 2017

I Can't Be Alone After The Fall

© 2013 Mark Cote

Hello Mr. heartbreak haven't seen you in a while
I see your kind never goes out of style
we met so many years ago
to the tune of a slamming door

I could tell you about it but you wrote the book
the how I should feel the how I should look
you're not the one I want around
not many choices in a one horse town

pull me up
give me hope
toss me a line
sing to me
play for me
or I bleed in this wine

(chorus) I might drown in this drink
                  the more I swim the more I sink
                  the music I play may make me deaf
                  thoughts of love and the day it left
                  spinning like a leaf out in the fall
                  I can't be alone after the fall

alone in thoughts of roads I've been on
the years I have traveled the miles are now gone
the yesterdays are in each tear
the empty nights are always here


pull me up
give me hope
toss me a line
sing to me
play for me
or I bleed in this wine


Monday, June 12, 2017

You And Me

© 2017 Mark Cote

we were young
we were strung
on what love could be

never knew
years they grew
I didn't know you you didn't know me

in the stir
of where you were
I was a mystery

in my calm
of the dawn
wondered who I might meet

(chorus) and now....
                  it's you and me (you and me)
                  and all the world to see
                  we both found the key
                  that led us over to
                  you and me
                  we could never foresee
                  I'd end up with you
                  you'd end up with me

here we are
under the stars
that drew you to me

and to the moon
knew it too
brought me to you

fate takes time
and now we find
we feel complete

to the tune of love
through push and shove
two hearts meet

Monday, June 5, 2017

New York

© 2017 Mark Cote

New York
whatcha got for me
is it more
so much more
than I thought I'd see

I said New York (New York)
take me there
let the crazy ones
stop and stare

(chorus) I just got to move
                  I just got to groove
                  where they really know how to get down

New York
keep the pace
let's run all night
in this race

I said New York (New York)
come on down
from the uptown girls
to the boys downtown


New York
you've got that beat
lift you up
out of your seat

I said New York (New York)
let's get drunk
on your funk

take me away
take me away
take me away

New York
shuffle down Broadway
and on Times Square
and everywhere
let the funk take you away


Monday, May 29, 2017

So Close

© 2017 Mark Cote

Leaves don't believe the tears I cried
or the emptiness that's left inside
they just smile and blow away
can't see the shadows in the day

empty words from poets mouths
riddled wisdom now in doubt
trembled strings they resonate
echoes in the dark

(chorus) the petaled dreams
                  that I could taste
                  felt tomorrow
                  upon my face
                  the mystery I'll never know
                  I really think I came.....
                  so close

trusting words of circus clowns
they play the game
they act so proud
another rabbit hole I know
but where oh where would I go

the bar I reach I cannot grasp
my baited breath now a gasp
from future visions claws my past
will this curse forever last


the scene's the same inside my mind
hopeful boy locked up inside
where is the key to that door
it's getting hard to see

the paint has peeled
the pages fade
children now have gone away
when something in us dies
something still remains


I really think I came....
so close

Monday, May 22, 2017

Good Luck Charm

© 2017 Mark Cote

muskrat placing bets on the phone
wagering that I'd end up alone
shadow people couldn't kill my fight
from dark skies came a guiding light

the raven tossing speckled dice
smiling a cynical smile
says you can run from me
but you'll never win

(chorus) when I feel like I just can't win
                     you keep on pulling me in
                     holding you tightly in my heart
                     you're my good luck charm

old toad eating my 4 leaf clover
thinking it's all over
didn't know the ace in my hand
didn't know me at all


when the odds stack up against the wall
and I'm feeling a little small
you give me that look
and it all begins

(chorus) to end

Monday, May 15, 2017

Run Away

© 2013 Mark Cote

Walking now in the world of smiling strangers
gone what I've known trust is the danger
where do I go when it's spinning around
idle chatter to me doesn't make a sound

the depth of what I see I can't tell to others
for until you falter no one starts to wonder
I broke the looking glass a long time ago
it only reflected the world I know

(chorus) in the shiny darkness I climb the walls
                  in the shiny darkness I see it all
                  see my soul as it slips away
                  see colored skies now turn to grey
                  run away ( ahhhhh)
                  run away

Like the sheep knows he is being fleeced
the bird in the cage is still out of reach
as I reach out now please take my hand
before I get swallowed in the shifting sands

if I get out of this tunnel dead or alive
what will await for me on the other side
the journey is so long some never go
learning to break free they will never know


(bridge) words are the colors I throw on the ground
                  paving a path I have never found
                  will you be there please wait for me
                  open my eyes and let me see


Monday, May 8, 2017

Big Enough To Care

© 2013 Mark Cote

climbed your way high up on the ladder
is the view from there all that matters
can you reach way on down
down to the ground
are you big enough
big enough to care

it's a jungle of life we live in
forgettin' sometimes where we've been
we kick claw and bite
though we know it's not right
are you big enough to care

(chorus) with the world under your ground
                  cry tears without a sound
                  are you big enough
                  are you big enough to care
                  when one opens their eyes
                  one by one the world is wise
                  and we're big enough
                  big enough to care

a battle of words and of money
the double talk it ain't funny
the fool on the hill
says he never will
be strong enough to care

he showed her the love he knew
with feelings so deeply true
but she saw through her fear
true love in unclear
heart not big enough to care


Monday, May 1, 2017

You Are The Rainbow

© 2013 Mark Cote

you're the dew that kissed my lips
every morning that I arise
drops of tears flowed down my face
now colors in my skies

the thunder made us scared
and the rain it was so cold
but pulling through it all
having you to hold

(chorus) is it true you just exist
                  in my mind...
                  the times I think of you
                  I feel fine...
                  you are the rainbow..
                  you are the rainbow.....

remember after every storm
as I gaze out up above
the burst of color that is born
and for a while I see your love

I never knew that you'd be gone
left with thoughts of yesterday
through a loss we find ourself
and love's not far away


Monday, April 24, 2017

Retail Therapy

© 2017 Mark Cote

alarm barking at you
another week to muddle through
napping on the train again
be awake before the end

she's got the work day blues
she wants to buy new shoes
but she's got bills to pay
so it's another day

(chorus) retail therapy
                     it'll do you good
                     retail therapy
                     you know you should
                     retail therapy
                    you're going uptown
                     retail therapy
                    is going down

office talk in the air
but her mind stops and stares
watching the face tic toc
waiting for shop-o'clock


(bridge) it's a credit card war
                    going store to store
                    nobody but her
                    know just what for


for a while she doesn't care
for a while she'll smell the air
her escape from all the stress
doesn't worry about all the rest


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Raven In The Snow

© 2017 Mark Cote

the me that's me
 is the you you do not choose
unable to connect
someone stacked the deck

if one felt so out of place
took the mask off their face
only then would they feel the cold
of a raven in the snow

(chorus) the one who knows
                  the raven and the writing desk
                  will be the one
                  to know me best
                  maybe a world of Edgar Allen Poe
                  maybe a raven in the snow

singing circles of pretty words
to the tune of dancing girls
you never really learn to feel
you never learn what's really real


riddles of lies turned inside out
where whispering willows learn to shout
in this dream you learn to fly
or in your screams you'll slowly die


Monday, April 10, 2017

Pink Fuzzy Ball

© 2017 Mark Cote

pink fuzzy ball playing in the street
who you will meet
bouncing bouncing in the sun
living life and having fun

pink fuzzy ball out in the rain
drops roll off you
again and again
just a fuzzy life you see
not meaning much to you or me

(chorus) fuzzy logic fuzzy minds
                  loving life so sublime
                  worries are hard to find
                  and your life is hard to define
                  pink fuzzy ball it's all by design

pink fuzzy ball sliding in the snow
rolling rolling as you go
getting bigger day by day
pretty soon you won't roll away


Monday, April 3, 2017


© 2017 Mark Cote

donut glazed eyes looking at me
say it's everyone's responsibility
nobody acknowledges what that means
oh yeah, complacency

supposed to do this
not supposed to do that
do you really know where it's at?
just some more complacency

(chorus) oh ho ho apathy
                  don't sit your lazy self down on me
                  oh ho ho apathy
                  I won't get drunk on what you drink
                  can't get out of your own way
                  that's all I can say
                  oh ho ho apathy

you think you know me
but I'm more than you see
my colors are more than shades of green
a bit more dignity

(bridge) you'll never change
                  'cause you can't see
                  when you're looking at you
                  you are looking at me
                  but only through apathy


Monday, March 27, 2017

Almost Love Song

© 2017 Mark Cote

kisses won't stick
lipstick too thick
and the sunset has gone
in an almost love song

the feeling can come and go
sometimes you never know
where butterflies belong
in an almost love song

(chorus) hey there runaway bride
                  where do you hide
                  in an almost love song
                  can I make you mine
                  I'd gather stars into jars
                  and give them to you
                  what would I find
                  that's what I'd do
                  what should I do
                  in this almost love song

heart don't pretend
this won't be the end
remember to stay strong
for an almost love song

everything will be fine
just give it some time
but I don't know what time it is
in this almost love song


Monday, March 20, 2017

The Disintegration Of Man

© 2017 Mark Cote

You love the money
you love to control
but who will be around
when you get old

you sold your soul
to corporate gold
but who's hand
does it really hold?

(chorus) Is this the disintegration of man?
                  when imagination melts into the sand
                  when all you've felt is all you know
                  is this the disintegration of man?

you eat the words
that are fed to you
does it make you sick
does it make you blue

it changes you
from who I knew
vivid colors
now transparent hues


when the dream of what you want
turns to who you are
a piece of you is lost
so very far
we don't know
who we are


Monday, March 13, 2017

She's As Good As Gone To Me

© 2017 Mark Cote

somewhere in Milwaukee
it could’ve been June
when we shot for the stars
but lassoed the moon

while I gave it my best
she still wanted more
we'd smile and we'd laugh
but I still was unsure

(chorus) sitting in the moonlight
                  waiting on the sun
                  wondering where on it was
                  that she came undone
                  though to the world
                  a couple's what they see
                  she's as good as gone to me
                  although it's not the way I thought it would be
                  she's as good as gone to me

into her eyes
the mirrors they shine
but behind the glass
something's un-twined

should we follow this path
and just close our eyes
or separate paths
and just say goodbye


she says we're drifting apart
but was she even there
as a shooting star falls
I sit and stare


Monday, March 6, 2017

Pardon Me Miss

© 2017 Mark Cote

Pardon me miss
I saw you dancing in my dreams
I'll tell you this
It's as crazy as it seems

(chorus) but if it gives you the wrong impression
                  I'll turn it in another direction
                  all I can say is this
                  I pardon you miss

Pardon me miss
I saw forever in your eyes
I can't dismiss
I hope you realize


pardon me miss
I hope I'm not out of line
am I remiss
but you seem so very fine

how about a twist
she was dreaming of me too
I couldn't resist
that was something I never knew


Monday, February 27, 2017

Not My Circus Not My Monkeys

© 2017 Mark Cote

has your work week got you down
and the time clock came unwound
boss breathing down your neck
and you wanna say what the heck

false sense of pride
false sense of stress
when all you can do
is give it your best

(chorus) when it all looks not so sunny
                  tell yourself
                  not my circus, not my monkeys
                  I know it may sound a bit funny
                  but tell yourself
                  not my circus, not my monkeys

know what they are trying to do
won't be a party to their zoo
won't make a monkey out of you
just say this thing I say to you


won't be a party to their zoo
won't make a monkey out of you


Monday, February 20, 2017

Stars In Our Eyes

© 2017 Mark Cote

once upon a slow-motion caterpillar night
when bullfrogs sing to pass the time
crickets laughing right out loud
to the chaos that's going down

ants marching to a spider's beat
will never know what spider's eat
until it's too late
irony will be their fate

(chorus) underwater in the sky
                  all they do is wonder why
                  we see it all with stars in our eyes ( stars in our eyes)
                  underwater in the sky
                  when it's gone like fireflies
                  we see it all with stars in our eyes

another view of the same old day
we see the clouds as palm trees sway
will they be prepared when the rains they come
or washed away as worlds come undone


crickets laughing right out loud
to the chaos that's going down

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Beautiful Melody

Amy Abernathy and Mark Cote

Sing me a song of happiness
Play me a song of pure joy
I was shackled by my misery
but I quit playing in the key of me.
Life has a different rhythm.
Now that you are beside me.

(Chorus) It’s beautiful melody,
                  A love orchestrated symphony
                  When your arms are around me
                  It’s a beautiful melody.

Even if it’s new it feels so surreal.
I am hearing a  chorus of true love.
A refrain of a hummingbirds hum
grooving from a six string strum
All I hear is wonderful love song
Looking forward to what may come


You got my feet tapping,
My heart pounding
A lyric of unending bliss
Every minute with you
Is time I don’t want to miss.

            It’s beautiful melody,
            A love orchestrated symphony
            When your arms are around me
            It’s a beautiful melody.

            It’s beautiful melody,
            A love orchestrated symphony
            When your arms are around me
            It’s a beautiful melody.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Boys Will Be Boys

© 2013 Mark Cote

back then in our teens
brake pedals and gasoline
football rings and beauty queens
boys will be boys

t-shirt girls and cut off jeans
drive-ins we made the scene
we lived out the summer dream
boys will be boys

(chorus) when I look back now
                  I wonder how
                  we ever made it through those years
                  through all the fun
                  through all the beer
                  we still made it
                  made it here
                  boys will be boys

muscle cars and pickup trucks
cruise the strip to try their luck
show 'em all what you've got
boys will be boys

cheap perfume and boyhood dreams
a melody a moonlit sea
my first love her and me
boys will be boys


Monday, January 30, 2017

Run Run To Me

© 2013 Mark Cote

dusty roads and all alone
never know which way to go
different towns we're both the same
run to me

waves of sweet or waves of grey
we always know the things to say
but I'm still so many miles away from you

(chorus) If you can run
                  run to me
                  baby I can run
                  run to you
                  together we can make it through
                  if you run to me
                  I'll run to you

the rains we feel are all the same
nothing to lose and all to gain
I can see it in your eyes
run to me

sands of time will tell our fate
in our dreams while we wait
the days they stretch so long away from you


Monday, January 23, 2017

Where Dreams Cry

© 2017 Mark Cote

rainbows crying like children
the ones that are left there inside
trees that feel so stranded
unable to take a stride

eyes hopelessly wonder
do stars look for me too
can you see from the outside under
to a perpetual view

(chorus) a look into the mind
                  where dreams cry
                  look inside and you will find
                  where dreams cry

when thoughts keep getting bigger
you live in a worlds all alone
just a trade-off for the dreamer
paradox of it's own

maybe it's just a smoke-screen
maybe I don't make sense
and I just wanted to fly
as you peer out over your fence


Monday, January 16, 2017

Lady Rising

© 2017 Mark Cote

in this prefab world
real emotions seem to go unheard
so he packs them up for another day

smiling prefab smiles
no one even looks inside
they just walk away and mumble on

another point of view
cry in the light
they just look right through
but there's one girl who can read his nights
and she holds on and on and on.....

(chorus) lady
                  with love like a sunny morning
                  the empty of the night...
                  prefab people
                  can't reach me without emotion
                  vanish like shadows in the night....

keeping strong I won't let go
to emotions they never show
or be a blind collective thought
no one sees

when she smiles
when she laughs
he knows he's found his other half
and together they paint the world
with blue and red from grey