Sunday, October 14, 2018

Where You Are

© 2018 Mark Cote

do the leaves still change
in the fall
can you hear
the mourning dove call
in that place
I've never been
I'll visit someday
I don't know when

can you read a rainbow
the colors we can't see
do I miss you more
than you are missing me
tell me

(chorus) what is it like where you are
                  do you follow your dreams
                  do you capture the stars
                  do you wonder awake when you try to sleep
                  or is the feeling of love all you need
                  tell me
                  what is it like where you are

do you touch the stars
from up in the clouds
my heart cries each day
since you're not around

you're in waterfalls
and whispering winds
when I can't seem to start
you help me begin
tell me


you're the part of me
I won't let go
a part of my nights
that will always glow

Sunday, October 7, 2018

It's Who I Am

© 2018 Mark Cote

you know there's a sunset
people always chase
it's just a merry-go-round
not a win or lose race

in the midnights
she is holding you
she'll carry your heart and soul
to help you just make it through

(chorus) it's not the dark
                     it's not the light
                     it's who I am
                     not yesterday
                     maybe today
                     it's who I am
                     who I am

my heart bleeds in ink
on an empty page
while some shouted for more
on a bright crowded stage

when the music
is your only friend
sometimes you have to hang on
'til the tunnel's come to an end


hey there sisters
are you looking down
seems the world's lost it's heart
since you were around

it's a covered bridge
that keeps me holding on
and I walk it with you
as we gaze at the dawn