Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sam I Am

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. a frightful sight if you ever meet him
    looks like he could use a trim
    won't tie his shoes, 'cause he can't reach
    never even been to the beach

(chorus) sam I am, this ain't halloween
                scariest man you've ever seen
                sam I am works at night
                'cause he can't stand the light

2. he'll look at you with one of his eyes
    which one, you'll have to surmise
    he could use some exercise
    Don't tell him. I'd strongly advise

3. he talks to you, his tongue wags around
    when he speaks, it's an awful sound
    preaches of his one-sided view
    to question him, he'll ignore you too


© 2008 Mark Cote

1. there's a quirky guy in town, oh yeah
    he's got a silly frown, you'll know

    you aughta see ..the way he walks
    you aughta hear ...the way he talks
    He's a funny guy you should know...

2. he dances with a style his own
    don't lend a microphone

    he'll sing ..out of tune
    but he'll make ..all the pretty girls swoon
    without a care, in the world


    you aughta see ..the way he walks
    you aughta hear ...the way he talks
    He's a funny guy you should know...

    without a care in the world

59 Impala

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. she looks innocent man give her a go
    pop the clutch and let her flow
    purrs like a kitten, don't let it fool you
    roars like a tiger into the blue

2. cats-eye taillights smile so cunning
    if you see them, she's off and running
    metal flake blue she sparkles at you
    what's under her hood, you haven't a clue

(chorus) fins to the wind, in the blink of an eye
                gull wings, man watch her fly
                59 Impala you smoke them all
                from Florida, to Montreal

3. coupes and T-birds don't stand a chance
    when she takes off, they're in a trance
    If you got the guts, you might want to try
    but she'll shut you down without a sigh

Full Throttle

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. Cruisin' the strip for someone to drag
    another win for me to snag
    that's when I saw her across the street
    yellow beetle you'd be easy to beat

2. I flagged the driver meet me at the light
    this'll be too easy it can't be right
    a blond chick with eyes of gray
    in a cloud of dust we sped away

(chorus) Full throttle, push it to the floor now
                Full throttle, as fast as she'll go now
                Full throttle, shuttin' 'em down.. from town to town.

3. as the smoke cleared what did I see?
    a beetle and a blond smiled back at me
    didn't know what was under the hood
    of a yellow beetle in Hollywood

Goofy Foot

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. in baggies and bushy blonde hair
    waxing his board without a care
    gets stoked when he sees the swell
    bids the beach a fond farewell

(chorus) goofy foot surfin' like thunder
                goofy foot comes from down under
                goofy foot looks like you mother

2. surfin' backwards goin' fin first
    ride so hard you think he will burst
    catch a tip and walkin' the nose
    lookin' silly wiggle his toes

3. might ride the rail or maybe the tail
    you never know, but he'll never fail
    surfs all day from the break of dawn
    hits them all 'til the last wave is gone

Secret Flame

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. when I see you my heart just melts
    if you knew how I really felt
    can't say it, I get too shy
    can't even look in your eyes

 2. with eyes so blue I'm swept away
     a smile so sweet invites me to stay
     someday, I'll get the nerve
     to talk to you without reserve

(chorus) I meet you every night in my dreams
                holding you on a moonlit beach
                secret flame burning in my heart
                secret flame you're my sweetheart

3. then suddenly the other day
    you smiled at me in that special way
    we think back now and review
    I never knew you had a crush on me too

Go Go Dancer

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. going to the club not suspect a thing
    as the music played she caught my eye
    dance a funky rhythm, my oh my

(chorus) go go dancer with the flying feet
                makes my heart.. skip.. a ..beat
                groovy style and big blue eyes
                with a look that'll hypnotize

2. Had to get closer want to dance with her
    share the beat with those swinging hips
    it's all a blur as my heart did flips

3. danced all night 'til the break of dawn
    and now she's mine, we dance and sing
    and someday soon a wedding ring


© 2008 Mark Cote

1. Hear a song from up above
    sweet as honey
    fills my heart up with love
    bright and sunny

2. she sings her song a joyous ring
    proud and real
    a captive heart can never sing
    so free and clear

(chorus) sing, sing little Bluebird sing
                keep a beat with your flapping wings
                inspire us with your song
                sing Bluebird all day long

3. your colored in the nicest blue
    to catch their eye
    no one ever can hold you
    away you'll fly

Loss Of A Friend

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. To lose a friend has taken a piece of my heart away
    been poisoned by those around them by distorting truth
    Envy and fear to drive someone away

(chorus) How can I get through to you
                How can I open up your eyes
                When friends you trust start to pull away
                a piece of your world slowly turns to gray

2. some around you build a wall off distrust around your heart
    If you peeked over you'd see me naked and alone
    branded by labels that are not me

3. The world outside is a cold and lonely place
    So glad some have chosen me into their life
    tried to reach out to someone who cared

I Want To Believe

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. I Want To Believe
    that life will get better
    I can take off this sweater
    and learn to forget her

2. I want to believe
    the black clouds are gone
    from night into dawn
    from a duck to a swan

(chorus) I need to believe it gives hope
                it helps me to cope
                with life day to day
                hold the boredom away

3. I want to believe
    my broken heart will mend
    lost friends will come again
    and the harmonies will blend

4. I want to believe
    there's someone who cares
    out there somewhere
    with love to spare.

I want to believe

The Lone Comedian

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. telling jokes no one will hear
    empty chairs without any ears
    laughter makes a hollow sound
    when there's nobody around

2. See the world with a funny view
    no one hears this comic guru
    people do amusing things
    observe and share the fun it brings

(chorus) a mockingbird whispers
                a Hyena cries
                to go unnoticed and not know why
                the hecklers sob for all who pass by

3. watch a movie, a witty remark
    a solo smile within the dark
    silly things with no sight and no sound
    unable to plant in hardened ground

Value Of A Friend

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. collecting diamonds in the sand
    only ones that fit in my hand
    I polish them to make them shine
    this is how I value friends of mine

2. choosing a flower from a lawn
    something special, to it I'm drawn
    that special one that caught my eye
    nurture it so it will never die

(chorus) I show you to the world to catch their eye
                brag about you to all that pass by
                the value of a friend means a lot to me
                they're so special I want them all to see

3. the sweetest song I've ever heard
     the morning song of a Spring bird
    a catchy beat and note that's clear
    this song will always play in me ear

I'm Your Guardian Angel

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. when you fell from the tree I cushioned your fall
    kept you warm in the bitter snowfall
    gave you air when you almost drowned
    turned your world up, from upside-down

2. took the wheel when it was too much to bear
    you never knew, you were unaware
    hit the brakes when life got too fast
    to wait until the dark clouds have passed

(chorus) I'm your guardian angel
                protect you from harm
                a guardian angel
                under your arm

3. I comfort your heart when you're all alone
    I'm always there, when others have flown
    I wipe your tears with love and care
    I sing to you for your soul's repair

Guilty, Until Proven Innocent

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. You labeled me, put me on trial, toss me away
    your the judge and the jury, the executioner too
    What I did wrong, I have never knew
Guilty, until proven innocent

2. can't explain, state my case, not given a chance
    No one will listen no nobody cares
    a branded cow, with a label I now wear
    wrongly accused it seems so unfair
Guilty, until proven innocent

(chorus) Lock me up and throw away the key
                to shut me up so they won't see
                you could be wrong just things you don't see

3. Using their eyes, not your own, and urged by fear
    new glasses, another view, another side
    see it through a different set of eyes
    then maybe you might realize
Guilty, until proven innocent

Miles And Miles

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. can't show appreciation, it's misunderstood
    won't show hatred even if I could
    confused by a world thats's full of distrust
    I keep traveling on, I know I must

(chorus) with miles and miles to go
                and miles and miles lost
                trying to shake a memory of a heart that's been tossed

2. too many memories behind, unknown up ahead
    the pain fueled my heart, and alone I fled
    cast out by all that I knew, don't feel I belong
    from the world I withdrew, wonder what went wrong

3. Don't know where I'm going, but it can't be as bad
    as the pain I've endured of a love that went bad
    I travel on, I don't know why
    but a memory will linger like a sad lullaby

4. afraid to exit, might be a dead end
    though signs entice around every bend
    as long as I last I will travel on
    a road of lost souls is where I belong

The Midnight Surfer

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. With a board that's midnight blue
    another moonlit rendezvous
    He surfs alone for the sea is his home
    to shed painful tears all alone

2. too proud to shed the tears he hides
    so he surfs at midnight a lonely ride
    a love he lost that haunts him still
    so he surfs at midnight, he always will

(chorus) by the moonlight you'll see him there
                All the surfer's will say a prayer
                for the midnight surfer in deep despair

3. the moon and the waves are his only friend
    he'll cry for them, as the waves he'll ascend
    his tear-stained board shows the scars
    for his love is gone, to the stars

The First Day Of Spring

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. As the warming sun brightens a room
    the flowers outside refuse to bloom
    not enough love to warm a heart
    a heart that's torn apart

2. buds won't extend
    colors won't blend
    birds won't sing 'til there's love in the air
    no more coldness and despair

(chorus) it's the first day of spring in the winter of my life
                with each breath of new life it brings
                my heart wants to reach out from the chill it clings

3. a bee's buzz is just a hum
    it's peaceful sound still makes me feel numb
    the melting snow shows a world that is new
    as creatures pair up it makes me feel blue

A Million Songs

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. I could write a million songs, you won't come back to me
    never enough words to say "I'm sorry"
    write it in tune, it'd still be off-key
    not the right sweetness of a melody

2. paint you a rainbow but it's not the right hue
    is your shade red, mine now is blue
    I bought you a Picasso, instead of Monet
    my gift to you in your hallway

(chorus) Can't find the things to make you happy
                Can't find the things to make you smile
                All I ask is.. stay for a while

3. I built you a bridge then burnt it down
    said something wrong now I'm the clown
    tripped on the words I meant to say
    Now it's too late, you've went away

Song Of A Mermaid

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. song of a mermaid saves souls with a tune
    to show the way with a graceful croon
    eternal beauty to comfort your heart
    singing forever, the sea's sweetheart

2. she'll sing to you if your heart's in distress
    with a sound of sweet silkiness
    call you from near, and me from afar
    to bandage your heart's open scars

(chorus) listen to her
                listen to her
                Musical mermaid, Musical mermaid
                song of a mermaid. Love of a mermaid

3. she'll protect you with love of a soft spoken voice
    as it touches your heart, you'll have no choice
    musical mermaid so sweet and so pure
    telling me you know i'll endure

Empty Wrapper

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. am I just your used napkin
    a discarded wrapper
    taken all the sweetness and left the shell
    removed the love and then said farewell

2. covered in the dirt of your anger
    the soil of your fears
    an image of me no one would want
    so point at me, laugh and taunt

(chorus) I may be battered but I can rebuild
                a heart can be warmed once it's chilled
                and empty wrapper can still be filled

3. the empty frame without the picture
    dirty dishes after the meal
    you got what you wanted and left
    taken my soul it's a theft

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tie-Dyed Sister

In memory of my late sister Pam who died in a car crash in 2006.

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. the humor and glue of a family
    now all that is left is a memory
    her humor now so bittersweet
    a family apart feels incomplete

2. made friends wherever she went
    always showing encouragement
    cared more for others than for herself
    her gift of love was life itself

(chorus)  tie-dyed sister of humor and wit
                 her colors of life were brightly lit
                 enjoy the moment experience it all
                 sees a snowflake, not a snowfall

3. her meaning in life was different for each
    compassion for others is what she would teach
    an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on
    love through laughter her heart was her song

Piece Of me

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. If I am the words, you are the song
    we could go on making music all night long
    If I'm a piano, you're a symphony
    we're together in harmony

 2. If I'm a petal, you're the flower
     always sweet never sour
     If I'm a flower, you're the garden
     colors of love to the power of ten

(chorus) I see a piece of me in all you do
                a piece of me in all you say
                and Is there a little piece of me that's also inside you?

3. I'm a letter you're the word
    spoken softly when it's heard
    I'm the joke, you're the laughter
    smiling with love for ever after

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tropical Blue

Inspired by a cover photo of Kelly Ripa. I attached it below

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. There's something I see when I look in your eyes
    If I should stare I apologize
    a sparkle of hope a glimmer of light
    Like a sunny day to my dark cold night

2. like peeking into a bright sunny beach
    enlightens my heart if only to reach
    with eyes so blue they touch my soul
    leads me on to reach my un-found goal

(chorus) Tropical Blue Eyes take me away
                to a relaxing beach on a sunny day
                Tropical Blue you're smiling at me
                showing life's colors with bright clarity

3. a smile that's shy yet encouraging
    Like showing a Winter, there is still Spring
    gentle enough to show trust
    that the world does smile, and so I adjust

I Never Want It To End

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. a place of belonging and fitting in
    a shade of a rainbow from love within
    people are honest and sincere
    friendships are made and cherished dear

(chorus) I want.. to belong and to blend
                I.. never want it to end
                want it to end
                want it to end
                want it to end

2. they say "how are you" and really mean it
    trust in their heart without any limit
    show you respect and don't criticize
    say I love you when they look in your eyes

3. like keys on a keyboard or notes of a song
    this is the place I want to belong
    a melody together, or a note all alone
    a blending of voices, no monotone

One Knife, One Fork, One Spoon

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. another TV dinner, another holiday
    another Tuesday, or is it Sunday?
    7 AM or is it PM
    One knife, one fork, one spoon

2. Is it June, or is it May?
    a flower blooms and fades away
    waiting for my night to turn to dawn
    One knife, one fork, one spoon

(chorus) what's my purpose, why do I go on
                always being somoene's pawn
                only look forward to each weeks pay
                travel out of this darkness someday

3. am I sleeping or am I awake
    to live like this is indeed a mistake
    is the light in my tunnnel an on-coming train
    One knife, one fork, one spoon

Wrapped Up In A Song

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. a bed of instruments, in tune and on key
    intricate sounds of complexity
    a sheet of music, a basic design
    closest to me, my soul's outline

(chorus) wrapped up in a song is where I belong
                my closest friend, I've known for so long
                you've always been there through right or wrong
                so wrap me up in a song and take me along

2. a blanket of harmonies both high and low
    In beautiful colors, with a gradual flow
    a comforter of voice, that makes me feel warm
    covers my heart from life's hostile storm

3. pillow of lyrics since they're all in my head
    full of feathers of rhyme, I weave them like thread
    giving me dreams of being safe and away
    a tropical beach on a sunny day

Life Part 2

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. now without a compass on uncharted water
    getting deeper and getting broader
    filled with fish ready to eat
    dreams I have with teeth of deceit

(chorus) everything is strange, everything is new
                I only wish I had a clue
                Life part 1 was simple and safe
                what do I do with Life Part 2?

2. strolling in the dark forest without a map
    travel past trees without any sap
    walking in darkness with no match
    searching a meaning I must catch

3. a past life's bridges burned
    so many directions, which way to turn?
    some loop around, some travel on
    no time to decide before it is gone

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunset On A Holiday

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. Halloween is just a trick with no treat
     a sour holiday with no sweet
     a hollow Jack O Lantern sits with soul removed
     smiling at you, hoping you'll approve

2. gathering around, giving thanks and saying grace
     Having loved ones to hug and to embrace
     a turkey TV dinner is so bittersweet
     with no one around, I feel so incomplete

(chorus) Watch the sunrise, watch the sunset on a holiday
                I may be the only one, to not go out and play
                watch the sunrise watch the sunset
                just another year I want hard to forget

3. a cupcake birthday made for one
     Is like a lonely beach with no sun
     am I one year older, or one more step near?
     it's hardly a party with nobody here

4. family with turkey, friends with gifts
     happy songs, a lonely heart lifts
     singing together in perfect harmony
     now singing solo and off-key

Icicles At My Heart

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. looking at the world with an ever darkening shade
    a rainbow brightly colored, now all that is greyed
    living in a world that's turned it's back on me
    singing of love, but showing none to me

(chorus) Throwing icicles at my heart that beats too warm
                slows it's beating like a chilling strom
                how much longer will this all go on
                until all the heat that is left is gone

2. like touching a hot stove with your hand burned
    never try again just a lesson learned
    falling off a bike getting on again
    now losing the strength to try to find a friend

3. my fertile tropic isle now is too far to go
    the seed of my heart now lies in ice and snow
    now the only place where I can belong
    the comfort of a verse a melody of song

Purr Me A Simple Song

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. a helpless innocent stare of a 4-legged friend
    gives me more meaning because they don't pretend
    they rely on you for everything, you're their only world
    they appreciate it by prancing, with their toes curled

(chorus) Purr me a simple song
                to let me know where I belong
                loud enough to drown out
                the pain I want to live without
                So Purr me a simple song
                To comfort me what went wrong

2. it's comforting to know that they're always here
    to stop all the loneliness and purr away the tears
    their quivering tail, a cuddling embrace
    a happy expression with a furry face

3. a foolish dog's smile the wagging of his tail
    the sincerity of a cat will always prevail
    with Catitude and dignity
    they choose their person selectively
    grateful am I, that their choice was me

Coldest Summer

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. As the ocean crashes, it doesn't make a sound
    Palm trees growing in shallow ground
    Plumeria bloom to hollow eyes
    A Tropical breeze a mournful sigh

(chorus) The coldest summer on the 4th of July
                cold enough to make you cry
                bitter winds hit my soul
                The coldest summer you'll ever know

2. The loving sun is too bright to take
    instead of the surf, I'll settle for the wake
    sand that used to cradle my feet
    now scorches from the heat

3. on a crowded beach I now feel all alone
    a lonely Beach Boy on an island of stone
    to surf the waves would be riding on tears
    since the Surfer Girl is gone and I am still here

Puzzle Pieces Of Your Life

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. heartache and loneliness are there to make you think
    of mistakes that were made might be a missing link
    You need to step back and give it some perspective
    and try to think a little more objective

(chorus) puzzle pieces of your life it all has a meaning
                good or bad it happens for a reason
                each piece a lesson learned
                through the changing seasons
                Just need to make them fit
                the puzzle pieces of your life

2. People that you meet might provide a hint
    the answer to a question through a colored tint
    friends may come and friends may go
    pick up what they had to show

3. to lose a loved one is to remember time spent
    that they brought your life joy though it's heaven sent
    The brightest piece of your puzzle due to it's glow
    it's message is there if you only know

My Tortured Soul

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. Living in a carnival where everyone's a clown
    of shallowness and anger and so I wear a frown
    You always have to smile, never show it on your face
    wanting to be in, another time and place

 (chorus) My tortured soul in a cold display case
                 showing all the sorrow and disgrace
                 Cries transparent tears so no one will see
                 the tortured soul, all that's left of me

2. See me every night if you have the time
    a fool out on display only for a dime
    They come and see me and they point and jest
    to hold it together, I try to do my best

3. being used to the silence of my beating heart
    every night's chaos, I just want to depart
    The lights too bright the sounds too loud
    everywhere around
    for a tortured soul to hide and not be found

Bleeding Heart

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. Can't find the right words, my heart gets in the way
    Causing me to say things, I probably shouldn't say
    Whatever I did wrong I'll probably never know
    The more that I reach out, the farther you will go

(chorus) A Bleeding Heart clouding the words
                 And what I really mean, is not what you have heard
                 Bleeding Heart clouding the memory
                 Of what I meant to you and what you meant to me
                 Bleeding from your beach and to the open sea

2. Knowing you I never knew where I stand
    on a lovely beach, or is this just quick-sand?
    You never acknowledged my witty silly side
    this is how I tell, I use it as a guide

3. You shut me out with no explanation
    after knowing you so long, now sorrow and frustration
    to hear it second-hand is up to interpretation
    not knowing how much is just fabrication

Outside A Surfer Girl's World

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. You welcomed me in your world with a flower lei
     touched me deeply musically, more than I can say
    To know this groovy gal, a singing surfer girl
    is the only time a celebrity has let me in their world

(chorus) Was it something I said tell me what'd I do
                To lose your trust in me
                and my faith in you?
                Tell me surfer girl with the baby blue eyes
                enjoy a butterfly, before it off and flies      
2. I was proud to be part of your inner friends
    I am so sorry that it ever had to end
    Was my friendship just insignificant?
    with friends likes yours I'd never make a dent

3. If we never meet because that's not my goal
    your music touches my heart
    and deeply in my soul

My Life's Song

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. looking for a melody to my life song
    make it catchy to sing along
    keep it in tune, and in time
    don't forget to make it rhyme

(chorus) making music of my life
                to cloud the sorrow and the strife
                a harmony with a sweet vocal sound
                where it is, where can it be found?

2. be silly to my melancholy
    if I am Lennon, you're McCartney
    read the words that I wrote
    put a funky beat, note for note

3. contrasting love and pain put it to a tune
    the warmth of the sun, the chill of the moon
    shake it up, mix it 'round
    have a song by noon

An Angel's Tears

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. Been through so much pain in such a short time
    Like a hill of broken glass that I must climb
    What's the reason that I suffer, and am all alone?
    Surrounded by people with hearts of stone

(chorus) What can I say when it falls on deaf ears?
                Cry a rainy day, an Angels tears
                Can't see through your anger and all that you fear
                So on a rainy day an angels tears

2. Thought I'd found a place my soul could cry
    On a moonlit beach through a musical sigh
    A tempo calmed my soul I can't deny
    It's all inside my head so I keep it inside

3. I reached out to you but you're too far
    Like trying to catch a shooting star
    I reach out to another wherever you are
    A nurse to mend these bleeding scars

(tag) I'll let them cry for a million years
         for all my pain an angels tears

I Want To Be A Bugaloo

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. What Joy it would be
    To sing the Harmony
    With IQ and Courage
    and don't forget Sparky

(chorus) I want to be a Bugaloo
                where the grass is green and the sky is blue
                Life's melody with color
                Tranquillity Forest I love you

2. Groove to Peter Platter
    he plays the biggest hits
    never a sour tune,
   'cause he knows what's really it

3. What a scary sight
    if ever you meet her
    Benita Bizarre, Funky Rat,
    Woofer and Tweeter

Paisley Girl

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. groovy and trippy she has an eye for style
    pretty girl with a sweet sweet smile
    With eyes looking so "Pacific Ocean Blue"
    A heart of an angel how can this be so true

(chorus) "Slip On Through" she'll get to you, for "It's about time"
                 we're living in the 60's, but in over-time
                 with psychedelic colors,"Love Surrounds Me"
                "A Time To Live In Dreams", what a place to be

2. A "Wild Situation" with a "Sound Of Free"
    who's favorite surfer guy is named Denny
    Always a "Dreamer" with "Thoughts Of You"
    So happy on the day, that she got Bambu

3. "Be Still" "Little Bird","Never learn Not To Love"
    "Got To Know The Woman" gentle like a dove
    "Forever" "Baby Blue" with a silly hat
     Call it like it is, for "All This Is That"

4. on "Friday Night" she'll "Cuddle Up" and "Make It Good"
    "Only With You" in dreams tonight Don't be misunderstood
    "Celebrate The News" on the "4th of July' in "San Miguel"
    In her mind she smells the air and sees an ocean swell.

California Dream

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. thinking of a beach, in warmer weather
    Why am I standing here, bundled up in leather?
    warm sand around my feet, instead of ice and snow
    a kiss by the sun, says a sweet hello

(chorus) left turn, right turn
                don't know where to go
                wishing for my summer
                in the bitter snow

2. Palm trees, Plumeria everywhere I see
    lovely ocean breeze calling out to me
    snowflakes and icicles and a Christmas tree
    Are comforting to some, but I do not agree

3. Hear the waves, smell the air makes me feel at home
    Not being cold and lonely, and feeling all alone
    a pretty Surfer Girl with a sweet song
    Pulling at my heart, can that be so wrong?

Humor Of A Friend

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. When I feel alone, I know you're always there
    to mend a heart, in despair
    saying something witty, a smile in the dark
    knowing that you laugh, is a happy spark

(chorus) Smile for me, laugh with me
                The world is too tense all around
                humor heals, I have found
                So let's laugh the world away
                Let smiles surround

2. you bring me up, When I'm feeling down
    A silly smile from a frown
    anyone is prettier when they smile
    even if yours is, for just a little while

3. The moon always cries, but the sun will always smile.
    to your beach I'd walk a mile
    when I come from left field, you catch the pass.
    A sweet drink in my glass

Hollow People

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. Always smiling and acting sweet
    But ignore you if you pass on the street
    never showing fear, sorrow or regret
    walking mannequins never upset

(chorus) nice on the outside, but hollow within
                like an empty Easter egg with a silly grin
                Like a scarecrow without any skin
                Hollow People all around
                Shallow faces in every town

2. they cast no shadow since they have no soul
    only silhouettes of heartless control
    A world of today and not tomorrow
    full of anxiety and all this sorrow

3. It shines, it beeps they want it now
    How does it work, they don't care how
    will it last even another day?
    Probably not, they'll throw it away

3 Parts Of My Heart

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. One whose voice and song could soothe and comfort
    In trying times
    With thoughts of love and hope and someone who'd care
    A sweet ocean breeze with a surf rock flare
    But so sensitive and delicate, can't bear for me to stare

(chorus) Everyone I connect with, is so far away
                Connect with one musically
                connect with another maybe spiritually
                and yet another by being so silly
                If only I had all of that all rolled up in just one.

2. One whose heart has been broke too
    by distrust and anger
    We share our love of fun, and a happy place
    it makes us both laugh and smile, hoping for that day
    But physical distance, keeps us away

3. An honest open perspective
    whose spirit's a hippie chick
    who calls it like it is, with a bit of spice
    if only there were 2 of her, now "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
    "Cuddle Up" to another, I don't think about it twice

Burning Broken Heart

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. In this lonely world, everyone needs someone that cares
    To make their life worthwhile
    Why does it seem anyone my heart reaches to
    Seem to pull away

2. My heart found a soothing harmony
    A melody
    A voice that made my heart feel it found a place
    Where it was nice and safe
    Only to find that my heart had burned her too
    She pulled back and flew

(bridge) Am I a reflection of something in you
                You find hard to face?
                It brings you disgrace?

(chorus) I guess some can't take pain when it burns with this intensity  
                That's why I'm left here all alone with my Burning Broken Heart
                Why are the flames of distrust hotter with everyone I ever meet?
                Than the pain inside my Burning Broken Heart?

3. Surrounded by people who may pretend to care
    But only give me cold stares
    As they walk on by they say "How are you"
    If only they knew
    They'd pull away too

4. Day to night. Week to month.
    Repetition and monotony
    In an empty coloring-book world
    Means nothing alone
    Like a king on an empty throne

(closing tag) Now alone in a world with only memories
                     And the pain inside my Burning Broken Heart


© 2008 Mark Cote

1. All alone with a broken heart
    Might lead your soul to the missing part
    Surrounded by lemons, make lemon aide
    Covered by trees, enjoy the shade

(chorus) Making the best of a bad situation
                Never know where you'll find inspiration
                Motivation to ease your frustration
                Let your heart show you where to look
                You'll never find it reading a book

2. Life experience is a powerful thing
    Drive some to learn how to sing
    Maybe a poem, maybe a verse
    A melody, then you rehearse

3. Analogies to help you relate
    To ease the pain and soften the hate
    Stay in your zone, Hope won't leave you behind
    It's waiting there for you to find

Monday, August 9, 2010

3 Dimensional Man in a 2 Dimensional World

© 2008 Mark Cote

1. Obsessed with the moment, thinking of me
   How can I tell them life's more than they see?
   People hung on triviality
   Not showing any sympathy

(chorus) Thinking "outside the box", But living within
                 Can you imagine the fight this has been?
                 Can't even preach to the choir. Or so I am told
                 I guess I'm a 3 Dimensional Man in a 2 Dimensional World

2. Living lives to see what they can get
   No selfless giving without regret
   Lives based on greed,power and control
   Instead of heartfelt creative soul

3. Pushed away by distrust and fear
   Not caring to lend an ear
   I see a bigger picture when I look
   I can't show them, if they never look