Sunday, September 16, 2018

Regrets In Silence

© 2018 Mark Cote

somber hallways empty halls
rising up but standing small
mistakes were made but you loved me still
some stir the coals never will
and those coals
scorch a memory
that wants to heal
forever feel
in silence

steps we take we can't get back
have compassion for ones who lack
don't do the motions feel the words
what part of love have you heard
are part of one and all
inside us all
as we heal
in silence

the weight we carry a heavy heart
for falls we've taken from the start
it's tears we cry when we're all alone
it's the silence when we're on the phone
with the wind
that travels through the fields
time will seal
how I feel
today's regrets
in silence

in the mirror who am I
somebody else when I die
in the shell of my yesterday
hide inside can't run away
just a product
of what used to be a man
don't understand
don't shed a tear
for all my regrets
in silence

never heal
forever feel
my regrets
in silence

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