Sunday, September 30, 2018

I Know I Can Fly

© 2018 Mark Cote

Like a moonbeam
you looked deep inside
while others would shout
you saw the depth that I cried

It's a feeling
when someone knows your soul
will they cradle it
or trash it I don't know

(chorus) now I feel I can fly
                  with you by my side
                  over hills and streams
                  of all of my sorrows
                  tomorrow is today
                  you're the color in my eyes
                  I can start again
                  with you by my side
                  I know that I can
                  I know that I can fly

and the rain fell down
but it wasn't the same
the angels that cried
now seemed to know my name

and the radio played
a familiar song
the words were the same
but it came to me very strong


Sunday, September 23, 2018

I Love You But I Don't Like You

© 2018 Mark Cote

out all night
it ain't right
you're runnin' around
I call you up
but you can't be found
tomorrow might be just another day
I wonder why you wanna treat me this way

big man little man
got women on a string
are you afraid of wearing a ring
maybe we should go a little more slow
or maybe I should just let you go

(bridge) you stole my heart a long time ago
                     and now I wonder which way to go......

(chorus) I love you but I don't like you
                     is the mystery what excites you
                     I've thought to run
                     but that just wouldn't do
                     because I love you but i don't like you

in your arms
every night
I want to be
the girls look
but you're lookin' at me
I don't want much
just a love that is true

(bridge) you stole my heart a long time ago
                    and now I wonder which way to go......


I love you
but I don't like you

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Regrets In Silence

© 2018 Mark Cote

somber hallways empty halls
rising up but standing small
mistakes were made but you loved me still
some stir the coals never will
and those coals
scorch a memory
that wants to heal
forever feel
in silence

steps we take we can't get back
have compassion for ones who lack
don't do the motions feel the words
what part of love have you heard
are part of one and all
inside us all
as we heal
in silence

the weight we carry a heavy heart
for falls we've taken from the start
it's tears we cry when we're all alone
it's the silence when we're on the phone
with the wind
that travels through the fields
time will seal
how I feel
today's regrets
in silence

in the mirror who am I
somebody else when I die
in the shell of my yesterday
hide inside can't run away
just a product
of what used to be a man
don't understand
don't shed a tear
for all my regrets
in silence

never heal
forever feel
my regrets
in silence

Sunday, September 9, 2018

My Girl Stumpy

© 2018 Mark Cote

she never complains
and she's kinda shy
a mystery
when I look in her eyes

not much to say
unlike the rest
so well mannered
looking her best

(chorus) my girl
                  my girl stumpy
                  when I'm down
                  when I'm grumpy
                  nothing brings me up like
                  my girl
                  my girl
                  my girl stumpy

see her sleeping
high in her tree
rolling her head
she's looking at me

purrs me a song
when I come home
she lets me know
I'm never alone


Sunday, September 2, 2018

At Paul McCartney's House And We Don't Care

© 2018 Mark Cote

How do you do
July and June
must’ve been about a year
since the music's been in bloom

come on in
how have you been
a spot of tea
feels like we're in the 60's again

(chorus) we were writing on the walls
                  singing in the halls
                  we're at Paul McCartney's house and we don't care
                  we were talking like a scouse
                  dancing like a mouse
                  we're at Paul McCartney's house and we don't care
                  we don't care
                  we don't care
                  we don't care
                  we're at Paul McCartney's house and we don't care

silly and free
writing can be
when your mind dances like a child
life is wondrous to see

it really doesn't matter
the chitter and the chatter
the pitter and the patter
when you're writing away
it takes you away


when it's time for us to go
it was wonderful to know
he was just as warm and fun
as when this all had begun

didn't need to be
courteous to me
and when my days are all done
this is the one I want to see