Sunday, September 30, 2018

I Know I Can Fly

© 2018 Mark Cote

Like a moonbeam
you looked deep inside
while others would shout
you saw the depth that I cried

It's a feeling
when someone knows your soul
will they cradle it
or trash it I don't know

(chorus) now I feel I can fly
                  with you by my side
                  over hills and streams
                  of all of my sorrows
                  tomorrow is today
                  you're the color in my eyes
                  I can start again
                  with you by my side
                  I know that I can
                  I know that I can fly

and the rain fell down
but it wasn't the same
the angels that cried
now seemed to know my name

and the radio played
a familiar song
the words were the same
but it came to me very strong


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