Monday, September 26, 2011

More Than Just A Word

© 2011 Mark Cote

(chorus) like a seed adrift in the wind
                waiting for the warmth to pull me in
                and to know it's more than just a word

                and when those rays wash over me
                taste your honey and it's oh so sweet
                and I know it's more than just a word

as I stumble each week from day to day
down the hall I've been tripping over what to say
to a girl in my reach who would look so very fine
oh baby baby I think I'm gonna lose my mind


summer dream are you really so far away
and dusty cloud are you really a shade of grey
'cause in my mind it all seems so crystal clear
open my eyes and it all starts to disappear


Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunshine Angel

© 2011 Mark Cote

In the arms of a sunshine angel
I spent the night
what a magical night
didn't sleep at all

beneath the moon felt the warmth of the sun
lying with you
sometimes dreams can come true
in the wink of an eye

(chorus) sun sun sun sunshine angel
                run run run, run with me
                sun sun sun sunshine angel
                as I'm dreaming of you
                are you dreaming of me

as I drove into the neon sunrise
see the day be born
on this new summer morn
you smile in your eyes


Monday, September 12, 2011

The Running Man

© 2011 Mark Cote

Can you hear the silence (silence)
when it's quiet outside
the chaos within

Can you feel the shadow (shadow)
when the warmth is beyond
the coldness begins

(chorus) The running man
                nowhere to run
                running in circles
                while it all comes undone
                running man run run run
                running man nowhere to run

Can you taste tomorrow (tomorrow)
the flavor of life
now bittersweet

Can you see who I am
the jestered eyes of me
the weathered hands of you


Can you hear the silence (silence)
when it's quiet outside
the chaos within

Monday, September 5, 2011

Do You Feel It Too

© 2011 Mark Cote

Just like
the rays of the sun
excite the day

The more
I look in those eyes
I'm longing to say

why am I afraid to say
the way I feel today
do you feel it too

I think
I could drift away
with a girl like you
and I know
in your heart
you feel it too

are you too shy to say
that you could feel this way
and you feel it too

(bridge) inside the well of dreams we go
                into a tangerine dream
                we can say what we mean
                you're in love with me
                I'm in love with you

as we lay in the sand
and kiss the stars

I'll tell
you how I feel
inside my heart

then you'll smile at me and say
you've always felt this way
and I never knew