Monday, November 30, 2015

Friendship Zone

© 2015 Mark Cote

You hug so nicely
you snuggle so nicely
but what is meant at the start
we look good together
should I know better
what do I tell to my heart

(chorus) is this a friendship zone
                  a twisted type of twilight zone
                  that my heart is captured in
                  where you can never follow what you feel
                  in a friendship zone

I make you laugh
we walk the path
how do we know where it will lead
when a wall is standing
hearts misunderstanding
the signs on the road they bleed


it's you I'm missing
is it me your missing
or are we just passing stars
we like one another
but like sister and brother
this can't go very far


Monday, November 23, 2015

Hello November

© 2015 Mark Cote

(chorus) Hello November
                  last night gave me a scare
                  do you remember
                  are you waiting out there
                  was it September
                  when the colors would fade
                  in a blender
                  from hues to the shade
                  hello November
                  are you waiting out there

procrastinating summers that pass
holly tinged clouds overcast
but just after and just before
is where I'll be forevermore

holding what's left before it's all gone
catching her kiss before the end of her song
it's neither here nor neither there
not a matter of when but just where


lost in a world that's in between
really not knowing what it all means
like a leaf out in a storm
a little weathered a little worn


Monday, November 16, 2015

Two Fold Memory

© 2015 Mark Cote

all the world is a stage
we all have roles to play
but did I learn my lines
did I learn in time

two sides to every coin
one mystery in a toss
where is it we are going
with the wins and the loss

(chorus) two fold memory
                  paper cuts burn so deep
                  two fold memory
                  like pages I have to keep
                  two fold memory
                  the best and worst
                  of you and me

icy tongued words
from a warm hearted smile
show winds of a sun
if just for a while

but sometimes we're nice
oh so nice
felt the warmth that melted the ice


Monday, November 9, 2015


© 2015 Mark Cote

goodnight Nikola
goodnight dear John
I know you'd say "I told you"
it's so sad that you're gone
you were the ones who were awake
I know it's getting late
goodnight goodnight goodnight

in our darkness of chasing tails
finger pointing still prevails
ones who paint the colors see the light
when others just see the night

why do teachers fade away
people forget the words they say
like children without a clue
not knowing just what to do

goodnight Martin
goodnight George
learn to live together
it's not 1984
you were the ones who were awake
I know it's getting late
goodnight goodnight goodnight


and if we learn to see the dawn
what will be left will it be gone
refuse to see out of spite
and to us all goodnight

goodnight Carl Sagan
Leonardo too
the boundaries of our minds
are within me and you
you were the ones who were awake
I know it's getting late
goodnight goodnight goodnight

Monday, November 2, 2015

Where It's Summer All The Time

© 2015 Mark Cote

eye of the needle
is a long long road
from the yesterday I just sold
Sagittarius light my way
tomorrow's now today

can't break through cold cold souls
and memories are hard to hold
the warmth I feel lies just beyond
to a softer smile and a setting sun

(chorus) where it's summer all the time
                  and the stars they do shine
                  I don't think I'll feel the pain
                  of those years of tears
                  out in the rain
                  where it's summer
                  where it's summer all the time

the light of the sand and of the sea
let the waves wash over me
bathed in so much to see so much to do
I need another lifetime to make it through