Monday, November 24, 2014

Stepping Into Sunlight

© 2013 Mark Cote

goodnight dark days
may you rest in peace
you never really were
that good for me

between the tears I cried
and the long lonely nights
all you took from me
was my will to try

(chorus) stepping into sunlight
                  yesterday was a bad ride
                  stepping into sunlight
                  take me away

too bad for you
when I hit the ground
you'll come crawling back
she said with a frown

you came around
were you just company
or was I just
was I just
to blind to see


you may lose some years
before you come to know
what it's taking from you
is where you want to go


Monday, November 17, 2014

Magic In The Moonlight

© 2012 Mark Cote

I spent my time in the arms of summer
her breath gently on my skin
with a love like no other
I wondered where in my life she had been

In her eyes I felt her passion
like the longing in the night
although I know it may be wrong
what I felt I knew was right

(chorus) She was my magic in the moonlight
                   I was the fire in her heart
                  she gave me something to remember
                  a love I know I can't forget
                  In my heart is says it all
                  of the rise and of the fall
                  of a moment in the night

then one night like the seasons
summer changing into fall
she left without a warning
and the coldness of it all

each year I pray a reason
she'll come back to me once again
though I know a love this special
is like a million out of ten


Monday, November 10, 2014

Now That You're Gone

© 2014 Mark Cote

where does the laughter go
on the distant winds that blow
after the end of the show
now that you're gone

the brightest nose of all the clowns
spotlight glows when you're around
should we bring the curtain down
now that you're gone

(chorus) now that you're gone
                  did we learn what you had to teach
                  walking now on shaky feet
                  now that you're gone

                  now that you're gone
                  though the laugh seems far away
                  the depth of words you would say
                  it can brighten a dismal day
                  now that you're gone

heading out now on our own
spark of crazy you have shown
like seeds that you have sown
now that you're gone

A part of me I saw in you
I think we all could feel it too
We'll hold it to pull us through
now that you're gone


Monday, November 3, 2014

Alternate Yesterday

© 2013 Mark Cote

She keeps her eye on her day to day
sweeps the thought to the corner of her mind
he dreams of love in a heart-felt moon
and the warmth he hopes he will find
in another yesterday
an alternate yesterday
another place and time...

she has no time for such idle dreams
to fantasize what could not be
his romantic heart knows that it's true
maybe in some other reality
in another yesterday
an alternate yesterday
another place and time...

(chorus) dreams don't ask you why
                  they just show you how it could be
                  it, could, be...
                  when two worlds collide
                  there is so much for two souls to see...
                  in another yesterday
                  an alternate yesterday
                  another place and time...


 in another yesterday
 an alternate yesterday
 another place and time...