Monday, October 24, 2016

Marty Mourning Dove

© 2016 Mark Cote

Marty mourning dove sits on a stump
wondering where on Earth he was coming from
he couldn't the price was too high
all that's left are the dreams in his eyes

the sunrise looks pretty he's telling me
lit up by the tomorrow he hasn't seen
I can see the watery hope in his eyes
under the empty moonlight is only when he cries

(chorus) Marty just sings
                  sing Marty sing
                  if he could just fly up away
                  where would he go
                  he will never know
                  so Marty mourns the sun
                  and he mourns the moon...

tired wings reach for broken sky
but do we ever really know how high
the blue will go 'til it fades away
into your dreams some will say


Monday, October 17, 2016

Monkey Around

© 2016 Mark Cote

(chorus) I wanna monkey around
                  monkey around
                  it's true
                  I wanna monkey around
                  monkey around
                  it's true
                  you're the best monkey around so
                  I wanna monkey around with you

swinging around tree to tree
not a care in the world flying so free
in this jungle out here
looking at you looking at me

grabbing tails you and me
we're going ape can't you see
I'll share my banana if you swing my way
we can go crazy honey hey hey hey


when the sun dips to the sea
on a treetop you and me
monkey business seems so right
smiling moon starlit night


Monday, October 10, 2016

Ghost In Your Own Life

© 2016 Mark Cote

pretend friends temporary towns
if they get to you you play the clown
Monday smiles on Thursday face
perfume of green but just a trace

(chorus) you better run to tomorrow
                  slip back to the past
                  nothing in the now is bound to last
                  you better run to tomorrow
                  slip back to the past
                  just a ghost in your own life
                  and stranger days

if you wanna take this trip with me
it's gonna be a bumpy ride
many things that don't make sense
it will mess with your mind


out here in our own little world
got you by my side
if we're having too much fun
let them run and hide


Monday, October 3, 2016

Supercenter Save Mart

© 2016 Mark Cote

In a cold unknown small town
in the middle of nowhere
mom and dad's little hometown shop
it used to be right there
in the pit of my stomach
I knew something's not right
I applied for work and humbled myself
and went out of sight

twisted smiles in the hallways
I hope you're doing well
rats scurrying all around
looking for items they could sell
scripted words they told me to say
colors from someone's night
in the shadows of clouded minds
I can feel them say

(chorus) Welcome to the supercenter save mart
                  such a shallow face
                  such a frantic pace
                  everyone's worked at the supercenter save mart
                  many things you fear
                  you can find them here

ones are ivory gifted
at the cost of those
who are just trying to make it by
but they don't know
cutting out their hours
still making them sweat
life burns them like an ember
still they choose to forget

anything that can happen
they'll tell you it's fine
it is all just tainted now
until the end of time
and still those spirits will haunt me from yesterday
a darkened part of my life
where I heard them say


bosses on the ceiling
omnipresent eyes
we are all just prisoners here
but we're not that wise
in executive silence
under all the fluff
they add all that they made
but they just can't make enough

sometime in November
I was where I was before
was I looking out or looking in
was this the same old store
but alas said the boss man
this is only a dream
you can clock out anytime you like
but you can never leave